UPDATE 6/23/16 Thursday, Jun 23, 2016 by Ron

Lake level is at 605.3. We got about 1″ of rain here, but it resulted in very little inflow as there were a lot of ponds to fill and the ground was very dry. I don’t expect it will cause any issues with water clarity. Water temp is in the low 80’s.

CRAPPIE: We have been hearing about a lot of happy fishermen over the past week. The evening bite seems to be pretty good. A lot are trolling along channel edges and bluffs. 100 and 200 series Bandits seem to be pretty popular and they will catch white bass, walleyes, and crappie. 12-20 FOW is a good place to start. Think typical summer pattern fishing.

CATFISH: Catching seems to be picking up again recently. We have heard of a lot of blues, along with a smattering of flatheads. It would seem like the blues are coming off the nests and the flatheads are on the nests or heading that way. Also hearing about a good channel cat bite. Nitecrawlers seems to be the ticket for them.

BASS: Not a lot of word on largemouth but we have heard of some being caught on points and deeper water. White bass are still going strong, especially the evening bite. You can catch them trolling or jigging. Points are good as are islands, which are really just points anyway for the most part.

NOTES: We have added a good selection of Bandits to our shelves due the popularity of them. They seem to catch a lot of fish. 100’s run at 2-5 feet down and 200’s run 4-8 feet down.

UPDATE 6/15/16 Saturday, Jun 18, 2016 by Ron

Lake level is 606.6. Water is pretty clear by MTL standards. Water temp is low 80’s.

CRAPPIE: They are starting to get into their summer pattern now of hanging about 8-12 feet down in 10-20 FOW. You can find them on wood and brushpiles and bridge piers. Since it is still early in the summer you will also still find some of them in shallow water so don’t be afraid to try that if you are not being successful where you are. Black/Chartreuse is working and I am sure blue/silver will also catch fish. As always with these finicky fish, you will have to experiment until you find the combination of the day. Don’t forget the crappie nibbles. Honestly, if given the choice of using a minnow or a nibble I would liekly pick the nibbles. Luckily I don’t have to make that choice.

CATFISH: There are still some blues and flatheads being taken but it seems to have slowed down some as I am sure a lot of them are heading to the nest. Goldfish seem to be working best right now. You will probably do better up further in the rivers. If and when we get a rain to give us some inflow you will find channel cats at any inflow using crawlers or the variety of stinkbaits.

BASS: There are still some largemouth in spawning mode but for the most part they are in a post spawn condition. You can still catch them on points. White bass have been very active lately, especially in the evenings. Something white or shiny either cast and retrieve or trolled over humps should fill limits pretty quickly.

NOTES: Sorry, I thought this posted when I did it. Also, you can now see our accommodations availability on the website. It looks pretty good, so thanks to Travis for that.

UPDATE 6/1/16 Wednesday, Jun 01, 2016 by Ron

Lake level is 607.7. The lake level has stayed very steady over the past few weeks even though we had some inflow. North Fork and Elk Fork arms had the most inflow, thus are the dirtiest water.

CRAPPIE: There are still some spawning fish, but a lot of them are now done. I have heard of a lot more people catching some good fish over the past week. I believe this will be the pattern all summer, you will have to go through a lot of small fish in order to catch some of the nice ones. By fall those 7-8 inchers will be over 9 and next spring and fall we should see some very good fishing. Blue/silver still seems to be the color of choice but recently we have started hearing about black/chartreuse as well. Some of the nice fish are still coming off the bank while others are anywhere from 10 to 20 FOW. It takes persistence.

CATFISH: We have seen some good flatheads recently but it seems the blues are mostly on the nests right now. Goldfish and perch are getting it done.

BASS: The whites have been pretty active over the past couple of weeks with a lot of people catching some good ones both near the bank and also over humps and flats. White and/or shiny gets it done for these. We have also heard of some good catches of largemouth as they are now winding up their spawn.

UPDATE 5/19/16 Thursday, May 19, 2016 by Ron

Lake level is at 607.5 and holding fairly steady. The water clarity is definitely stained, but not near chocolate milk.

CRAPPIE: The week started out very slow due to cold, rainy weather but yesterday saw some people out catching limits. I would expect that will only get better as we enjoy more of these nice days. Depending on the area of the lake you will either find post spawn males guarding nests or females on nests, or even females still in deeper water getting ready to come in to spawn. The key will be to try different tactics until you find what happens to be working today, at this hour. Blue seems to be contained in most of the color combos that are working right now.

BASS: Lots of fish near the banks getting ready to spawn. This is the time of year to catch plenty of good bass. Have not heard much on white bass recently but you can bet they will be around submerged islands and not so submerged islands. As usual, use something white or shiny to catch them.

CATFISH: There are plenty of channel cats biting. Minnows, crawlers, or stink bait should entice them. We have not seen much in the way of flat heads or blues this week, but I am sure that is more due to lack of fishermen than lack of fish. Gold fish or perch have been productive recently.

NOTES: Saturday is the adult/youth tournament for the Eastern MO Crappie Club. Call for information if you want to fish it.

Update 5/11/16 Wednesday, May 11, 2016 by Ron

Lake level is 607.7. We received about 1.5″ of rain over the past few days. Water color has darkened up some but no reports yet of really bad color. That should actually help to bring the crappie closer to the bank for spawning. Water temps are still mid 60’s.

CRAPPIE: There are still some nice fish being caught and they are still scattered from tight to the bank to 15-20 FOW. It seems the fish are concentrated in tight little spots that you just have to locate. Once you hit that spot you can put a good catch in the boat. I still here blue/white or blue/silver but also some chartreuse/white as well. Tightlining and slow trolling for the deeper water seems to be working well.

BASS: Lots of reports of good bass coming at the bank. This next couple of weeks should see some very good fishing. I have been hearing of some white bass close to the bank as well.

CATFISH: Lots of channel’s biting with this new water inflow. We have heard of quite a few 20-40# flatheads as well. The blues seem to have quieted down for now. Perch are doing well on the flatheads and crawlers on the channel cats.

Update 5/6/16 Friday, May 06, 2016 by Ron

Lake level is 606.2 and steady. Water temp is around the mid 60’s. Clarity sounds to be mostly pretty good with a few dirty spots, though even those are probably cleared up by now.

CRAPPIE: There are some being caught near the banks and some being caught out in deep water. Think 20 feet. Blue/white seems to be a good color right now. Move around if you are catching small ones or not getting any. There are a lot of very nice fish being caught.

CATFISH: All species seem to be on the move as there are a lot of fish coming in. We had a 62# flathead weighed in this week and last week along with a bunch of others. Live bait seems to be working best right now especially perch.

BASS: No reports this week.

NOTES: We are right on the edge of the spawn going full blast. If we can string together a few days of that steady weather it will be on. Of course, so much depends on nothing strange happening to change the course of that, a cold front, a lot of rain, who knows what else will turn them back again. Don’t forget to stop in for BBQ after a day on the water. We do have pulled pork sandwiches at lunch as well.