Update 6/25/15 Thursday, Jun 25, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is at 624. It looks to be holding for now. The Corp is working hard to get it down so we can stay off of high water ramps. Time will tell. Naturally, with all of that inflow the water is pretty stained. Much less so on the dam end of the lake.

CRAPPIE: We are still in a tough bite. Fish can be caught but you will certainly earn each and every one of them. Try to find underwater structure. Use every trick you know….minnows, nibbles, dead stick them, slow reel, etc.

CATFISH: Channels love this stuff so you can catch plenty of them. Look for inflowing water, fish under bridges, etc. Nitecrawlers work great. Seems to be more blues starting to bite again so I would guess they are coming off of their nests. Flat heads won’t be far behind. Try further up in the creek arms.

BASS: Some largemouth being caught with spinners. Crawdad patterns are probably a good place to start.

NOTES: Be careful out there as there is some debris floating.

Update 6/18/15 Thursday, Jun 18, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is at 619 and looks to have stopped rising. A few of the smaller ramps have closed for now. See the update Mary posted in the last post. Water temp is still hovering in the 70 degree range.

CRAPPIE: Tough bite. They are catching a fair amount of small fish on places like bridge piers and trees or bluffs but bigger fish are pretty hard to come by right now. We can only hope they settle into their summer pattern soon. Your best chance would be to find some submerged cover and try to entice a few from them.

BASS: I have not heard much except some people have been catching white bass at submerged humps, islands and rocky points.

CATFISH: There are some channels biting as all of this inflow is perfect for them but we haven’t seen much for blues or flatheads all week. Of course some of that is there are very few fishermen out there. Look for channel cats wherever you find water flowing into the lake.

RESORT NOTES: We have opened a BBQ at the resort. We call it The Baithouse BBQ. We will be serving BBQ every Friday and Saturday evening from 5 till 9. We will have pulled pork and a variety of other smoked meats each week. We also have a bar so you can enjoy a beer or other beverage while enjoying some good food. Come give us a try. We will not be doing mixed drinks, however there is a wide variety of adult beverages available. Call us with any questions. See you soon.

Update 5/27/15 Wednesday, May 27, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is 609.0. We received about 3″ of rain over the past week, though I must say, the weather cooperated pretty well over the 3 day weekend with most of it coming in at night with only a couple of daytime showers. The water will definitely have some color to it now, though not chocolate milk. Water temps are about 70.

CRAPPIE: Really scattered now. We have heard of people catching them in 4 FOW as well as 20 and near the bottom. Black/chartreuse still seems to be the most popular color along with minnows and nibbles. There are a lot of smaller fish to weed through, but if you are patient and persistent there are also some good fish to catch. We have seen a lot of 12-15″ fish.

BASS: The whites are starting to hit in the normal spots around islands, points, and underwater humps. No word on largemouth these past few days.

CATFISH: We have seen some dandy flatheads and blues come in. It seems they are heading for their spawning areas. We also hear of a lot of channel cats being caught, both on rod/reel, and also on jugs and trotlines.

NOTES: Some of you may have noticed our redesigned store. The purpose of that is to start serving some food on Friday and Saturday nights. We will have a variety, but certainly pulled pork and some type of chicken, either fried or grilled/baked. We also added an eating area in back of the store for people to sit and eat. That part isn’t quite done yet, but is useable. The bar will be finished soon as well. Hopefully you will come and enjoy it.

Update 5/21/15 Thursday, May 21, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is at 607.8. Water temp this morning was 58, though it did manage to get into the low 60′s later today. Clarity is somewhat stained due to the inflow we had this week.

CRAPPIE: When you get on them you can do very well in a short time. Some days you just can’t get on them. Black/Chartreuse is still a good color to use and of course minnows usually help as do crappie nibbles. The fish are pretty scattered so look deep in the morning and don’t be afraid to move shallow as the sun warms the water.

BASS: We have been hearing about some good white bass catches lately. Try the tree lines, and naturally throw something white or shiny. Have not heard many largemouth bass stories lately.

CATFISH: There are still a lot of blues and some flatheads coming on. We have seen some really good catches. There have also been quite a few channel cats being caught. Use perch, goldfish, or shad for the big ones and crawlers or stinkbait for the channels. Look for water flowing into the lake for the channel cats.

NOTES: Keep in mind the reason for this holiday weekend. Veterans are the people who make the life we live possible by protecting our way of life. The ones we honor this weekend are the ones who gave it all for us. The lake will be crowded so please be careful and courteous out there.

Update 5/13/15 Wednesday, May 13, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is at 606.8. Water is quite clear for MTL with visibility of 1-2 feet. Water temp is in the upper 60′s to about 70.

CRAPPIE: A strange spawning season this year. The clear water seems to have made them stay off the bank more than usual. Most of the nicer fish seem to be coming from 6-10 FOW 4-6 feet down. I have heard a lot about black/chartreuse being a good color, but that will depend on the day and if it is sunny or cloudy. This cold front we are currently experiencing will surely push the crappie out into even deeper water. Some say the spawn is over, but I don’t believe it is over everywhere on the lake. It usually lasts 5-7 weeks on this lake. I talked with a fisherman who fishes over on Lake Shelbyville in IL and they are experiencing the exact same type of spawn as we are. Interesting…..

BASS: There have been some very nice largemouth bass caught the past week or so. They seem to be hanging in the same areas as the bigger crappie and even eating the same baits. Also, the white bass have started biting along the tree lines. As always, throw something white or shiny for them.

CATFISH: There are lots of blues getting caught right now, especially in the 20 to 30# range. Perch or carp seems to be a good bait.

NOTES: I did talk with Steve about the recent thievery going on and he was surprised to hear it but said he would certainly look into it.

Update 5/6/15 Wednesday, May 06, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is at 606.8 and has been steady for about a week. Water temp is mid 60′s. Clarity is exceptional for this lake and especially for this time of year.

CRAPPIE: They are really very scattered. In the process of spawning in some areas and about done spawning in others. The water clarity is a factor we are not used to dealing with during the spawn so it seems they are nesting in a bit deeper water than what we are used to. Best bet is to keep moving until you find some as they don’t seem to be in their normal spots. Minnow, Nibbles, or small jigs with some chartreuse in them will work.

BASS: Largemouth are starting to spawn so fish for them near shore. Whites are up in the rivers. The normal white or chrome spinners or spoons will catch them.

CATFISH: There are a lot of both Blues and Flatheads being caught now. Goldfish, perch, and shad will work.

NOTES: Thieves beware!!! People are getting upset with the line running and parking lots thefts and that can only lead to dangerous situations when someone catches you. We will watch out for each other and sooner or later you will get your due.