UPDATE 2/3/16 Wednesday, Feb 03, 2016 by Ron

Lake level is at 606.9. The lake is pretty well open except for the back reaches of the some of the arms. The main boat ramps are free of ice and can be used. Naturally there are no courtesy docks in place. We have been seeing quite a lot of geese flying around including snow’s and Canada’s. There have been a lot of eagles around all winter and they are fun to watch. There are also quite a few rabbits around this year and of course always plenty of squirrels out there if you need an excuse to be in the woods. Shed hunting is also underway. We have minnows, crawlers, and goldfish here at the resort. Call ahead and we will get you set up. I am sure a person could get onto some crappie on the bridge pier and also on the south facing bluffs.

UPDATE 1/15/16 Saturday, Jan 16, 2016 by Ron

Lake level is at 610.5. The lake is pretty much open except back in some of the smaller arms. The ramps on 107 and route U are open and today the Southfork ramp was open as well. We are seeing some geese in the air mornings and evenings. Have not heard any fishing reports lately. We do have some family news though. On Jan 5th at about 2:00 AM we were blessed with another grandson. Our son, Travis (the one who keeps all of this computer stuff working for us) and his wife Erin had a fine baby boy named Benjamin. He is a bruiser at 8# 10 oz and about 20″ tall. All are healthy.

NOTES: Since we are now into the new year anyone with reservations already made for this year can start taking care of deposits. If you have a cabin reserved the deposit will be $126.87, a Kitchenette will be $84.58 and a motel room it will be $63.44. If you have any questions give us a call.

We are looking forward to another fun year of seeing friends from the past and also new friends we haven’t met yet. Our Friday and Saturday nite bar and BBQ will be starting up again this spring as well.

Update 12/30/15 Wednesday, Dec 30, 2015 by Ron

Well, here we are, the last update for 2015. We have had another fun year here at the resort. At least the water levels weren’t crazy this year, at least until now. With this last storm system we are now at just about 619. Luckily all that is due to rain. If that 14 or so inches of rain had been snow we would have to shovel the roofs off just to see daylight. There have not been many fishermen out, but we did have a couple of brave souls who set some lines on Christmas Eve. They ended up with 3 nice blues on Christmas day and some more on the day after. Can’t beat that as a way for a dad to spend Christmas with his daughter. 3 of us went below the dam about a week ago and caught some fish on a very cold blustery day. We even caught a couple of 11″ers. Mostly we just had some fun. With the water level this high you know they will start running water as soon as the Mississippi levels come down some. Running water equals biting fish down there.

We wish all of you a fantastic New Year.

UPDATE 12/16/15 Wednesday, Dec 16, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is 613.2. It doesn’t look like it will go up much more for now. That means they will most likely be running water through the dam pretty steady for the next week or two.

CRAPPIE: It seems like a lot of people are catching plenty of crappie, but mostly small fish in the 7-8″ range. With the Corp going to need to run water through the dam the best bet might be to fish below the dam. They bite pretty quick down there when they run water. The fish tend to be smaller down there but if the lake fish are only 7″ or 8″ they should be pretty comparable. Toss a jig into the eddies and the bites are pretty much every cast.

No reports on any other fish but with this large inflow of water there should be some catfish action starting up. Look for the usual haunts with inflows.

All of us here at South Fork wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The store will be closing for regular hours as of Christmas. We will go back to regular hours again next spring. Lodging is still available – just call us and we will make arrangements. We also still have minnows and goldfish so just call and we will take care of you.

Update 11/20/15 Friday, Nov 20, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is at 604.5. We had 4.25″ of rain so far this week. Snow predicted for tomorrow. The wind has been howling all week so really no one has been out fishing. Deer hunting has been sporadic. It seemed to us that opening weekend saw a lot of deer killed. This was also the case statewide with about 97,000 taken. That’s good news. The other good news is that the water is finally cooling down so if you get the chance on a nice day the fish should bite. Try deep water at the edge of a channel or bridge piers.

NOTES: This will be our last weekend for BBQ for this year. We will open that back up in the spring. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Update 11/9/15 Monday, Nov 09, 2015 by Ron

Sorry for the delay. For some reason the website quit working for a few days. Travis did a good job of getting it back up once we found out the site was down.

Lake level is just under 602. Water temp is about 55 degree’s. It should drop over the next week or so as our temps are starting to get down. Water clarity seems to be variable depending on where you are at.

CRAPPIE: The bite is getting better in shallow water. There are a lot of smaller fish, but some nice ones as well. As the water cools to 50 or so we should see a turnover and the fish will really start to bite up the rivers. After that, and this can happen in a pretty short timeframe, the fish will start to congregate at deep water locations. As late as it is already the turnover could be over before most people know it started. Cold water and lots of wind can make that happen.

CATFISH: There are some blues being caught as well as channel cats. Try the mouths of the larger creek arms. I would think there should be some good blues up along the dam in deep water.

BASS: The whites are biting in the same area as the crappie. We are also hearing of some good black bass being caught.

NOTES: This weekend is the opener for deer season. Be careful out there. The rut looked like it was going to start but seems to have cooled off last week. Hopefully it will pick up again by the weekend. Good Luck. Bring those deer in for pictures.