tree drop Thursday, Mar 23, 2017 by Ron

As mentioned earlier, the annual Christmas tree drop is scheduled to take place this coming Saturday, March 25. Let us know if you can come and help out. We will be meeting at the resort at about 8:30 am. Please keep an eye on this post in case it needs to be postponed due to weather.

Thank you

UPDATE 3/20/17 Monday, Mar 20, 2017 by Ron

Lake level is at 601.3 and has been pretty steady for a month now. Water temp is mid 40’s.

CRAPPIE: There are people catching some nice crappie right now, but you will have to search for them. We are headed for that transition period when they are starting to stage in the mouths of the main channels. They will still locate on trees and brush. Chartreuse is a good color to start with. If you can find a ledge that drops into deep water and has cover on it there is a good chance you will find fish.

CATFISH: We still have not heard of anything going on for catfish even though I know there have been people out there trying.

BASS: No reports

NOTES: Remember, we are doing the tree drop this coming Saturday, March 25. Response has been pretty sparse both here and at the Corp. Below is the notice they put out. We could sure use some help in getting this spring task completed. As the number of standing trees gets less and less it becomes all the more important to get some structure out there. Let me know if you can help. We are usually done before noon so it is not a long day.

Mark Twain Lake Corps of Engineers Seeks Volunteers for Placement of Fish Structure

Mark Twain Lake, March 6, 2017 – Many Christmas trees have been collected during the annual Christmas tree recycling program. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is now seeking volunteers to place the trees at several established sites in Mark Twain Lake. John F. Spalding Ramp will be the designated starting point.

Residents of the Mark Twain Lake community willing to contribute their time and equipment to assist in placing the trees can meet at the John F. Spalding boat ramp on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. The trees will be bundled together and sunk in Mark Twain Lake, developing an underwater habitat. These structures provide excellent places for fish to rest. Creating this structure also encourages the growth of algae and zooplankton for young fish to feed upon, which in turn enhances growth. Of course the biggest advantage is they make excellent places to catch fish, and all those volunteering will have first-hand knowledge of these “honey holes”.

Anyone wishing to volunteer or wanting more information should contact Park Ranger Brad Stamp at the Mark Twain Lake Project Office at (573) 735-4097.

UPDATE 3/9/17 Thursday, Mar 09, 2017 by Ron

Lake level is 601.3. Water temp is mid 40’s but warmer water can be found on south facing bluffs and dark bottom flats. Water clarity is normal, which for this lake means you can see less than a foot down.

CRAPPIE: There are people catching some decent fish but the where and how seems to be pretty varied. I have heard of success at 2-3 feet down in 7 FOW as well as 12 feet down over deep water. A lot depends on the sunshine each day during this transition time of year. Crappie won’t be real aggressive so you may have to keep the bait right in front of them for a while before they bite. That leads to bobber fishing or dipping rather than cast/retrieve type fishing. In other words….slow down.

CATFISH: We have heard of some channel cats being caught but no noise yet about any blues or flat heads.

BASS: no reports

NOTES: March 25th is the scheduled date for the habitat placement. We will again be doing a drop from the Southfork ramp. If you want to help give us a call. This is the best way to find out where the trees are dropped so you can find them later on.

If you have reservations for staying here at the resort this upcoming season now is a good time to call in with deposits.

UPDATE 2/24/17 Friday, Feb 24, 2017 by Ron

Lake level is 601.3 and you can find some warmer water in some of the coves and on dark bottom flats. There have been some people out fishing the past couple of weekends with the nice weather we were having. This weekend will be not so nice. Most of the people I have talked with are catching 4 or 5 keepers but I did hear of one guy that had a nice limit this past Tuesday. Try the south facing rock bluffs if the sun is shining, or the sunny side of the bridge piers. We have heard of a few blue cats being caught, though not on any of the lines we had out. Hard to believe it is only Feb, as we have robins around and I even saw a bullfrog in the pond the other day. The snow geese have been filling the skies around here for the past several weeks if you are interested in hunting for them.

NOTES: The tree drop is scheduled to take place March 25th. We plan to get started at 9:00 am at the Southfork ramp. Spalding will be taking place the same day. No word yet if they will be doing it at Northfork. If you have trees you want to sink give me a call and we can work through the details to make sure it gets done. As always, we welcome help to get this done. It makes for a fun morning and we are usually done before noon. Give us a call if you can help. We will again be using the Corp barge under Shelly’s steady hand to haul the tree’s out.

UPDATE 12/23/16 Friday, Dec 23, 2016 by Ron

Lake level is at 600.7. Be careful out there. At this level there is a lot of ground showing and a lot of areas here you can usualy get to that you now can’t. The whole west end of the lake is frozen over. Basically everything west of Hwy 107 is iced over. Open ramps include the State Park ramp at 107, Robert Allen, Shell Bramch, Ray Behrens, and Spalding. I have not talked with anyone that has been out fishing lately but if normal holds true then the crappie should be biting on the bridge piers by now. On a clear day you can likely find fish on the south facing bluffs as well. On a hunting note, from all reports, the duck hunting is really good right now. The mallards have moved in and with the west end of the lake frozen they are concentrated on the main lake. Be very careful out there as drowning and hypothermia are very real threats this time of year. Take a buddy along and let someone know where you are going and when they should expect you home.

NOTES: All of us here at Southfork wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

UPDATE 11/28/16 Tuesday, Nov 29, 2016 by Ron

Lake level is at 602.3. We got a little bit of rain over the weekend, but not enough to raise the level any. Water is pretty clear and temps are in the lower to mid 50’s. With the way the near future forecast looks those temps are going to go down pretty quickly over the next 10 days. Right now people are catching some nice crappie in normal fall fashion back in the coves in shallow water. You can use minnows or jigs to get them to bite. They do tend to be pretty aggressive this time of the year. We have heard of some darn good catches in the past week. Now that deer season is a memory for most people it is a good time to come out and get into a nice batch of fresh crappie fillets to get you through the winter. We still have minnows and goldfish and crawlers here at the resort. The store is open on Friday, Saturday 7 to 7 and Sunday 7 to noon. We will still cook on Friday and Saturday for the next couple of weeks doing pizza’s, fried chicken, burgers, and pulled pork. If you want ribs just let me know in advance and I will get them done. We hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday. We do still have 2 rooms available for the special deer hunt the weekend of Dec 10 and 11.