UPDATE 10/1/15 Thursday, Oct 01, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is 603.6. This is a great time to go out and locate structure that you would normally not see. Mark the location on a map or with your GPS. You can find laydowns and brushpiles that will have plenty of water over them next spring.

CRAPPIE: You have to work hard for them, but some nice fish can be caught. Deep timber and brushpiles should hold fish. The water is starting to cool down and over the next week will cool down a lot. The fishing will improve as it cools and the crappie will move up into the creek arms where they are bound to find loads of shad. The fishing can easily be as good as spring fishing when this happens. Anything with chartreuse on it and tipped with a nibble and/or a minnow will help to entice some bites right now.

BASS: We still here of some good bass being caught. Not great numbers, but some dandy fish. White bass are starting to hit pretty good as well. Roostertails, Mepps spinners, Little Cleos, etc.

CATFISH: There have been some flatheads getting caught recently along with some nice blues.

NOTES: The Indian Creek Halloween Walk is scheduled for Oct 16 and 17. This is an excellent event to bring the kids to.

MORE NOTES: Our annual anniversary party, chili cook-off is scheduled for Oct 31. Call Mary for more details. We will be having a good time as always.

Update 9/24/15 Thursday, Sep 24, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is 604.1. Water temp is still in the low 70’s. Clarity is pretty good at this point, though some of the upper reaches of the rivers are still somewhat murky.

CRAPPIE: Bite seems to be tough again. I would figure they are starting to stage in the main channels as they prepare to follow the shad up into the rivers and the back of the creek arms. Look for them to be at the edges of the channels. There are people catching some very nice fish but it is tough to get a limit of them.

BASS: The buddy Bass tournament shows again how fickle fishing is. Quite a few people were on good fish while pre-fishing, but had a tough time on Saturday and Sunday. The leader on Saturday had 19#, yet the winning weight after both days was only 29# Sunday was very tough. I have heard good things on white bass though so it looks like it is time to go after them. As usual, something white or bright will usually draw a bite. Roostertails is one name I have heard mentioned.

CATFISH: We have only heard of a few blues being caught recently. This fishing will only get better over the next couple of months.

NOTES: Florida Winery is hosting a Mark-a-Twain-a-ville this coming Saturday from 2 till 7 pm. Music by Gary Sluhan. Also, we are still doing our BBQ on Friday and Saturday nites. Smoked ribs, smoked chicken, and of course our pulled pork. Come join us.

Update 9/18/15 Friday, Sep 18, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is 604.7. Water is pretty clear especially on the other end of the lake. Rain later today might change it some. Water temp is mid 70’s.

CRAPPIE: Sporadic. When you hit the right spot at the right time it is darn good, but it is a challenge to get that done. When you do, it will probably be on a main lake brush pile. Color is going to be dependent on water and sky conditions. I found white/chartreuse and a nibble to work quite well when the sun is shining bright.

CATFISH: There are still some nice blues biting but not a lot of people out there fishing for them right now.

BASS: There are some whites biting on the points and islands. Bass fishermen are catching some good bass with a fair amount in the 5-6# range.

NOTES: This weekend is the Buddy Bass tournament so there will be nearly 200 boats out there hunting for the next big one. Please be courteous to each other.

ANOTHER NOTE: Archery season started on the 15th. We hope to see some good deer for pictures.

Update 9/2/15 Wednesday, Sep 02, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is at 605.8. Water is fairly clear by MTL standards. Water temp was 74 but this warm weather is bringing it back up. I am sure we will see 78 by the weekend.

CRAPPIE: It seems to be an early evening bite. We have been catching good fish from about 5:00 until 7:00. Main lake timber with brush piles seems to be working well right now. White/green with a nibble on it works well. The fish are definitely starting to bulk up.

BASS: Still not a lot of reports on white bass, though some are being caught while crappie fishing. Largemouth still seem to be biting pretty good with some 5 to 6 # fish being caught.

CATFISH: Plenty of channel cats getting caught on worms and also on minnows while crappie fishing. There have also been some nice flat heads and blues getting caught on the flats or channel edges.

NOTES: Fishing is definitively improving the last couple of weeks. The stable water level and temps are a big plus. The lake will be plenty crowed this weekend as it is the last holiday weekend for the summer so be careful out there. Also be courteous.

Update 8/26/15 Wednesday, Aug 26, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is 607. After being so high all summer we are finally back down to normal pool. Water temp is low 80’s. As cool as it has been the past few days we will see water temps back in the 70’s in no time. I get the feeling fall turnover will happen earlier than normal this year.

CRAPPIE: The people that are catching seem to be fishing in deeper water 20 to 30 FOW with the fish anywhere from 6 to 12 feet down. White/green, white/blue seem to be working the best especially tipped with a minnow. They seem to be concentrated so move around until you get bit, then work whatever structure you found over more thoroughly. Don’t forget the nibble.

BASS: Decent largemouth still seem to be hitting ok. 4 or 5 pounders are being caught and I even heard of some over 6. There are also some white bass being caught while fishing for crappie so I assume if one worked at them you could do well on them. Try the islands in the evening or rocky points.

CATFISH: Lots of channel cats being caught on the flats. I have heard most people say they are catching them on minnows. We weighed in a 55# flat head today. We are hearing of a lot of blues as well. Time to get after them again.

Update 8/20/15 Thursday, Aug 20, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is 611. Water is quite clear. Water temp is low 80’s.

CRAPPIE: Fishing is definitely getting better. Used a jig and minnow on Sunday evening and kept 15 good fish. Ranged from 9.5 to nearly 13. Fished 30 FOW on trees. Cast and retrieve. They seemed to be anywhere from 6 to 12 feet down. We are hearing of a lot more people catching nice fish. Should be a great fall fishing season.

BASS: Still getting good reports of lots of keeper bass. Main lake points sound like to the place to start.

CATFISH: Quite a few blues and channels being caught. It still seems like they are mostly on the flats mixed in with crappie.