Update 4/16/15 Thursday, Apr 16, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is 606.8. Water temp is mostly low 60′s. Mostly stained.

CRAPPIE: We are starting to see some fish on the banks. Some males and also some females. The females I cleaned this weekend had eggs that were pretty much ready to go. The best chance of finding them on the banks will be when the sun is shining good on the water.

BASS: Still hearing of some good largemouth being caught along with the crappie. Have not heard anything about whites yet. I have got to believe there are some up the rivers.

CATFISH: We are starting to see some nice flatheads come in. We weighed several in this past weekend. We have also been seeing some good blues for a couple of weeks now. Time to start.

NOTES: Turkey season starts Monday and we are seeing a lot of birds around. The gobblers are busy strutting. Should be a good opener. We have not seen any mushrooms yet, but I expect to any day now.

Update 4/8/15 Thursday, Apr 09, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is at 606.9. We had a 1/4″ of rain overnite. Water temp is in the lower to mid 50′s.

CRAPPIE: Fish are scattered. Some days you will find them out in the mouths of the coves and on a warm sunny day you can find them back in the back end chasing shad. It won’t be long until the males start to move in to build nests.

BASS: A lot of people are catching bass right now. Most of what we hear about are caught while crappie fishing so read the above to see where they are at. No reports on whites yet but I am sure they are active up the rivers.

CATFISH: People are catching decent blues. We are still hearing about mostly 20 to 30 pounders with the occasional 40. Cutbait is what we are hearing.

NOTES: The plum tree’s are blooming in the woods. I have heard of some May apples sprouting up. Tree’s are starting to bud out. I would think the mushrooms could start next week. We are seeing a lot of turkeys out and about and the gobblers are busy strutting their stuff. It is shaping up to be a great spring. Youth turkey is this coming weekend and by the looks of it they should have good weekend to be in the woods. Be safe out there.

Update 4/1/15 Wednesday, Apr 01, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is at 606.3. Water temp is varied but some places in the low 50′s. The warmer water will be on the north side facing south so that is where you want to try first.

CRAPPIE: Tough bite on this end of the lake the past couple of days, but there are people catching some decent fish. As the water warms up on sunny days head for the shallows. You should be able to find some active fish feeding on shad there. Otherwise look out at the first break or even the channel.

CATFISH: The blue’s are mostly what people are catching right now with a lot of them in the 20 to 30# range. Cut bait, mostly shad, seems to be the bait of choice.

BASS: No reports, but the white’s should be starting soon up in the rivers.

Happy Easter to all.

Update 3/26/15 Thursday, Mar 26, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is at 607.1 and rising. We had about 1.5″ of rain over the past couple of days.

CRAPPIE: Before the rain they were catching some nice crappie in the backs of some of the south facing coves. Look for warmer water. 2 or 3 degree’s will make a huge difference in the attitude of the fish. If you can catch a day when the wind isn’t blowing to hard and the sun is shining you can find some good fishing.

CATFISH: We have been hearing about some decent blue’s in the 30# range. Shad seems to be working best right now

BASS: No reports

Update 3/15/15 Monday, Mar 16, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is 605.4. The lake is pretty well free of ice and all landings should be useable. No courtesy docks yet that I know of. There have been some folks out on the water but we have not heard back about their success. I assume the crappie will be deep yet, but you might find them near the surface on the days when the sun is out warming the water. I would try bridge piers and rock faces that are facing the south as those will warm up first. Walleye will be biting down below the dam or back into the creek arms.

NOTE: We will be doing the tree drop this coming Saturday. Anyone wanting to help can give us a call for more information. You can help here at Southfork or up at Spalding. We will meet here at 8:30.

Update 3/8/15 Sunday, Mar 08, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is 603.8 and rising. The lake is still pretty well frozen over. With the temps the way they are supposed to be this coming week I am hopeful that maybe by Thursday the ice will be off enough to at least fish the main lake. I will post on here as soon as that happens. The river below the dam did open up this past week so a person could put a boat in there and fish. We have been seeing a lot of turkey around lately so that is a good sign. We are also seeing some white geese around so that could be fun. See you all soon I hope.