UPDATE 8/10/16 Wednesday, Aug 10, 2016 by Ron

Lake level is at 613.7 and falling pretty quickly. Water clarity should be improving daily. The main lake has maintained fairly good water clarity. Elk Fork and South Fork were pretty dirty over the weekend.

CRAPPIE: As the tournaments show, there are still some darn nice crappie to be had on the lake. Big fish for the last tournament was 1.8# and the same fisherman had big fish the week before at 1.6#. Those are dandy fish. Search the main lake points, bluffs, etc for structure. Jig tipped with a minnow should get you some bites. You aren’t going to fill the boat, but catching a decent meal should not be to difficult. As is normal for this time of the year, look for the thermocline on your electronics. The fish will almost always be above that. On our end of the lake it is around 14 feet down.

CATFISH: There are a few flatheads and blues being caught and that should improve over the next week or two. Channel cats will still take a crawler in the areas where there was flow into the lake.

BASS: Whites seem to have slowed down, but can still be found over main lake humps and islands. I have heard of some good catches using diving plugs. I know some folks are catching some largemouth, but have not heard where. I assume deeper water 10-20 FOW.

UPDATE 7/15/16 Friday, Jul 15, 2016 by Ron

Lake level is at 609.5. We had another inch of rain yesterday but it looks like it won’t affect the lake much. Long Branch had the most so it will likely be more muddy than the rest.

CRAPPIE: It is tournament time around here so reports will be sketchy for the next 4 weeks. I will find out what I can and give as much general information as I can. Right n ow for us normal fishermen just looking to catch fish I would say bridge piers, bluffs, and brushpiles. Make sure you can fish above the thermocline when you see it on your electronics. It should be somewhere around 12 feet down. On a really hot day it is sometimes possible to find fish dip down below that to cool off. Fish early and late in the day on bluffs, brush, and bridges. You will likely have to weed through a lot of small fish to catch enough keepers for a meal.

CATFISH: Channel cats should be biting wherever you can find inflow. Crawlers are generally a good bet. We have not heard much on blues or flatheads so I assume a lot of them are on the nest right now. That is not to say you can’t catch some since they don’t all go down at the same time.

BASS: Whites still seem to be hitting in the evening. Small crankbaits are getting hit. As a bonus you might catch some crappie or walleye in the mix. Points, humps, and islands are the place to be for these. We have heard of a lot of largemouth being caught but they seem to be hot one day and cold the next.

NOTES: We are starting our 4 week tournament streak here on the lake. Chigger Hill has their’s tomorrow. You can still enter that one. Their phone number is on our links page. The following week is the Shack tournament, which is always a good one and a fundraiser for local charities. After that is Jack and Jill tournament, which is a fundraiser for breast cancer work. Finally, on August 6 is the Crappie Master tournament. Check with us for information on any of these. The weigh in’s are always a good time.

UPDATE 7/7/16 Thursday, Jul 07, 2016 by Ron

Lake level is 607.2 and rising. We had 5″ of rain over the weekend and another 2″ since then. The area was so dry that we really did not see all that much inflow into the lake. Even now the creeks are not running all that much. I assume the water is starting to show some staining but as clear as it was, that isn’t a bad thing. Water temp is in the low 80’s.

CRAPPIE: Pretty much the same bite as last week, trolling riprap, bluffs, points, channel edges, etc. You will have to weed through a lot of smaller fish to get at some keepers. Black/chartreuse, green/white are some good colors to start with. Don’t forget to add a nibble. I even heard of one person catching crappie in 50 FOW down about 25 feet. This was on a hot clear day. I have had that happen to me in the past as well, so I know it is not just a bunch of malarky. Don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone.

BASS: Whites are still hitting pretty good in the evening at the islands and on humps and points. There are a lot of black bass biting as well.

CATFISH: We are starting to hear of more blue’s getting caught. Also, this inflow should make catching channel cats a lot of fun. Stink bait or crawlers works for them.

UPDATE 6/30/16 Thursday, Jun 30, 2016 by Ron

Lake level is 604.5 and will be going up I’m sure as we received about 2″ of rain this morning. Water clarity has been quite good, but I assume that too will change.

CRAPPIE: There are still a ton of small fish being caught and a few dandy ones mixed in. You will definitely have to work for the keepers. I don’t know if this rain will help or hurt. Trolling seems to be doing best. It doesn’t have to be fancy, even so simple as keeping your hook in the water as you move from tree to tree. Give it a try. Don’t forget to add the nibble.

BASS: There have been some nice bass getting caught. I talked to one guy who had 18 yesterday. We are also still hearing about some whites being caught so that can be a good alternative. Try humps and around islands and points.

CATFISH: You know what will happen with this rain….water coming into the lake at all of the creeks and rivers. That will bring the catfish out in all of those areas as they wait for dinner to wash down to them. Nitecrawlers should get their attention in those spots. We did hear of some flatheads caught yesterday, though I would think a lot of them are still on the nests. Blues should start picking up again any day now. Float some jugs while you crappie fish.

NOTES: Fireworks at the Dam will be Saturday night. The lake will be full of boaters, not all of them as safe as you so be very careful out there. If you are one of the “unsafe” ones, please be safe as well. You can count on seeing lots of law enforcement all around the lake trying their best to keep us all safe. Be cordial to them, they have a tough enough job without dealing with a bunch of attitude. We will be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings until 9 serving BBQ n beer (and other drinks as well) so come join us. Have a great 4th of July weekend.

UPDATE 6/23/16 Thursday, Jun 23, 2016 by Ron

Lake level is at 605.3. We got about 1″ of rain here, but it resulted in very little inflow as there were a lot of ponds to fill and the ground was very dry. I don’t expect it will cause any issues with water clarity. Water temp is in the low 80’s.

CRAPPIE: We have been hearing about a lot of happy fishermen over the past week. The evening bite seems to be pretty good. A lot are trolling along channel edges and bluffs. 100 and 200 series Bandits seem to be pretty popular and they will catch white bass, walleyes, and crappie. 12-20 FOW is a good place to start. Think typical summer pattern fishing.

CATFISH: Catching seems to be picking up again recently. We have heard of a lot of blues, along with a smattering of flatheads. It would seem like the blues are coming off the nests and the flatheads are on the nests or heading that way. Also hearing about a good channel cat bite. Nitecrawlers seems to be the ticket for them.

BASS: Not a lot of word on largemouth but we have heard of some being caught on points and deeper water. White bass are still going strong, especially the evening bite. You can catch them trolling or jigging. Points are good as are islands, which are really just points anyway for the most part.

NOTES: We have added a good selection of Bandits to our shelves due the popularity of them. They seem to catch a lot of fish. 100’s run at 2-5 feet down and 200’s run 4-8 feet down.

UPDATE 6/15/16 Saturday, Jun 18, 2016 by Ron

Lake level is 606.6. Water is pretty clear by MTL standards. Water temp is low 80’s.

CRAPPIE: They are starting to get into their summer pattern now of hanging about 8-12 feet down in 10-20 FOW. You can find them on wood and brushpiles and bridge piers. Since it is still early in the summer you will also still find some of them in shallow water so don’t be afraid to try that if you are not being successful where you are. Black/Chartreuse is working and I am sure blue/silver will also catch fish. As always with these finicky fish, you will have to experiment until you find the combination of the day. Don’t forget the crappie nibbles. Honestly, if given the choice of using a minnow or a nibble I would liekly pick the nibbles. Luckily I don’t have to make that choice.

CATFISH: There are still some blues and flatheads being taken but it seems to have slowed down some as I am sure a lot of them are heading to the nest. Goldfish seem to be working best right now. You will probably do better up further in the rivers. If and when we get a rain to give us some inflow you will find channel cats at any inflow using crawlers or the variety of stinkbaits.

BASS: There are still some largemouth in spawning mode but for the most part they are in a post spawn condition. You can still catch them on points. White bass have been very active lately, especially in the evenings. Something white or shiny either cast and retrieve or trolled over humps should fill limits pretty quickly.

NOTES: Sorry, I thought this posted when I did it. Also, you can now see our accommodations availability on the website. It looks pretty good, so thanks to Travis for that.