Update 3/26/15 Thursday, Mar 26, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is at 607.1 and rising. We had about 1.5″ of rain over the past couple of days.

CRAPPIE: Before the rain they were catching some nice crappie in the backs of some of the south facing coves. Look for warmer water. 2 or 3 degree’s will make a huge difference in the attitude of the fish. If you can catch a day when the wind isn’t blowing to hard and the sun is shining you can find some good fishing.

CATFISH: We have been hearing about some decent blue’s in the 30# range. Shad seems to be working best right now

BASS: No reports

Update 3/15/15 Monday, Mar 16, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is 605.4. The lake is pretty well free of ice and all landings should be useable. No courtesy docks yet that I know of. There have been some folks out on the water but we have not heard back about their success. I assume the crappie will be deep yet, but you might find them near the surface on the days when the sun is out warming the water. I would try bridge piers and rock faces that are facing the south as those will warm up first. Walleye will be biting down below the dam or back into the creek arms.

NOTE: We will be doing the tree drop this coming Saturday. Anyone wanting to help can give us a call for more information. You can help here at Southfork or up at Spalding. We will meet here at 8:30.

Update 3/8/15 Sunday, Mar 08, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is 603.8 and rising. The lake is still pretty well frozen over. With the temps the way they are supposed to be this coming week I am hopeful that maybe by Thursday the ice will be off enough to at least fish the main lake. I will post on here as soon as that happens. The river below the dam did open up this past week so a person could put a boat in there and fish. We have been seeing a lot of turkey around lately so that is a good sign. We are also seeing some white geese around so that could be fun. See you all soon I hope.

Update 2/21/15 Saturday, Feb 21, 2015 by Ron

The lake is frozen over…again. We were all set to start fishing but the lake is pretty well covered with ice again. The cold weather this week will assure that it remains covered for at least the next 2 weeks. We also got another 5″ of snow overnite. It looks like winter #2 is here for a while. On a high note, we have been seeing some snow geese around and lots of Canada’s. There is also a good crop of rabbits to be found. One thing the snow helps with is coyote hunting. You can bet there are a lot of them and snow makes them easier to see.

Update 2/4/15 Wednesday, Feb 04, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is at 603.5. The Southfork and 107 ramps are free of ice. You can reach the bridges on the water at both, but there is ice west of the 107 bridges. If you get out there to fish I would recommend trying the bridge piers and any bluffs that are facing south as that water will be a bit warmer. According to the Corp, the road into the Spillway are is closed due to icy road.

The tree drop is scheduled for March 21, 2015 weather permitting. If you can help us get the tree’s out there let us know. It is a great way to learn where those drops are located and help the future fishing for all. They will need some help at Spalding ramp as well. Just call the Corp office and let them know.

Update 1/26/15 Monday, Jan 26, 2015 by Ron

Lake level is at 603 and steady. The lake is wide open on the dam end of the lake. The only ramp that seems to be useable at this time is John Spaulding. My understanding is there is a path where there is a very light skim of ice, but people have been getting on through it. With the warm weather this week there should be more open soon. Deep brush, bridge piers, and even the face of the dam could produce some fish.