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Update 7/27/17

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Lake level is 605.2. Water temps near 90. We received almost 3″ of rain this week, but it was spread out nicely so a lot of it soaked in rather than run off. Water should be fairly clear.

CRAPPIE: The bite has been pretty steady. Typical summer fishing here. Once you locate some fish you can go back day after day and find them in the same area. Usually a jig in pink/white or pink/black will do the job. Of course anything chartreuse usually does ok. The most fish seem to be coming from deep water- 20 to 30 feet, but anywhere from 6 to 12 feet down, and even sometimes much deeper. If you are marking something way down don’t be afraid to drop down and try to entice a bite. It could well be crappie.

BASS: The bite has been ok on rocky points casting jigs. We have heard of a few whites but not in great numbers. That bite has been off most of the summer it seems.

CATFISH: We have only heard of the occasional blue or flathead this week but that should be ready to change as they should all be about ready to come off their nests. You know they will be hungry when that happens.

NOTES: Saturday is the Jack and Jill tournament. That is always a fun tournament for a good cause. Weigh in is at the Paris Fairgrounds. They usually have a silent auction and a live auction.

UPDATE 6/28/17

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Lake level is 611 and falling. Water clarity is somewhat stained. We have been having a lot of wind so there are definitely some mud lines. That isn’t a bad thing as fish do like to hang out on the edge of them and ambush baitfish. Water is about 82 degrees.

CRAPPIE: We have started to hear of some decent fish being caught again. Mostly deep summer pattern fishing anywhere from 10 to 20 feet deep. Jigs seem to be working pretty good right now, though I haven’t heard much about colors. We have seem some sporadic 13-15 inch fish even. Pulling crankbaits can net you crappie, walleye, white bass, and even some largemouth. Chartreuse is a color to start with.

CATFISH: It looks like maybe some of the flatheads are coming off their nests. We weighed in a 30# a few days ago. Not much going on with blues right now, though I am sure some folks are catching a few.

BASS: Still not a lot of whites being caught, but there are a few people starting to hang around the island so I assume they are at least getting a few. That bite should start at any time. Largemouth fishing has been quite good with 15 to 20 fish days not uncommon. Try the points as a starting spot.

NOTES: This weekend is the rodeo up at the dam. We have tickets here for sale. The rodeo is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with the fireworks being on Saturday night. There will be a lot of boats out there this weekend so please play safely.

UPDATE 4/8/17

Saturday, April 8th, 2017

Lake level is 610.8 and looks to have crested. The water up the rivers is pretty stained but there are cuts off the main lake that aren’t stained bad. Water temp is mid 50’s. There is a lot of trash floating in spots so be careful.

CRAPPIE: Not much to report since all the wind and rain we have had kept most people off the water this week. As the water warms up over the next couple of weeks a good place to start fishing is right where you fish during the spawn, only cast outwards instead of towards shore. With the stained water you should probably start with a chartreuse jig.

BASS: No reports yet.

CATFISH: We are starting to hear of some blues under 20#. I have heard of some smaller flatheads as well. As always when the water starts moving the channel cats are ready to bite as well. Find inflowing water and you should find some of them ready to take a nightcrawler.

NOTES: I have not heard of anyone finding any mushrooms yet but by Sunday that could change with the warmer days here for the weekend. This weekend is Youth Turkey. Be careful out there.

tree drop

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

As mentioned earlier, the annual Christmas tree drop is scheduled to take place this coming Saturday, March 25. Let us know if you can come and help out. We will be meeting at the resort at about 8:30 am. Please keep an eye on this post in case it needs to be postponed due to weather.

Thank you

UPDATE 3/20/17

Monday, March 20th, 2017

Lake level is at 601.3 and has been pretty steady for a month now. Water temp is mid 40’s.

CRAPPIE: There are people catching some nice crappie right now, but you will have to search for them. We are headed for that transition period when they are starting to stage in the mouths of the main channels. They will still locate on trees and brush. Chartreuse is a good color to start with. If you can find a ledge that drops into deep water and has cover on it there is a good chance you will find fish.

CATFISH: We still have not heard of anything going on for catfish even though I know there have been people out there trying.

BASS: No reports

NOTES: Remember, we are doing the tree drop this coming Saturday, March 25. Response has been pretty sparse both here and at the Corp. Below is the notice they put out. We could sure use some help in getting this spring task completed. As the number of standing trees gets less and less it becomes all the more important to get some structure out there. Let me know if you can help. We are usually done before noon so it is not a long day.

Mark Twain Lake Corps of Engineers Seeks Volunteers for Placement of Fish Structure

Mark Twain Lake, March 6, 2017 – Many Christmas trees have been collected during the annual Christmas tree recycling program. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is now seeking volunteers to place the trees at several established sites in Mark Twain Lake. John F. Spalding Ramp will be the designated starting point.

Residents of the Mark Twain Lake community willing to contribute their time and equipment to assist in placing the trees can meet at the John F. Spalding boat ramp on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. The trees will be bundled together and sunk in Mark Twain Lake, developing an underwater habitat. These structures provide excellent places for fish to rest. Creating this structure also encourages the growth of algae and zooplankton for young fish to feed upon, which in turn enhances growth. Of course the biggest advantage is they make excellent places to catch fish, and all those volunteering will have first-hand knowledge of these “honey holes”.

Anyone wishing to volunteer or wanting more information should contact Park Ranger Brad Stamp at the Mark Twain Lake Project Office at (573) 735-4097.

UPDATE 3/9/17

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Lake level is 601.3. Water temp is mid 40’s but warmer water can be found on south facing bluffs and dark bottom flats. Water clarity is normal, which for this lake means you can see less than a foot down.

CRAPPIE: There are people catching some decent fish but the where and how seems to be pretty varied. I have heard of success at 2-3 feet down in 7 FOW as well as 12 feet down over deep water. A lot depends on the sunshine each day during this transition time of year. Crappie won’t be real aggressive so you may have to keep the bait right in front of them for a while before they bite. That leads to bobber fishing or dipping rather than cast/retrieve type fishing. In other words….slow down.

CATFISH: We have heard of some channel cats being caught but no noise yet about any blues or flat heads.

BASS: no reports

NOTES: March 25th is the scheduled date for the habitat placement. We will again be doing a drop from the Southfork ramp. If you want to help give us a call. This is the best way to find out where the trees are dropped so you can find them later on.

If you have reservations for staying here at the resort this upcoming season now is a good time to call in with deposits.