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boat ramps

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Most of the boat ramps ARE open. We looked at SouthFork, Robert Allen, U, and 107. The water is quite high and manuevering will be tight, but it can be done. The high water ramp at Robert Allen is open. The water is expected to peak on Tuesday real close to 626. I believe the swimming areas will be closed for the July 4th weekend as well. The good thing is, the crappies are actually biting. There were about 320 crappies weighed in at the CrappieMasters tournament yesterday from 48 boats. Each boat was allowed to weigh in 7 fish, so most had their limit. Winning weight was 6.5# for the 7 fish. A very nice stringer! You can see the pictures of the ramps at the pictures spot here on our webpage. We will try to keep you updated on the ramp situation as it progresses.

Lots of water!!

Friday, June 27th, 2008

The water just keeps rising! As of this afternoon the lake level was at 621′ and going up. It is expected to top out at about 625 by midweek next week. There is a lot of wood and debris floating around so be VERY careful. According to the Corp. of Engineers web page the water temp has dropped back down to the mid 70’s. Even with poor conditions there are still people catching Crappie.

The Crappie seem to be in about 20 feet of water and suspended about 8-12′ down. Minnows seems to be the bait of choice right now. The white bass are coming from the same locations so expect a mixed bag. There are still some cats coming in but that seems to have slowed some right now. One thing is for certain, the only ones that are catching fish are the ones that are getting on the water between the storms.

I hope to update more frequently now that we switched to this new format so check back often. If you have an RSS reader you can also register for updates to be automatically notified when we update. You can do this using the links at the bottom of the page.

We went to investigate the ramp conditions tonight. We checked Route U, 107, and South Fork; they are all open but there are a lot of logs and debris. The water is nearly to the road at the ramps so if it goes up much more we may have to resort to the high water ramps (Robert E Allen, Stoutsville, Indian Creek, and John F Spalding). We will keep you posted or you can call the resort for the latest info.

  • Water Level: 621.5′
  • Water Temp: 73.1
  • Crappie: Good, Suspended 8-12′ in 20′ of water, Minnows
  • White Bass: Good, Suspended 8-12′ in 20′ of water, Minnows
  • Catfish: Good

South Fork Resort Blog

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Welcome to the South Fork Resort Blog.  The South Fork Resort Blog replaces the old fishing report and will allow us to provide more frequent updates.  It will also allow old reports (starting now) to be easily referenced and searched.  We would like to hear feedback on what you think of this new feature and any problems you are having with the new site.  You can post a comment here, email us or call us.  Thanks for your patience through this transition.

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