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Monday, August 25th, 2008

We had another pleasant weekend weatherwise here and according to the 10 day forecast it will be great all the way through next weekend. The lake level is at 608 and according to the Corp they are in their normal generating mode where they generate power for several hours a day. The level will drop .3 to .4 of a foot daily unless there is rain in the area to offset that.

  • The walleye rumors are true. I talked to the lady that caught a 25″ one last weekend, even saw the picture on her phone. She is going to try and send it to me so I can post it.
  • The crappies are pretty scattered by the reports I got with a lot of the nicer ones actually coming from pretty shallow water- in the 8-12 foot range. Sounds almost like they are getting ready for fall.

They are still bringing in a lot of fish. As you can see by the pictures the catfish are doing just fine. The 50# flathead was a pleasant surprise. We had a lot of blues and channels come through here as well.  The bass fishing seemed to be pretty good too. It took 20.65# to win the 154 tournament with 6.2# for big fish. There were a lot of real nice fish go through the weigh in.

This just in…..Brandon and his dad John just brought in a real nice catch of cats. The biggest was about 20# and they had more than a dozen on the stringer. Brandon says they are whites, which I guess is a variation of the blue cat.

  • Crappie: Scattered, but catchable. Still on the wood.
  • Catfish: lots of them coming in, all types. Goldfish, crawlers, hotdogs.
  • Bass: They are biting well, you will have to figure out on what.


Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

I don’t care what the St. Louis Post Dispatch says, the lake is NOT open only during the daylight hours(the lake is open for normal use), the water is NOT all muddy, and the fishing is NOT slow. Any of you that are following these posts know that the folks that are coming to the lake and fishing are doing pretty good with the fishing. The crappies are still biting just fine. Look at the pictures I just posted from a couple of guys staying here at the resort. We have no reason to think the fishing will slow down soon as fall is just around the corner and we know what that does for fishing. The water is at 612′ and still going down about a foot per day. No idea how far down they will draw it, but I will try to find out.

  • Crappies: Good on Minnows. Find the wood under the water and move around
  • Catfish: Good to great. Goldfish, crawlers, Shadsides
  • White Bass: ok, not sure where they are finding the nice ones, but they are.
  • Black Bass: Good. Again, not sure what they are doing, but there are a lot of nice ones being caught.

Weekend review

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Well, I hope none of you cancelled this weekends plans on account of the weather forecast. We had just an excellent weekend here. Temps in the low 80’s, very little wind. Downright pleasant. Oh, and the fish were biting as well. There were a lot of people catching plenty of crappie and catfish. The bass fishing seemed to be going pretty good too. The lake level is about 614. The crappies are coming from the outside bluffs on the main lake in about 40′ of water. Fish about 10′-12′ feet down. Move up or down until you find them. If you aren’t catching anything right now you likely need to change what you’re doing, because the fish are biting. Still using minnows under a slip bobber or a tipped jig. The cats are biting on whatever is around it seems. Crawlers, shad sides,  dip bait, and even minnows. A lot are coming in from people crappie fishing. We have some openings yet for next weekend and even some for Labor Day weekend so come on up and enjoy whats left of this great weather we are having and get into some of these fish.


Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

All of the regular ramps are now open and in pretty good shape. The roads to them are clear and you can actually use them as they were designed to be used. I drove in to both U and 107 and they both had 2 docks set up. The dirt ramps are not open at this point. The water level is at 619.5 and it looks like they slowed the draw down a bit over night. No news on the swimming beaches other than I know the one on 107 is still closed. The crappies are still biting as are the white bass and catfish. We have had a lot of reports from people with limits or near limits of very nice sized crappies. It seems they are still hanging at about 8 feet down in 40 feet of water, but I have even heard of them being 3 feet down so don’t be afraid to adjust until you find them. Minnows under a bobber is one method that is working, as is a jig cast out. If you are casting jigs just make sure to maintain the retrieve until the jig is all the way up as they seem to be hitting right at the boat. Good luck and have fun out there.

new news

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

More ramps are open today. The ramp at 107 is open for use and the lake is now open completely. It is no longer restricted to daytime use. There are still some ramps closed, but as the level drops we are hoping the rest of them will be opened before next weekend.

A normal weekly report

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

If there is such a thing this summer. The lake is open, the highwater ramps are open and SouthFork ramp is open, though the water is still high enough that you can’t back down the SouthFork ramp. The fish are biting pretty good too. Odie went out 3 days this week and caught his limit each time. I will post some pictures of todays catch. A nice mess of crappies to be sure. I haven’t heard from anyone out catfishing since they opened the lake but I would assume they should be catchable as well. I really think the rest of the summer and this fall should be some fantastic fishing. The water level is at 627 and falling about 1 foot a day. I am not sure how far they will draw it down. We look forward to seeing you all back up here enjoying the lake again as it has been way too quiet up here the last couple of weeks.

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