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Update 9/28/08

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Another weekend bites the dust. Weatherwise it would be hard to ask for more. It was a fantastic weekend. Low 80’s and just a touch of a breeze. The water level is down below 624′ and dropping about 8″ a day.  The color is clearing, but there is still some floating debris so you still need to be very watchful as you move from spot to spot. They are still working at clearing the ramps so I will have to update that situation as the week progresses. For now we know that the high water ramps are all open, Southfork is open but has no courtesy dock, and 107 is open with a courtesy dock in place. Route U ramp is also open with a courtesy dock in place. – 154 Marine had a crappie tournament this weekend and the winning team weighed in a 7 fish limit that weighed in at around 8.5#. That is a nice stringer of fish! The fish are really scattered yet, but the consistent pattern seems to be 25′-30′ of water and fish 14′-18′ down on the cedar trees. Catch a couple and move on or you will most likely waste the day waiting on that next keeper. Tactics of course vary almost as much as fishermans personalities. Slip bobbers for some, jigs and no body for others, and even just a #4 red hook with a minnow and a sinker was the ticket for others. Some swear by the chartreuse jig with a red body, while others use the same jig with a dark body. All this of course is why the lure manufacturer’s stay in business. – We didn’t see many cats come through this weekend so I don’t know if all the fishermen and women took the weekend off, or just didn’t let us know what they caught. If anyone out there wants to put in their 2 cents worth on this (like did you catch some) please feel free to do so. – As far as bass goes, I heard of lot’s of people catching shorts, but no one came forward with tales of great catches.


Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

The lake level is 627.5 and they continue to drop it at about 7-8 inches a day. If I remember right it will need to be about 625 before they open the rest of the ramps. The water temp is right about 75 degrees. The fishing has been pretty tough lately. Weather wise the days have been great to be out there, but the crappies are tight-lipped. The cats are doing pretty good. It took more than 24# to win the Bud Light bass tournament this past weekend.  Hopefully the crappies will pick up through this week. We will update this later this week.

Update 9/17

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

We really do like water don’t we. The lake looks like it crested today at about 630.5′.

  • The start time for the Bud Lite Tournament this weekend has been pushed back to 8:00 AM for both days of the tourney. There is some junk floating about. Be Careful Out There!! The new hours according to the Chamber of Commerce website is 8-4 Saturday and 8-3 on Sunday.
  • The crappies have been pretty tough this week with people catching lots of smaller fish, but not to many big ones, although one guy did come in and told Mary he caught one that went 16.5″. That is one big fish. We are hoping to get a picture from him. Till then it’s just a rumor.
  • The weather is supposed to be fantastic all weekend so get out there and enjoy it, or better yet come here and enjoy it.


Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Here we go again. The water is rising quickly and we are nearing the point where access will be by high water ramps. The water level was at 621 at noon and rising. We had 4.75″ of rain here since yesterday afternoon. Luckily the weather forecast is for no rain in sight. They should be able to have it under control before next weekend. From what I hear it took 22# to win the bass tournament this weekend. If anyone can verify that we would appreciate it. Due to the fact it rained pretty much all day Friday and Saturday we got scarce reports of crappie fishing. The ones we did get were saying they caught fish in the 11 to 14 foot depth range on the points. Who knows what this extra bit of water will do to their locations, though if it holds like the last time they will maintain their depth and just move up the water column.  With stable weather this week the fishing should be pretty good by the weekend. It’s a shame we didn’t get to spend much time with summer pattern fish this year and we certainly didn’t get much of spring pattern either. Maybe that just means we will enjoy a nice long fall pattern. I know one thing, a lot of the crappie being kept are very nice with 13 inchers not being unusual. Right now the water is pretty muddy, though not like the chocolate milk one would expect, and not near as much trash this time either. I guess it all washed out last go-round. We will keep this updated as we find out any new info on the ramps so check back here before making any decisions about canceling those much needed fall fishing trips.

  • Crappie- 11-14 feet down on the points
  • Catfish- Any inflows, should be real good with all this new water
  • Bass- They are out there, no one talks about where or how though
  • Stripers- look for shad busting the surface near the islands and back in the channels

9/3/08 Report

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

I hope you all had a great weekend. We had our busiest of the summer. It was good to see everyone out enjoying the lake. As you can see by the comments the fishing is a bit different right now. It takes persistence and some luck at times even to figure out what they want. Personally I didn’t do to well when I finally got on the water late Monday. Just not enough time to figure them out I guess. The reports we got back are all over the place. Some folks did just fine while others didn’t catch much of anything. Don’t tie yourself into a pattern. Move around and try different things until you hit on what works at the moment. It seems the cedar trees are more productive than the rest so maybe start there. Work the whole water column starting at the bottom and coming up in 1 foot increments until you start catching fish. You are going to have to sift through a lot of undersized ones so have plenty of bait. I think my son and I used 8 dozen minnows and we only kept 3 fish. If you use jigs tip them with nibbles. I also hear the white/striper bass are doing real good at the island early in the day. Be aware of the new laws that went into effect on 8/28 also. The speed limit on all water is 30 mph after dark, and the BAC limit is now .08. I can’t wait for the fall fishing!!

  • Crappie-  Scattered, about 20 feet of water
  • Bass- Crankbaits, Senko’s
  • Catfish- Slowed some, but some nice flatheads showing up again.
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