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Update 11/24/08

Monday, November 24th, 2008

As the main deer season comes to a close I must say we saw a good number of decent bucks come through here. Look at the pictures in the hunting area to see for yourself. There were others that we didn’t get pictures of for one reason or another as well. Of course, the talked about one is the huge 25 pointer, which, rumor has it scored above 190. From this vantage point it seems the overall harvest is down some, but we’ll have to wait and see what the reports look like. There is still plenty of hunting to go – next week the muzzleloader season starts – then on December 13 the antlerless portion begins. In early January there is a  second youth season. Also the waterfowl seasons and plenty of small game continue. There seems to be plenty of coyotes out there too. — As far as fishing, there just haven’t been many people out, but we have sold a few dozen gold fish and minnows.  We did have a nice 10# blue come through yesterday. With the fair weather expected this week maybe we will have a few more people out on the water.

Update 11/15/08

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Cold and windy with some light snow showers…… a perfect season opener. There are definitely some decent deer being taken today. Pictures on our website. Remember, you can’t cross State Park land to get to Corp land this year. They ARE enforcing it!! Also, the law says you can’t leave a stand unattended on Corp land, which means you aren’t supposed to put it out the night before. There is a fair amount of orange in the woods so please be sure of where your bullet will go before pulling the trigger. We want you all to get home safe and sound. It is supposed to be cold pretty much through the rest of the season by the sounds of it. Talk about different, last year it was 80 on the opener.—- As far as fishing goes, it will be a bit chilly on the water but I would think the crappie are still biting when you find them. We have had several people come in and tell us the channel cats are hitting pretty good also, and with the lake level creeping up I would expect it to stay that way. Shad seems to be the bait of choice right now. We had some bass fishermen in this past week and they were quite pleased with the catches they had. They were using spinnerbaits. The water temp is about 50, the level is just over 607 and the water seems to be about it’s normal clarity. I did not see anything unusual as far as color this morning. We got .5″ of rain overnight so I expect the level to rise a bit more.

Update 11/1/08

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

WOW!! The weather is great and the crappie are biting pretty good now. We have had more groups coming in with a limit already today. Get up into those creek channels and search around. Go back into the coves until you are in 5 feet of water and then work your way out. If you see shad busting the surface you should be in the right area. If you are using jigs I have heard either red and yellow or blue and black are working. Tip them with almost anything. Just thought I would let you know in case anyone is wondering if they should come up now or wait until the weather turns. The weather is supposed to stay like this until Wednesday and then cool off some and rain late Wednesday and Thursday. Great to hear they are biting.

  • Crappie- Excellent bite right now. Go shallow. Cull through the small ones and a limit of 10+ should be very manageable.
  • Bass- Seems the bite is pretty tough for them right now, but try buzzbaits.
  • Catfish- Haven’t heard anything this week so I assume they are pretty tightlipped. That will likely change when we get some rain later in the week. I did just hear the channel cats are biting pretty good on  crayfish up in the creek arms.
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