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Update 2/23/09

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

We have received the shipment of Crappie Rockets. I must say, they are a good looking jig. If they last anywhere near as long as C.W. says they do they will be worth every dime. Of course, they still have to catch fish, right? I can’t wait to give them a try.——–Just back from the Sports Show up in the Quad Cities. This was my 1st show manning the Chamber of Commerce booth and it really was a good time. I got to talk with some of our friends who stayed with us last year as well as a lot of new friends who I hope will be staying with us this year and into the future. The show itself was top notch. It was well run and had a lot of good stuff to see. I met a gentleman from Quincy who does seminars and he is of the belief that the fishing on Twain is going to be great this year. I happen to agree. We shall see. Dave Mass was his name. It was fun talking to people from up there that had no idea we were so close to them. I am sure a lot will be making the trek down to enjoy all this area has to offer. Maybe we’ll even get to know some through this blog as contributors. —— The lake has some ice on it again due to all the cold we have experienced lately. I will let you know when it is clear again. ——- Until then…have a great day!!

Update 2/11/09

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

The ice is gone from the lake! I was just at the ramp at Southfork and 107 and they are open and I didn’t see any ice anywhere. Lots of waves, but no ice. We received about 1.25″ of rain since last night so the water level should be on the rise. The level is just over 604 right now. By the looks of the weather it won’t be any kind of heat wave this weekend, but no rain either. As long as the wind isn’t blowing to beat the band a person could actually get out on the water. According to Bill (see the comments in the last post) the crappie are biting pretty good over on Thomas Hill. I did some research on the Crappie Rockets mentioned in a previous post as well. I like the looks of them and talked with C.W. and liked what I heard from him so we have added them to our tackle inventory and should receive our first shipment soon. Take a look at them here or even on-line if you want to see them. There is a link to them on our “links” page. I can’t wait to try them out. — On another note, I would like to review the procedure for posting comments to these postsĀ  just to make sure everyone that has the desire to do so can do it easily. Under the post you will see the word “comments” in blue. It will either say no comments or it will have a number in front denoting how many comments have already been made to that post. Just click on the word, type in your comments and click on “submit”. Thats all there is to it. We really enjoy reading the comments and I believe they are what makes these posts and this blog work. I will always do my best to get answers to any questions.

Update 2/3/09

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Sorry about the lapse in reports here, but Mary, Travis and I just returned from a nice trip to the Florida Keys. We snorkeled over a reef and spent some time fishing on both the Gulf and on the ocean. I wish I could say we really caught the heck out of them, but we didn’t. We caught enough to eat and threw many many back, but no great catches. I did manage to catch a nice 4 foot shark in 180 feet of water. That was a good time. We had a cold snap when we got there and another when we left just to remind us that we were still in the US. The fishing was fun and they were good eating, but not as good as a nice batch of crappies fried up with some Andy’s red. We might be a little spoiled. The economy is hurting them pretty good right not so if any of you was thinking about a trip down there you should be able to save quite a lot by doing it this year. Call us and we will help you in any way we can. —— Lynn Tharp will be at the St Louis Boat Show on Feb 14th at the Bass Pro Shops booth in case any of you want to look him up. He will also be at Bass Pro Shops “meet the guides” program later in the month.

— crappie: Mark Twain is frozen so you will have to go to Thomas Hill for slabs right now.

—catfish: no reports

—walleyes: They have been catching them over on the Mississippi River near Hannibal. Check with Lynn if you want to book a trip. His phone number is on our links page.

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