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Update to the update 4/19/09

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Just a couple of quick notes……..The lake level is at 610.3. If you look at the graph you can see that the Corp has been really trying to keep it drawn down. Hopefully this way they won’t have to draw so hard once the crappies get on the bank. At least unless we get hit hard with rain at the wrong time. —— Another thing we just noticed (actually Odie found this) on our website. If you click on the weather on the left side it will take you to the web page. On that page if you can find the 4 links right above the temp reading, look for the one on the right side that says “fishing report”. Click on that and it will bring up a graph thats shows best fishing and hunting times. It is set up like the Vector Charts. Take a look.

Update 4/19/09

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

As you can see by the recent pictures the fishing is definitely getting better. The cats have been doing especially well. Of course, as we keep getting rain, they will continue to do well. The crappie tournaments had some nice stringers. The pictures are the 2nd place team with 14.5 pounds, and also biggest fish. They caught them pretty shallow, 4-6 feet of water. They caught theirs on minnows, but I heard of others that did very well on jigs. It definitely won’t be long before they are into the spawn. Water temps are still all over the place with readings from 50 to 56 or even higher at times. According to the last remark of the previous post they can still be found out deep as well. The females must be outĀ  deepand the males are in closer getting ready. With the weather we are supposed to get this week I have to think the spawn will be under way by next weekend.—— I was out for a while yesterday looking for mushrooms and didn’t find a single one. Not sure if that means I was in the wrong place, just not seeing them, or it is still a bit early. The ground temp is in the mid 50’s though, so they too should be hot by next weekend.

Update 4/16/09

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

The lake level is still around 611. The water temp is starting to come up with the somewhat wamrer days we have been seeing the past couple of days with readings anywhere from 48 to 54. Of course the higher readings are coming at the end of the day. The crappie bite is still pretty tough as they seem to be suspended out in deeper water yet. The catfish on the other hand have been doing pretty good with some real nice blues coming in and quite a few channels and even the occasional flathead. Goldfish and shad seem to be the ticket for them, along with nitecrawlers of course. Still have not heard a word about the white bass bite but they have got to be ready to go.—–Rumor has it the mushrooms are starting to go a bit, but I think it will be into next week before we really see any kind of full blown activity on them. Thats when the crappie should be ready as well. Not this weekend, but the following one should be right in the prime. That, of course is just my opinion. If anyone has any kind of better info (such as a sack of mushrooms or a stringer of crappie) please let us know. I could sure stand a meal of crappie filets and mushrooms.

Update 04/09/09

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Odie was on the water yesterday, found the average water temp was 47 degrees and the water level this morning was close to 607 1/2. The water level has been dropping about 6 inches per day and we are expected to have rain showers again later on today. We have struggled with cool, cloudy days with wind and/or rain and that is discouraging many of the fisherman from heading out on the lake. The fisherman that have gone reportĀ  very little catching except for catfish. All of us at the resort wish all of you a Happy Healthy Easter, and wish for sunshine and warm temps to get the mushrooms and fishing kicked off for the season.

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