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Update 5/27/09

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Well, that was a heck of a weekend. It was sure nice to see so many people out having a good time. The weather even cooperated until Monday morning. The resort was a hopping place all weekend. The pool is open for the season, and the store and baitshop were almost over capacity at times. We loved it! The catfishing was great and depending on who you talked with the crappie fishing was either pretty good or downright terrible. If you follow the comments section on here you can see that (just click on the “comments” link below) the fish are all over the place…out in deep water, or in close to shore like the ones Odie caught. He was out today and had his limit of nice ones by 2 pm. It seems like some are already going into the summer pattern while others are still spawning. It all depends where you are on the lake. He did say he hit a lot of spots before he found them, so that means what I have been saying a lot lately is still true…..if what you are doing isn’t working, change it…different spot, different color, different depth.——The white bass are starting to bite right now as well. Mary was out this evening and they caught some near the mouth of a cove. I heard another group say they caught about 70 of them in a few hours this afternoon. Thats some fun fishing!! Get out there and enjoy the season.

Update 5/19/09

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

The Springfield Crappie club held a tournament this past weekend. The conditions on Saturday were pretty rough, but Sunday was a pretty darn nice. The winners overall was the team of Wes Pierceall and John Tisdale. They weighed in a limit of 14 fish with a total weight of 13.79#. They also had big fish on Saturday with a fish of 1.86#. Carlo Catalano and Rich Bales had Sunday’s big fish at 1.48#. Congrats to all who braved the wind on Saturday, and especially to the winners. Good job!!—-Lots of catfish coming in with some very nice flatheads starting to show up. With all the water coming into the lake I would expect the cats to keep up the bite. Goldfish and nitecrawlers seem to be the top baits and skipjack is catching some also. —-Crappies are scattered again, as one would expect for this time of year. Some are still in the spawning stage while others are already in post spawn mode. Try 1st in close in the brush, then move out. Watch your electronics. I think if you can find some good brush that is submerged you should be able to get some fish out of it. Just remember, if you aren’t losing some hooks you probably aren’t fishing deep enough in the brush. A bobber and minnow still seems like the most popular method, but I think if you drop a jig straight down into the brush you should do well also. A trick I just read about and can’t wait to try is to use a longer pole for this method and then just reel the fish up to the rod tip then lift it straight up and out. This should reduce getting caught up in the brush. Might also be a good time to try the riprap areas with a spinnerbait, jig, or even a plug. The biggest hint I can give you is to move around. Most spots are only good for a fish or 2, then you may as well move to another. If you stay in one spot a long time you are just eating into your fishing time on unproductive water. Of course there are exceptions to this. Odds are not in your favor though.—– I heard of a 9# bass being weighed in over at the Junction. Anyone else hear this? I would love a picture to post on here.

Update 5/9/09

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Sorry about the delay in getting a report out this week.  Spent a few days up in Iowa again, then when I got back here Odie blew the water heater up in the store so I spent the past 2 days on that project. Done finally, so here goes. A quick note on the last post and all the comments….. We don’t mind any and all information as long as it is done in a positive manner. If I feel a post is out of place I WILL remove it from the site. I did that to one last week that was full of cuss words. We don’t need that kind of post so I removed it. We know we get plenty of comments from people that stay at other resorts and that is perfectly fine as we get along with those owners just fine. That why you see posts from Chigger Hill and Timber Ridge on here. Hopefully we are all here for the same reason….a place to share what we know and learn from what others know. All I ask is that we all keep it positive. Now, on to the reason we are here….the fishing!!! They are generating power so are pulling water for longer periods of time. The level is just below 618. Some of the areas are starting to clear up. I heard both Indian’s are not too bad. Water temp is mid 60’s for the  most part.

Crappie— They are starting to go to shore. We are seeing more fish come in for cleaning every day. Start in about 10′ of water and  move from there towards shore as the day progresses. As Caleb said in his post..if you can fish while they aren’t drawing you are better off. Fish about 18″-24″ down on the brushiest trees you can find. Even up into the backs of the channels seems to be starting to turn on some. We aren’t quite there yet, but it is getting better every day.

Catfish— We are seeing some flatheads come through finally. Also a lot of really nice blues. Perch and goldfish seems to be the bait of choice right now. Also a lot of channel cats coming in from people using rod and reel.

Update 5/1/09

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Are we ever glad to see April slide away. Since we started recording our rain gauge readings on April 10 we received 10.5 inches of rain. No wonder the fish don’t know what to do. Odie and Dave went out on Wednesday and kept 25 crappie. They caught them by doing the ol stick and move. Catch a fish or 2 from a spot, then move to the next. They did catch them right at the bank. The chances of catching a bunch at one spot is very small. You really have to try a lot of spots. Most likely it won’t even pay to tie off somewhere. Just use your trolling motor. By now you all know Odie’s method…..slip bobber and a minnow on a hook.—-With all the water coming into the lake the cats have been doing pretty good. Mostly blues and channels, and mostly on rod and reel. Just find where there is flow into the lake and drop a crawler or some other typical catfish bait and you should be onto them. —Right now the lake level is at 619 and still rising. The water temp is hanging around 64. The water temp at the dam is 57. —- The white bass are biting up in the rivers using anything white and shiny. —- No reports of great mushroom finds, but there are a few out. With the undergrowth coming up faster than the mushrooms it might turn out to be a real challenge this year. You will just have to fight the sticks and ticks.

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