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Update 6/25/09

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

WOW, it has been one hot week here. Mid to upper 90’s every day. Believe it or not it doesn’t seem to be bothering the fish to much. We have had some good reports on bass. No idea where, though I caught one while crappie fishing in 10 feet of water. —– There are still some white bass being caught. We caught ours mostly while crappie fishing, but you could sure see them busting bait on the surface, so I am sure they could be targeted that way as well.—- The catfishing seems to be a bit slow, but we did have some guys in that did ok. No monsters, but they said they caught some.—–Crappies are some work to catch. The best pattern right now seems to be in 10′ of water and about 6′ deep. Caught some on crappie rockets and some on minnows. Trouble is the best bite is right around noon, and that is a darn hot time to be sitting on the lake. Well, no one said it was easy. The water level is at about 613.5. You don’t even want to know the water temp…….my guage showed 93 to 96. The one thing to remember is to really work at caring for your catch if you want quality fish to eat. They will darn near boil in your livewell if you don’t keep it running constantly. We just used a 20# bag of ice in the livewell for ours and they were nice and fresh when we go to shore after 8 hours in the sun. No water, just the ice. Minnows have a tough time as well. Freeze a water bottle and put it in your bucket. Keep another in the cooloer for later. Good luck out there and drink plenty of water to tay hydrated. 3 to 4 bottles per person is not to much for sure.

Update 6/19/09

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Summer is most definitely here. We are in the 90’s with just a touch of that Missouri humidity. The crappie are mostly in their summer pattern now, though you will still find some in near the banks. Not your most likely option though. You will most likely find them 8-12 feet deep. The trick is to find out where. Best bet is on the trees at the edge of the channels. There have been people doing good, and of course others that been having a hard time of it. The best way to catch them though is to get out on the water and work at it. —- They are still catching some white bass on the points and humps on the main lake. —-  We had a couple of ladies in today with a nice limit of largemouth bass. The biggest was 6#. They were prefishing for a tournament so they released them. —- We had a rapid storm move through this afternoon that dumped 5/8″ of rain in about 20 minutes, then was gone. Lake level is at 614.3. It might go up a bit due to this rain, but nothing to worry about.—– The rain should help activate the catfish again to. Should be a great weekend to fish.—-We added a couple of new links to the Links page. One is for a guide that fishes the lake. He trolls pretty much exclusively. His service is called Fish’n Podna. His name is Ray Kiel. Give him a try if you want to try something new.— The other new link is for a travel site we are associated with.

Update 6/12/09

Friday, June 12th, 2009

It’s been an interesting week. We had rain on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The lake level is up to 611.75 and it looks like it will settle at just a little above that. The rain was fairly evenly spread around the area so I doubt one area will be muddier than the others. We have seen some kind of algae bloom in South Fork which tends to put the fish off. According to the comments in the last post the north side of the lake arms is the place to go for crappie. Bass too, from what I’ve heard. In talking with the guys at the State Park there are people bringing crappie in as they had most of a barrel full to dump, and they dump daily, so thats a good sign. We are looking at some great weather in the coming week, so that should help the crappie settle into a decent summer pattern. I wouldn’t hesitate to move in and try the banks though if you find yourself going past a good looking spot. Look for brush in 4-6 feet of water, or even an area covered with flotsam. All reports still say the fish are quite scattered. 30 foot water to 3 foot water. Try it all. I think the best bet right now is to try the trees. Drop to the bottom and slowly come up until you get bit. Then fish that depth no matter how deep the water is. —-We are still hearing of some white bass coming in so don’t be afraid to salvage the day with some of that action. Throw something shiny and/or white to tie into some of those hard fighters.—- Catfish should do good over the next few days with the new water coming into the lake. We had a 36# flathead come in on Thursday.

Update 6/4/09

Friday, June 5th, 2009

We did manage to get a bit more rain this week, but most of it was concentrated on the north end of the drainage so it appears like it didn’t affect the lake level much at all. Right now we are at 612.3 with water temps in the mid 70’s. Water clarity improves every day and I wish there was a good way for me to report what it is, but it varies so much around the lake that there is no way I can give you good answers to the clarity question on a regular basis. The best is if you all would put your comments in as to what you see when you are out on the water. Sadly, most of you actually get to fish more than I do. I do talk with Odie when he goes out, but that only covers one area of the lake. —There are still some nice cats coming in and I don’t expect that to change for a while yet. Odie even caught a 20# flathead while crappie fishing on Tuesday. That one was on a minnow. — There are some limits of crappie coming in, but you definitely will earn them. Some days one area is hot, and the next it’s dead. They are pretty scattered as some are catching them in 3-5 feet of water on brush, while others are scoring in deeper water on the wood. There are still crappie in the spawning stages and with the full moon coming this weekend it should be a good time to try those shallow areas again. — They are also still catching white bass around the islands.

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