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Update 7/31/09

Friday, July 31st, 2009

WOW!!! We made it past the flood dates of last year. The lake level at just over 606.6′. The catfishing seems to be kind of slow right now. I have heard of a few taken, but nothing outstanding. A lot of the smaller flatheads still have eggs in them. They should  be about ready to start up again here pretty soon. —We have heard of a lot  better crappie fishing this week. There seem to be a lot that are catching limits. Odie had a limit in an hour on Wednesday and if you know Odie you know they weren’t shorts. The Shack tournament is this weekend. They are expecting about 100 boats for it so we’ll hear some good fishing reports from that I’m sure. The crappie are still pretty scattered but a good place to start is on the bluffs wherever the river channel comes close. They are also catching some on the flats, anywhere from 7 to 20 feet of water and about 6 feet deep. Yellow, red, and chartreuse seem to be the go to colors right now.— They are catching bass right along with the crappie it seems as we are hearing more and more crappie fishermen tell us of the nice bass they caught.—–Thank you to all of you who take the time to read these reports and especially to those of you who take the time to put in comments of your own.

Update 7/25/09

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

The lake level is just over 606.5 with water temps in the low 80’s. They are not drawing much water now as the level is where it should be for normal pool. The fishing has been rather sporadic. I’m not sure they know how to handle the still water as it has been anything but for the past 16 months or so. We are still talking with fishermen that get a limit in a few hours fishing while others fish all day and end up with a few fish. Obviously they are there and will bite. I just talked with a guy that was out last weekend and caught zip all weekend until Sunday afternoon and then caught fish steady after that. You just have to be persistent. I have heard the weirdest stuff this past week…..crappies in 2 feet of water, males with red tails, you just never know where you will get on them. I even heard of flatheads with eggs in them yet. The weirdness of Mark Twain I guess. I have not heard of anyone catching fish on the bridges yet, which would be a pretty normal pattern for this time of the year. I don’t know that they aren’t there, just have not heard it yet. I guess the changing weather we have experienced this month has a lot to do with the way the fish are biting. 90 one day, and 70 the next…who knows. One thing you can bank on though, if you stay home you for sure won’t catch fish, nor will you get to enjoy this fantastic lake. Come out and enjoy the balmy July weather.

Kids Fishing Rodeo

Friday, July 17th, 2009

On Saturday, July 25th there will be a kids Fishing Rodeo here at the resort. It is being sponsored by Eastern Missouri Crappie Club. It is open to kids 15 and under. Bring your fishing pole and an adult. Come out and meet Conservation Agents, Water Patrol, and the Army Corp of Engineers who will be here to talk about Mark Twain Lake, Water Safety, and safe boating.

Where: South Fork Resort

When: July 25

Time: noon till 3 pm

lunch and drinks will be provided by Eastern Missouri Crappie club

Update 7/17/09

Friday, July 17th, 2009

It feels more like fall weather here this week. Temps in the upper 70’s and lower 80’s. Great weather to be out fishing in. The lake level is just over 607. It looks low, but we are still about a foot over normal pool. The water is pretty clear for this lake with visibility of more than 12″, closer to 18″. Water temps in the upper 70’s. Quite the cool down from a few weeks ago.

Crappie—- The bite is normal summer stuff with the best bite right now being early morning. The past couple of days we had some guys come in with a limit after only an hour or 2 of fishing. Off the water by 8 am. Nothing wrong with that. The methods are as varied as the fishermen right now. Success has come from slow trollers as well as those who fish each spot hard and maybe only hit 4 or 5 spots. Of course, the ones who constantly move from tree to tree have been successful as well. It just depends on what suits you right now. If you are going to park on a few spots you better know there are fish on them though, and this comes from past experience. They still seem to be holding in the 8-12 foot depth of water column so if you are trolling you will have to figure out the right weight and speed to maintain that. It’s pretty tempting to set up a bottom bouncer with a leader off the back and either a lip hooked minnow or a small plug or jig. That way it would be easy to hold a constant depth. Don’t hesitate to add one of the many crappie nibbles to the mix. They really do go for those. Maybe I just think that because they bite harder and I can actually detect a bite that way.

Catfish— not much action this week. We had some nice flatheads and blues last weekend, but it’s been pretty quiet since then. Everyone seems to think they are still mostly in the holes and on the nests. It will get better. Looks like they must come off to feed, then go right back on for now.

Bass— Still seeing some white bass chasing shad when you can find them. Main lake points and around the islands is your best bet for these. There is a good chance of finding a lot of other species on these points as well.

Update 7/10/09

Friday, July 10th, 2009

The lake level is about 609. We really haven’t had any rain since last Sunday so the water should be clearing up some. I have heard some good reports on bass. If you read the comments from last post you can even see what some of the guys are using to catch them. We appreciate the input. The crappie fishing has been fair to good, depending on when, where, and how you go about fishing them. The one thing that continues to be a common thread is that you really have to move around. 1 or 2 fish per tree has been the story all year and it continues that way now. The depth they are hanging out in is 8-12 feet. The water depth can vary from 9-50, but they are usually holding at that same 8-12 feet down. As you can see in the pictures Odie did pretty good on Tuesday catching limits for him and his brother in law. We had a 48# flathead come in this week as well, so obviously they are out of their holes and moving about again. Trolling the main lake points will bring you an assortment of fish, crappie, bass, white bass, and catfish. You never know what you will be hauling in. try it, it is an exciting way to fish when you get on them.

Update 7/4/09

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Happy Independence Day to all!! We got about 1/2″ of rain overnight so the catfish should be on today. The lake level is just over 610.5. I am not sure what the target level is right now, but I would guess they won’t draw a lot more. I haven’t heard of anyone finding ripe blackberries yet either. Soon I would think. The bass bite has been pretty good with reports of 6 and 7 pounders being caught by multiple people. Crappie are typical summer pattern with people catching them on the trees between the bluffs and the channel, and trees near any of the other channels also. They are mostly in the 8-12 foot deep level, but sometimes up higher. If you see the shad busting the surface throw a white or shiny lure out for a chance at the white bass below them. We also had a nice walleye come in today. It was caught while trolling for white bass on main lake points. The same guys also have been doing pretty good on white bass.

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