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Update 8/27/09

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

The lake level is back down to 608.5. It appears like they are dropping it slowly this time.  We missed out on all the rain in the area so far.  If you read the comments from the last post you will see the bass are biting on minnows in the timber. The crappie are still in the same summer haunts but you’ll have to work for them a bit harder over the next 4 or 5 days. We have a cold front coming in this weekend so that will move the fish around some. Time to search again. No word on any catfish through the week this week, but we did have some come in last weekend. We even heard of a few flatheads coming in. No pictures of them, but reliable sources. Have a great week. Enjoy the fantastic fall weather we are having. Oh yeah, it’s still AUGUST!!!

Update 8/20/09

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Lots of rain this week so the lake level is rising. It is a bit over 609 now and still rising.  I would expect it to crest about 610. Of course that means the catfish are biting wherever you can find water flowing into the lake. Had a guy in this morning that had his limit of channels all around 6# and he was off the water by 10 am. Use shad or crawlers.——-The crappie have been doing real good this week also. Limits or close to it of some real nice fish. Fish the tree’s on the channels, especially where it comes close to shore. Jig color didn’t seem to matter to much, but I would start with chartreuse and something dark. Nibbles of course. Minnows were working just as well.—– The bass should be up on the newly submerged grass where you can find it.

Update 8/14/09

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Please be careful out there. We had a drowning this past week on the lake. Could it have been prevented? Of course it could have. But most of us would have been doing the same thing. The gentleman was throwing a cast net and got entangled in it and went overboard. Our deepest condolences to his family and friends. It should wake us all up to what can happen at any time. —-It has been a pretty tough week for fishing it seems. The crappie didn’t cooperate much at all, though there were some caught. Just not any numbers of them. They are still scattered about in all depths of water. I have heard of some nice ones coming off the bridge piers finally.—-Catfish are pretty slow right now.—- The best bite seems to be the early morning bite, sun up until 9 or so.——On another note, the Eastern Missouri Crappie Club is holding their Adult/Youth tournament next weekend, August 22. The Friday night meeting and the weigh in will be held here at the resort. Come and enjoy!! Call if you need any information on it as you can still get into the tournament if you want.

Update 8/7/09

Friday, August 7th, 2009

It has been a real good week of fishing. More and more it seems to coincide with the  moon phase. If you read the comments from last weeks report you can see the fishing was good. We weighed a 38.5# flathead in on Thursday so that’s a good sign that maybe they are finally coming off the nests, or they are matching up with the moon phase as well, who knows. Other than that one I have not heard of much in the way of catfish this week. According to reports there have been a lot of white bass in the barrels at the cleaning station at 107 also. I can’t say where they are coming in from, but I would assume they are coming from around the island straight east of Florida, or off of main lake points. Fishing them is a constant…use something white and flashy, toss it out and reel it in. If they are busting the surface reel it in right away, otherwise let it sink first. —–The crappie are pretty much the same as they have been. You can find them up next to the bank at times, but mostly they are in 8-20 feet of water, 6-12 feet down. Stay close the the river channel where it comes close to the bank. There seem to be a lot of smaller fish being caught along with the nicer ones, but that for sure is not a bad thing to see. Those are the ones we can enjoy next season. The lake level is at 605.6.

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