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Update 9/30/09

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

For some reason the Corp site has not updated lake levels since Saturday so I am not sure what the level is at this time. I would guess right about 607.—-The crappie are definitely biting. All you have to do is find them. I know some people caught limits today. You can see the picture of the one brought in yesterday. That was a heck of a crappie. The fish still seem to be pretty scattered with water depths all over the place and fishing down about 15 feet seems to be the ticket. That seems to change pretty regularly so you really have to adjust up and down until you find the active fish. All the ones we heard about this week were caught on minnows, but I am sure the jig fishermen are catching some as well. Stick with chartreuse.——Catfish has actually picked up this week. We weighed in a 26# blue this week and the same group had 2 others that were about 7# and 10#. I have been hearing about some darn nice ones being caught on rod and reel as well. Shad is still the bait of choice there I think.—- The only bass I know about is one that a heron caught in our pond, though I did hear the white bass are still hitting at times around the island when the wind is right.

Update 9/25/09

Friday, September 25th, 2009

We got 4 inches of rain this week. Right now the level is just short of 606, but is still on the rise. The inflows are already backing off so I don’t think it will go up to much over 607. —-Crappie fishing has been sporadic. They have been really scattered with reports of 3 feet of water all the way to 30 feet of water. More and more I am hearing to tight line right to the bottom and then just bring it up a foot at a time, but most of the bites are coming at a foot or 2 off the bottom. Chartreuse is still the color of choice.—–Channel cats should be on for the next few days as this influx of water will turn that bite on. The standard baits will still work for them. Very little activity noted for flatheads and blues. They simply have to turn on sooner or later as cool weather approaches. There are great schools of shad about the lake so I would try that as a bait 1st for any of the catfish. In fact I would try that as a bait for pretty much any fish right now, including bass. Winter is coming, so let’s get out and enjoy these pleasant days that we have left.

Update 9/17/09

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

The Bud Light Buddy tournement is this weekend. So far it looks like about 200 boats will be plying the water for that monster bass. I wish I could help with some suggestions for fishing it but everyone is pretty tight lipped this week.The weigh-in’s will be held at BlackJack Marina. —-Crappie have been doing ok. some have had great success, while others struggle. Pretty much the same old story..if you find them you can limit out in no time. Concentrate on the tree line at the edge of the channels. Fish anywhere from 10′ to 14′ down. It doesn’t matter much how deep the water is at those spots. Minnows and nibbles or chartreuse jigs and nibbles seem to be the ticket. Add a minnow to that jig and it works even better.—- There have been a few catfish come in, but no real monsters. We did weigh in a 17# flathead this week. Thats bound to improve here pretty soon.


Friday, September 11th, 2009

Just a quick note…..On Saturday, September 12 (this Saturday) there will be a 25th anniversary celebration up at the dam. It starts at 11 and runs until 3. You can call us or the Corp office if you want more information.

Update 9/11/09

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Sorry for missing the report last week. The fishing has picked up this week…at least as far as the crappies. They are being caught pretty much in the same pattern. Set your depth at about 12′ and fish the outer edges of the tree line. You might be in 14 foot of water, or 40 foot of water. Just keep moving as you won’t find many pockets with a bunch of fish in them. Limits can be caught, but you are definitely going to have to work for them. We are still seeing fish in excess of 1# coming in and the occasional 2+ pounder as well. If you are using jigs I would start with anything and chartreuse…red, blue, black. Make sure to tip it with a nibble of some sort. Or a minnow! —— Catfish have been pretty tough all summer. We had a few blues come in this week, all in the 10-12# range. —– The bass fishing has been hit or miss. We talked with someone yesterday that hit them real good, catching about 50 bass. Most of them were shorts, but that is still a fun day of fishing. Rumor has it they have been scoring on some white bass just before sunset as well. Go to the usual haunts for them…islands, main lake points, etc.—-The lake level is at 605.4. They are generating most days so thats why we are seeing the level drop about 3″ on some days. They don’t have a target level in mind, just answering the power demand. It looks like we are set for a great weekend weatherwise, but we have all seen how that goes…look at last weekend. May as well enjoy it!

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