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Update 10/30/09

Friday, October 30th, 2009

We had another fine week of weather here. It has been raining and blowing pretty steady all week. There were a couple of groups out fishing and they actually managed to catch some decent fish. Supposedly the rain is going to leave us alone this weekend and it should be pretty nice out. Not exactly what the duck hunters want to hear, but good for the rest of us. The lake level is at almost 619 and rising. It will likely top out a bit over 620 or maybe 621. The water temp at the dam is 56. I don’t really have any new fishing news as there were so few people out. The deer are starting to move about. We have a group in now that got 4 today. Pictures will be posted. We are seeing some flocks of geese starting to show up as well.


Sunday, October 25th, 2009

On Saturday, November 7 we will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary here at the resort. We will be hosting our 2nd annual party to go along with it. There will be a chili cook-off, food, bonfire, and other things going on. Call the resort for details. Along with this we will be doing 1/2 price on off-season rates for Friday and Saturday night. We had a great time last year. Come join us. Please RSVP so we can have an idea how many to expect.

Springfield Crappie Club

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

The club just finished their fall tournament here at Mark Twain. This was a 2 day tournament. Following are the results.—–1st place- Dan, Danny Runkel, 12 fish, 9.42#—-2nd place- Bob Sarko, Bob Schwitek, 14 fish, 9.3#—-3rd place- Bob Doty, Rich Clifton, 8 fish, 5.56#. Big fish went to Brad Ruyle and Jim Tintori with a 1.42# fish.—– The guys had some pretty tough conditions after all the rain, but the weather while they were here wasn’t to bad. All in all it seemed like they had a good time.

Update 10/25/09

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Mostly it was a pretty tough week to fish around here again this week, but we did manage to have a couple of days in there that were pretty decent. We got 1.5″ of rain here on Thursday, but north of us got hit with a lot more than that so of course the lake level jumped pretty good again. We are a bit over 615 now and still rising. To bad because on Wednesday the crappie bite was on. If you’ll look in the picture section you will see a darn nice limit caught by a couple of guys pre-fishing for a tournament this weekend. They were fishing about 12 feet down using jigs for these. There were other limits caught as well. Seems once they got on them they had about a 2 hour bite around noon and then it was slow again. Persistence!!! I will post the tournament results later. I have to say too, the crappies are definitely fattening up nicely from the ones I have seen come through. —–Catfishing seems to be picking up some. Mostly blues coming in and plenty of channels, but we did weigh in a nice flathead this morning. They caught it on a goldfish.—- We haven’t heard anything else as far as bass or anything so I can’t say how that’s going right now.

Update 10/16/09

Friday, October 16th, 2009

I’m afraid there isn’t much of an update this week as there have simply not been a lot of people out fishing. You can thank the weather for that as it hasn’t been a very nice week around here. Rain, cold…. winter type stuff. Good weather for ducks. The lake level is a bit over 612.5 and rising slowly. I don’t expect it to go much higher unless we get hit with more rain. As the water cools down the crappie should start heading back into the arms chasing shad. I would expect to find bass there as well. They should be getting the feed bag on as they bulk up for winter. When you locate them the bite should be good. We know they will start, it’s just a matter of exactly when, and I can’t predict that as this weather changes to often. If we get into a steady weather pattern…look out!

Update 10/9/09

Friday, October 9th, 2009

It has been a pretty rough week for fishing over here. Started with a lot of wind early and finished with a lot of rain late. It is still raining now. We got about 3.5″ since yesterday so naturally the lake is rising. As of right now it is at 610 and rising. Likely end up about 612 or so if the rain stop’s like it is supposed to. This will make for some pretty stained water over the next few days. —- The crappie are biting when you find them, but they are still out pretty deep. Look for them in about 20 feet of water and try 12 feet deep, then move down until you start getting bit. Minnows and nibbles or power bait are still the ticket. If someone is doing well on jigs drop a note here so we can add that info. —-Catfish should be pretty hot over the next few days with all the water flowing in. It sure has been an off year for big cats, but hopefully that will change over the next month or 2 as they fatten up for the winter.—–No word on bass, but it seems like it should be a good time to fish the points with shad type lures. We are getting to the time of year when all the fish are going to start fattening up for the winter.—-Hunting has been pretty slow around here, but if you look in our pictures you will see one real nice buck taken already. The squirrel hunting is also here for the taking if you want just a nice walk in the woods. A great way to scout as well.

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