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Update 11/27/09

Friday, November 27th, 2009

The duck and goose hunters are having a blast. We have been sitting out deer hunting the past few mornings and it sounds like WW3 going on. They are getting several hours of shooting in the morning and then some more in the afternoon. The deer on the other hand seem to be locked up somewhere. It has been pretty tough finding them. We did have a guy in early in the week who went out fishing and came back with 30 crappie. I believe he was fishing a pond, not the big lake.

Update 11/20/09

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Are you all as tired of the rain as I am? We got another 2.5″ this past week. We got about 9.5″ of rain in October. The lake level a bit over 625 and slowly rising. It should top out about 626 and right now there is no rain in the near future by the looks of it. The crappie fishing was picking up before this last rain hit so hopefully it will improve again once we get some steady weather. We are going into the last weekend of antlered deer hunting and with the area drying out some it should be some better than last weekend and this past week. At least it will be better attended. It seems like there is more poaching going on that I remember from last year. Be warned, the law is out and the chance of getting caught is pretty good. Besides being just plain wrong, the penalties are stiff enough to make it a bad plan. There are a lot of does around that need culled, so if you are after the meat just stop and ask a few of the farmers in the area and there is a good chance you will find one that is glad to have you take some out of the herd. Be courteous and act responsible and you may have a place for years to come. —-Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!!

Update 11/05/09

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Boy was I wrong. I figured about 621 on the lake level, but it topped out at 624.5 instead. As a result of the rapid rise some of the smaller ramps are closed. the Corp ramps are open, but the docks are pulled for now. the State Park ramps are open and those docks are still in place. Crappie fishing has been pretty spotty this week. Gonna have to start over in locating them now. They have been doing good on the blue cats using cutbait and goldfish. —-According to the weather report we should be in for a great weekend. 70 degree’s in November is always welcome for the fishing, though the hunters would rather not see it.—We have heard of a lot of ducks taken last weekend! Don’t forget our 2nd anniversary party this weekend. Mary and Conda have been doing lots of painting to spruce the place up.

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