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Update 1/25/10

Monday, January 25th, 2010

First let’s dispel the rumor about the Corp dropping the lake level. The plan is to drop the level in the re-reg pool in order to do some repairs on the re-reg damn.—- The Christmas tree drop is planned for either March 20 or March 27. If you plan to help please let me know so I can have a plan together on how many trees we can get in the water. If you can bring a boat, great….if not that’s great to because we need as many people on shore bundling the trees as we need boats to get them out on the water.—- There was a question from John Wirth a while back that asked about fishermen putting out trees or whatever for fish cover that I neglected to answer. You can put them out as long as you get permission from the Corp. You will need to let them know what it is you are putting out and where. They will then tell you if it’s ok, or what part of the equation isn’t ok. They are pretty careful about having trees put out in the traffic lanes as they don’t want a bunch of people losing lower units to unseen obstacles. We all know there are plenty of those out there the way it is.

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