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Update 5/29/10

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

We got a visit today from the Corp of Engineers. He said the most recent test they took showed no e-coli. All the ramps have the courtesy docks back  in place  with the exception of Ray Behrens.—– The catfish have really been tearing it up lately with a lot of very nice flatheads starting to come in. They are catching a lot of channel cats as well.—– Crappie are starting into their summer pattern. Fish the trees in about 20′ of water and start at 8′ down. Move up and down until you find the right depth. You can still find some of them in shallow as they try to finish their spawning. I would also hit some of the riprap.  —- Rumor has it you can find white bass out at the island. Later in the day is a good time to try for them. Throw something white and flashy to temp them.  The weather so far is fantastic this weekend. Come and enjoy the water.

Courtesy Docks

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Quick update on the courtesy docks around the lake, they are scheduled to be put back in sometime tomorrow.

Record channel cat

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Go figure. According to the head state biologist, the catfish that was certified by 3 other state biologists and weighed in on a registered scale at a State Fish Hatchery is not really a channel cat at all. It is (according to him) really a blue cat. He is basing this on counting the anal fins on the picture of the fish on our website. According to everything I have found a channel cat has 24 to 29 rays while a blue has 30 to 35 rays. I have counted those rays several times in a magnified version of that picture and always come up with 27 rays. Add to that the rounded tail fins on this fish versus the pointed ones on a blue cat make it pretty obvious to most that this fish is really a channel cat. At any rate, this fish will not  be certified as the new state record alternative method channel cat. Makes one wonder why we are paying all those biologists when one person looking at a picture on the internet can override their observations. I suppose after swimming in my pond for a while it will turn into a channel cat like it was intended to be. Well Andy, it was, and still is a darn nice channel cat in my opinion.

Update 5/20/10

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Lake level is at 624.8 and holding steady. Hopefully we miss the rain and and it doesn’t continue to climb. The main ramps are open, but most of the courtesy docks are out. Water temp is still in the mid sixties in the morning. We need some sun to warm things up around here. It looks like we will get plenty of that over the next 5 days. That should really help the fishing. —-The crappie bite is tough, but there are some being caught. Odie caught most of his shallow, but don’t be afraid to try out in the trees if you can’t find them shallow. —–The catfishing is doing good with all the inflow. Just find where the water is coming into the lake and drop a crawler in. We have seen some nice cats come in this week.—— The white bass are hitting good around the island and other spots. Throw something white and shiny for them. A Little Cleo or a roadrunner works real well for them.—- We are already taking calls from people asking if the lake is closed……We are a long way from that. Come and enjoy the weather this weekend.

Update 5/13/10

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

The courtesy docks are still in place at the South Fork ramp and at the ramp at 107. I can’t verify the rest, but if those 2 are in most likely the rest are also. Only exception could be Route U, which generally gets pulled 1st. They should be good for another few feet of level yet. Level right now is 620.5 and will go some higher. There are still crappie biting if you can find them. I saw a mix of males and females at the cleaning station. I would try the newly submerged brush later in the day when the sun(on the rare occasion we actually see it) has a chance to warm the water. Other than that hit the trees and vary your depth until you find the sweet spot of the day. Just move straight out from where you fish the spawn and you should find some fish. —- We haven’t seen a lot of fish this week due to the nice conditions. Not so many people on the water. From what I have seen they do like to bite during rising water though. Tomorrow and Saturday are supposed to be pretty decent as far as weather so it would be a good time to wet a line.

Update 5/7/10

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Lake level is 616.75 and dropping. They are dropping it about 7″ a day in hopes of getting it to a point where they can keep it steady for the shad spawn, which follows the crappie spawn. With more rain  in the immediate forecast it is always a juggling act to keep it where it needs to be. Water temps are running from the upper 50’s pushing 70 in the afternoon. —-Catfish have been doing pretty good. We are seeing lots of channels with some flatheads and blues coming in also. We weighed in a 53# flathead today along with a 32# blue cat. They do like the moving water.—– No reports of any white bass recently, but that could just mean no one stopped here with any. —- Crappie are kind of tough right now, but you know they don’t quit eating just because the lake isn’t acting right. Best advice I can give is to start at the nearest tree line between the channel and the bank and move around until you find them. They might be 15′ down in 20-30′ of water or 5-8′ down in 10-15′ of water. As the water warms in the afternoon they should start to come up higher in the water column and move closer to shore. Read the comments in the other posts for more detail from some of the guys out working them. Jigs and minnows or nibbles, or minnows under a slip float should get you some action. You will most likely find them deep in the brush, so count on  losing some tackle. I guess if we only want to fish when they jump in the boat we would need to head over to the river and find some of those Asian carp.

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