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Update 6/30/10

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Lake level is at 623.5 and starting to come down. Water clarity is actually quite good with visibility of about 2′. All of the main ramps are open with courtesy docks in place. Some of the dirt ramps may still be closed. I don’t see much possibility of the beaches being opened for the weekend as the water is just to high.—–The crappie bite has been pretty good that past couple of weeks. Not easy, but good. Look at the link on our website and plan to be on the water when the Corp is NOT drawing water. Fish the tree’s, rock bluffs, bridges…all the normal summer haunts. Start about 8′ down and adjust as needed to hit the sweet spot. Minnows are pretty critical right now as the shad are definitely the main course. We are seeing a lot of frustrated jig fishermen so if you insist in using a jig at least tip it with something….a nibble, a minnow…..etc.—— Keep that extra rod rigged for white bass and toss it out whenever you see a bunch of shad busting the surface. Remember….white and/or shiny is the key for them.—– Not much info on catfish this week as we just have not seen a lot of folks come through that were fishing for them. Could be the flatheads are starting to get on their nests.—– Enjoy the lake this holiday weekend, but be careful. There will be a lot of people out doing the same, and they aren’t all as careful as we would like them to be.

Update 6/24/10

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

The main ramps are now open again so we are NOT limited to the high water ramps. That is certainly good news for us all. Lake level is 624. They are holding the level right now until the Mississippi River crest passes through. Supposedly later today they will start pulling water again. Right now they are hoping to have it low enough to get the beaches open for the holiday weekend, but that is anything but certain.—–Crappie fishing is actually good right now. Mary has pictures of 4 limits and they were off the water by noon on Wednesday. Nice fish from what I hear. (I am on the road so haven’t seen them) Typical summer pattern. Hit the tree’s!!! Get your bait right next to it. For most of us that means dropping a jig down I think, or cast past with your bobber and pull it back to the tree. Also fish the bluffs, especially if there are trees at the edge of the channel up next to the bluff. You will have to work for them though…keep on the move as it takes a lot of trees to limit out.—-When you see the shad busting the surface flip a white shiny rig out for some white bass. Just have a 2nd rod rigged and ready to go.—–As of last weekend the cats were still doing good as you can see by the pictures. The flatheads should start nesting soon I would think, but they were still moving about last weekend. —–Enjoy the sunshine, and remember…this is the weather we were wishing for last winter when we were freezing our tails.


Friday, June 18th, 2010

Someone left a set of keys at the ramp at SouthFork a while back. The keys are here at the resort. If someone would like to come and claim them we would be more than happy to turn them over. The only thing I can say for sure is the boat key is for a Merc motor.

Update 6/18/10

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Water level is at 626.7 and it looks like it is on its way down. As far as the ramps, the high water ramps are open and most of them have a courtesy dock in place.  South Fork ramp is open, but no dock in place. The ramp at 107 is closed, but the cleaning station is still open. I will check the ones on this end of the lake later today to verify that all this is still true.—– Crappie are biting. We caught them about 8-9 feet down. Typical summer pattern fishing….try the rock bluffs, deep water tree’s, bridges…..all the normal stuff. Just remember, most of the bluffs don’t look familiar as they are under water. they are still there.—— There were some decent bass brought in at a bass club on Wednesday. —-Cat fishing is still looking pretty good, but if you use limb lines, or trot lines make sure to take into account how much the water level is likely to change during the time you aren’t there to watch them.—- Take care on the water as there is a lot of floating wood, some of it submerged.

Update 6/10/10

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Water level is currently at 623.5. I wouldn’t think it will go much over 624 based on the inflow we are seeing right now. That will of course change if we get more rain. Water temp was in the upper 70’s to low 80’s last weekend and I doubt it has changed much this week as the rain will likely have cooled it down enough to make up for the sun. Catfishing continues to be good. If you look at the pictures you will see that some very nice ones came through this past weekend. Shallow water looks like the ticket right now.—— Crappie fishing has been challenging. They are scattered all over it seems. You might find some in shallow, but the best bet seems to be out in 20 feet of water or more. Try 8-10 feet deep , but don’t be afraid to adjust up or down until you find the right depth. You’ll know when you have it right… should actually feel a fish on the end of the line.  I would start with black/chartreuse if you are using jigs. A good way to find the right depth with a jig is to go the bottom and just come up in increments of about 6″ until you get bit. Crappie nibbles still seem to be the deciding factor on most days so don’t leave home without them.—– There was a question on the last post about the bass spawn but I must say I have no idea as bass fishermen are notorious for being silent. I will try to get an answer from the biologist and post it here.——-Water clarity is naturally pretty stained right now. The water up towards the dam will be less stained than this end for now.

Update 6/4/10

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Water level is at 621 and holding right now. Water temp is about 83. Crappie fishing seems to have picked up in the later part of the week, possibly helped by the Corp slowing down on drawing water. They had been drawing at the rate of about 9000 cfs and on Tuesday slowed that down to about 1000 cfs. Fish the points now and you will definitely catch a mixed bag, with crappie, catfish, and bass being in those areas. There are still some nice fish in shallow that can be caught ( I caught one on Tuesday) but that is not going to be the high odds spot. It won’t be long and they will be at their summer haunts on the bluffs and trees in deeper water. I enjoy my best fishing (and catching) during the summer. —- The catfishing has been extremely good the past couple of weeks with plenty of nice flatheads and blues coming in. Jugs and trotlines are the  most consistent method.—–On another matter, please lets keep our comments centered on the lake and fishing. Nuff said

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