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Update 7/28/10

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Lake level is at 628.25 and on the way down again. It looks like it is dropping about 6″ per day, dependent, of course on the amount of rainfall we get each day. We should be on regular ramps by next weekend I would guess. Not this one, but next one.—– Has been a hot humid week around here, but I gotta say, the fish don’t care to much. Odie and I went out and had a great time on Monday, catching fish all day long. Well, at least until the rain chased us off the water. We caught fish on trees anywhere from 3′ down to 14 feet down. Also on the bridge piers. There is no doubt you will have sort through a lot of smaller fish to get a limit of keepers, but it can be done. It looks like we had another hatch of shad as we saw a lot of shad about 1.5″ long busting the surface. Minnows is definitely what they want to eat right now. Trouble is, you can hardly have enough in the boat as they will just eat them as fast as you throw them in the water. Fun stuff, and just think what the fishing will be like this fall and into next year with all those smaller fish growing.——Per some of the other posts you should be able to find some white bass late in the day. Fish the islands and points.—— Have no report on cats this week.—— The trick to tackling the ramps is to get out early and time getting off to stay away from the rush periods. If you get hit with a downpour you are just plain screwed as you will end up waiting. Be courteous, even though that is a challenge when you are stuck on the water while someone dallies around. It only makes matters worse to blow up, and your blood pressure won’t like it either. Sometimes it is fun to just sit back and enjoy the show.

Update 7/21/10

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Right now the lake is at 625 and rising. The water is not really that dirty as the level was already up pretty high so it didn’t pull so much mud into it. It looks like the North Fork will be the dirtiest as that is the one that had the most inflow. The ones I talked with that went out fishing today still had a pretty good day. They didn’t keep limits, but catches of 70 fish still is not a bad day. The are so scattered about the water column and lake depths that I doubt it will make a drastic change. It may not be quite as easy as it has been the past few weeks but we all knew that wasn’t going to last forever. The Chigger Hill tournament had a good turn out and the winning weight was right about 18# for 15 fish. Big fish was 2# 14 oz. Not a thing wrong with a day like that. My guess is we will be using the high water ramps for a few days again. We will post as we hear about any news on ramps. Remember, the Shack tournament is this weekend. Call the resort if you need info on that.  I sure would not cancel any trip plans due to water level as I believe the fishing will be good throughout this high water incident…….in case you didn’t notice, I don’t get nearly as excited about this high water any more as we have witnessed it pretty consistently over the time we have owned the resort. It doesn’t seem to hurt the fishing and may even make it better. I think it is one of the reasons we have had good spawns the past 3 years as evidenced by all the smaller crappie we are catching and also by all the shad we are seeing. There are plenty of things to worry about in life without worrying about something we can’t control anyway. Might as well go with the flow. (no pun intended)

Update 7/14/10

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Lake level is at 621.2 and dropping at this time. The water is more clear than I have ever seen it. You can see several feet down. Water temps are in the upper 80’s. As far as I know all beaches are still closed due to high water. —–The crappie are definitely on the feed. Catching a limit of 9″ plus keepers is pretty much the rule here lately. However you will likely have to weed through 100 plus smaller ones to accomplish that. Talk about going through some minnows. Went out the other day and 2 of us easily went through 10 dozen. And ran out! The fish are scattered up and down the water column. We caught them from 2 feet down to 12 feet in water depths from 15 feet to 30 feet. If you aren’t catching something rather quickly keep changing it up until you do, as the fish are feeding big time. —– Catfish are also on the prowl. If you look at the pictures you can see the numbers of those coming in right now. Some good flatheads are being caught, along with a lot of blues and fair numbers of channels. Quite a few people are catching channels while crappie fishing. —-Even the walleye are getting into the act. We keep hearing of crappie fishermen (and women) pulling the occasional walleye in, but look at the picture of the one taken last weekend. WOW! That was not accomplished while crappie fishing though. They work hard at walleye fishing.—- Not much word on white bass or largemouth, though we do keep hearing the largemouth are pretty tough right now.—— If you want numbers of fish, now is a great time to come and give it a try. There are enough big ones to keep everyone happy with plenty of action to keep the youngsters interested. Lots of crappie are still coming in from 13-16″. Makes for a great day on the water.

Update 7/9/10

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Lake level is at 623 and falling. We got about 4″ of rain here at the resort this past week with 3″ of coming Monday overnight. It looks like it came in through all of the different arms with the exception of the Paris branch of Middle Fork. Visibility will be “stained”. That’s almost an automatic on this lake though isn’t it?—–The crappie are definitely biting. Lots of reports of limits being caught, though you will have to weed through a lot of smaller fish to get them. Just talked with a guy that limited out today but they caught upwards of 200 to get a couple of limits. That  is fun stuff. Fish the trees and don’t be afraid to try up high in the water column. 2 to 3 feet down is not out of the question. As always you have to move and try different things to see what they want that day, but keep at it until you find them. They are out there and eager to eat.—–Plenty of catfish being caught as well.  A lot of channel cats and even a few flatheads are showing up again. Find that water flow for the channel cats. —– It looks like we had a darn good shad spawn based on the amount of shad we are seeing on the water. They are busting the surface everywhere. That coupled with the good crappie spawns we have had the past couple of years means we are set up for some great fishing for the next few years. Enjoy the lake while you can. —–My understanding is the e-coli thing is not an issue anymore. At any rate the beach where it was found earlier is still under water anyway. I certainly would not worry about it out on the lake. I will however call the Corp office in the morning and verify that information.

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