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Update 9/29/10

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Lake level is at 618.8 and coming down some. I hear it is a bit muddy, but that’s not abnormal is it. Temp is mid 60’s. The crappie are coming from 2 main places right now. You can still catch them on the bluffs where the main channel comes in close and also on any other deep water structure. Trust your electronics!! It’s amazing how many people won’t trust wht that high dollar piece of equipment tells them. The trick at these deep water locations seems to be getting your offering below the smaller fish and down to where the larger fish are hanging. The other location to start now is getting to the back of the creek channels and working your way back out towards the main lake until you locate fish. This location should become more predominant as we move further into cool weather. Stay on it while you can as the crappie will move back out to the deep water once the water temp drops into the 40’s.——No reports of catfish this week, but I expect that will start to change as the fall bite gets going soon.—– I have seen a fair amount of turkeys during my time in the woods. May have to try and shoot one of those. Also waiting sorta patiently for the deer to find their way to my stand. I have never been much for sitting in a stand so for me the challenge is sitting there all quiet for long stretches of time. It is going to take some getting used to, but i do enjoy the time in the woods so I’ll get used to it or change tactics.—— Looks like we are going to have a fantastic fall weekend here weather-wise. Come and enjoy it while it lasts.

Update 9/22/10

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Lake level is at 619 and still rising a bit. I don’t think it will go up more than a few more inches. As usual when we have rising water levels, the fishing is pretty good. A certain group of 4 has limited out each day so far this week. You have to work for them and you are going to catch a lot of smaller fish in the process, but it is certainly achievable. Use minnows and nibbles. There is more pink stuff going out the door lately so I am guessing that is a hot color in these conditions. Watch your electronics…the fish are deeper than a person would think. Find some standing timber in deep water at the edge of the channels and you should find crappie. Bridge piers are also a good place to try. As the water cools down, and it is in the low 70’s already, the crappie will start their move to the backs of the creek arms again. The same locations they use in the spring are used in the fall and if you catch everything right they will even be that shallow.—- I did hear some good reports on the bass from the tournament last weekend, though I have not heard final numbers.—–Catfishing will only get better as we move into fall. All the moving water should kick start them again.—– I did manage to spend some time deer hunting last weekend…a 1st with my new bow. We had a small buck stand right between us for a while before moving off so that was exciting.——Get out and enjoy whatever is your outdoor passion. We are at the right time and in the right place to have a great fall. —-Mary and I want to thank all of you for your messages of support when my mom passed away. It means a lot to both of us.—–Remember, we will be having our annual anniversary/chili cook off party again in early November. Keep an eye here for more details on that.

Update 9/8/10

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Lake level today is at 609.6. They are drawing pretty much only to generate right now as they ease on down towards 606 (normal pool). I have been hearing the rumor that they are going to drop it down to 598, but according to the Corp office that is simply NOT true. 606 is the goal. ——- The crappie fishing has been kind of tough lately as we had some pretty nasty winds for most of the last weekend and even Yesterday. Today, however was a gorgeous day, and the fish showed it by being much more cooperative. Odie and Jim went out and caught limits of 10″+ fish. Keep an eye on your fish locator and fish where the fish are. That depth can change pretty quick this time of year. I would start out about 12′-14′ but move up and down as needed. —— We had some folks come through with pretty good catfish catches over the weekend. Nothing real big, but a lot of fish of all kinds.——-I also heard of some good white bass catches coming in. Mostly from late fishing on the points and islands.——- As the season progresses here this fall the fishing is only going to get better so plan a trip to come enjoy it.

Update 9/1/10

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Hey, I got here on time this week for the report. Anyway, lake level is at 613 and it looks like the really cut back on pulling water today. Not sure of the significance of that. I think Iowa got hit with a heavy rain again so maybe the river was flowing high again. The crappie are scattered again, and the bite yesterday was off due to the weather that came through. we didn’t get much rain out of it though. Same old story, fish the piers, the trees on the channel especially where it comes close to a bluff, and still reports of some dandy fish coming from shallow water. It won’t be long before the pattern starts to shift to a more fall pattern, but for now stick with what is working for most. We had some dandy crappie come in for pictures this past week as you can see in the pictures. Right now it seems minnows are the hot ticket, though we went through a lot of Crappie Rockets again this past 2 weeks. —— The cats are starting to move again. We had that 45# blue last weekend and Mary said another 40 some pound blue and 48# flathead came in since Tuesday. I will post those pictures on Friday when I get home again. The ones this week came from lines while the one last weekend was on a rod and reel. It looks like they are getting them in the main channels.—-Have a great Labor Day weekend, and remember, it will be crowded on the water so play it safe!!

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