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Update 11/18/10

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Lake level is holding very steady at 603.7. I guess they must have decided they could get the things done that they wanted to do at this level. Sure makes the lake look different. Water temp is in the low 50’s. The crappie fishing is still pretty darn good and should stay that way until it freezes up (if it does). Think spring as far as where to fish. Northern side where the sun hits is definitely one place you want to try. Fish 20-25 feet of water and move up the water column until you find the depth of the day. If you are on them and they quit on a nice sunny day I would move closer to shore as they chase bait in the sun warmed water.—– No more info on catfish as we just haven’t had anyone come through this week that was actually out trying. I bet the blues are still at it though.—- Last weekend for firearms deer is this weekend. It looks to be another decent weekend, though a bit on the windy side. We certainly had some excellent deer come through so far this season. We added a link to our “Links” page called “Feel the Pulse”. This website belongs to a group of guys local to this area who live for hunting. Mathew’s hunt video should be on there soon from when he shot that 14 pointer. I saw the video and it is fantastic. I will post here when they get this particular one posted, but check out some of the other ones. They really shoot a quality video.—- Have a great Thanksgiving!

Update 11/11/10

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Lake level is at 603.7 and they seem to be holding it right there for now. Maybe they decided it was low enough to do what they needed done. Deer hunting starts this weekend so stay safe! If you are going to be anywhere close to the woods for any reason get some orange on!! Good luck to all you hunters!—– Crappie fishing has actually been pretty good. The folks staying here have been getting plenty to keep. Not all 14″ fish mind you, but plenty of 9″+ ones. You have to get pretty far back into the creek arms. —–There have been some nice blues coming in also. I will post the pictures when I get home. Been on the road all week so it will probably be tomorrow before I can get that done. One guy set his lines out and decided to try for crappies for a while. They caught 1 crappie before they noticed one of their lines moving. While they went to get that one another started to move. Crappie fishing went by the wayside as they got 2 very nice blues.—– The deer are pretty much in the rut now and chasing does. If it doesn’t rain the whole weekend it should make for a good hunt. Bring any deer in for a picture and we will get it posted..  Thank you and BE SAFE!!

Update 11/2/10

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Last week had no fishing report because it was to darn windy to fish. Much better so far this week. Lake level is 606.2. It looks like they will try to hold it there for now. The fish are still biting. Head up into the rivers channels and creek arms. If it’s warm and sunny fish the shallow brush, if not start out deeper. This time of year you can find them right in close just like in the spring. With the water level where it is you can find all that brush you want to be on when it is higher again next spring so it’s a great idea to take pictures or mark some of that structure on a map as you go.——As you can see in the pictures section we have had a few decent bucks starting to come in. I know one young man that got a 14 pointer that really looked nice, but I need to get his permission to post the pic first. There must be some ducks in the area as I have been hearing some shooting at first light.—No deer for Travis and I yet.

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