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Update 1/13/11

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

I checked a couple of boat ramps and I can say for sure…you can put your boat onto the water at any of the ramps. Key word there is it will be ON the water and not in it. The lake is pretty well frozen over completely. Not any kind of good ice, but not what you can boat in either. If you want to fish around here right now you will either be drilling a hole in a pond or on the Route j lake, or you can still put in below the dam. Another option is Thomas Hill lake which is usually a pretty good place to go this time of year. I haven’t heard any reports on it though.  Time to go shoot some squirrels and coyotes!! Well, we do have a couple of hunting days left to fill those archery deer tags. Good luck!

Update 1/7/11

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Lake level is at 603.3. Water temp is 37.5. You certainly don’t want to fall into that water. There have been a few brave souls out fishing.  I looked at some ramps last night and 107 is open and clear. SouthFork ramp is open. There looks to be a bit of ice buildup right at the bottom of the ramp, but I don’t think it would stop you from launching a boat. It looks like you could go up into South Fork at least to the bus and maybe a bit further. It looks like you can find some crappie in 30 feet of water about 15-18 feet down. Typical winter fishing….you have to tease them a bit. I would guess minnows, waxies, or just a jig should work. The water is likely as clear as you will ever see it so you may  need to lighten up on the line or use a flourocarbon leader.—- There is still some hunting to do as well. Archery season runs through next Saturday. Small game seasons are open for a while yet as well.—- Sports show season is here. You may as well get out and enjoy them.

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