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Update 3/31/11

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Lake level is at 609.5 and holding pretty steady. I am starting to see turkeys on the move. I saw 11 birds yesterday and even managed to see a gobbler strutting his stuff out in a field. The season just can’t get here soon enough. We are starting to see some of the earliest flowering tree’s with blooms opening up. Another great sign that spring is upon us.

*Crappie*  There are definately people out there catching some nice fish. It is still early so you need to be in 15 feet of water or so. Fish tight to the tree’s and look for the warmer water. Typical of this time of year, the bite will tend to be better in the areas with some good southern exposure. Tight to the tree also seems to be a common theme, so accurate casting will be important, or a long rod and drop a jig down right next to each tree and work it all around them until you figure out which side they are favoring.

*Catfish*  I have heard of a few blues coming off of trot lines or jugs but that’s about it. There were a few people catching channels when we had inflow into the lake. Actually some pretty decent catches, but haven’t heard anything the past 2 weeks. This will only get better as the weather starts to warm up.

*White Bass*  No reports yet, but I would expect to start seeing them up into the creeks very soon.


Friday, March 25th, 2011

We will be doing the tree drop for fish habitat on Sunday rather than Saturday due to adverse weather conditions.  If you have any questions call Mary at the store.  We sure hope to see some of you there.

Update 3/24/2011

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Lake level is at 609.1. The courtesy docks at the Corp ramps should be put in sometime in the next couple of weeks if the weather straightens up.

*** The tree drop scheduled for Saturday is still on as of today. Call before you come to make sure we are still on.

***There are people catching some crappie as you can see in the last report and comments. Fish in 8 to 12 feet of water on the tree’s. It looks like you have to be fishing right near bottom.

***There have been some reports of channel cats biting whenever we get incoming water. Also we have heard about a    few blues being caught on trot lines.

Update 3/16/11

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Lake level is at 608.5 and pretty steady for now. Typical spring clarity, in other words you can’t see much. It isn’t chocolate milk though either. There have been some fishermen out and actually catching crappie. I got to eat my 1st piece of fresh caught and fried crappie of the season last night thanks to Charlie and Rich, who were kind enough to share.  You have to work for them for sure (well, I didn’t), but fish about 8 to 10 feet down. You will have to move in and out depending on sunshine hitting the water and other factors that cause certain areas to heat up 1st such as bottom composition, rocks, etc.—— I have heard of some pretty good catches of channel cats already so after any rain we get I would head for wherever the water is running into the lake.—– On another note, we are scheduled to do the annual tree drop on March 26 and we sure could use some help. There is no better way to know EXACTLY where the structure is than by dropping it into the water and marking it. That’s the benefit of helping. It doesn’t take more than 4 hours or so if we have some help. This year we will have use of the Corp’s big barge, so that will greatly simplify the project.  If you want to help out just call Mary here at the resort to help here at the SouthFork ramp, or call the Corp office if you want to help up on that end of the lake.—– With this nicer weather we are finally seeing things will start popping soon so make sure you get the boat out of storage and do all those spring chores so you are ready to go.

Update 3/10/2011

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Lake level is at 611.7 and dropping.  It seems like the snow goose activity is picking up some. I have seen some come so low over the resort I was tempted to load up the shotgun. —— There were a few brave souls out fishing last weekend but none of them stopped back in with big stringers of fish to brag about. I did hear about a guy catching enough for a meal, which, this time of year is really not bad at all. The only way I am going to get a meal right now is if I take it out of the freezer.  Last year at this time the ice was just going off, so we are in good shape.  If a person was interested in walleyes I think they should be just about ready to go up deep into the creek arms. They are usually not to far behind ice out to start their spawning runs.  The weather looks to be fairly pleasant this weekend so I bet there will be some activity on the water. The crappie will most likely still be out in deeper water suspending over who knows what. Find some edges and try them. If the sun is doing some good you might even find some steep rip rap later in the day as they like that heat. Makes me think the bridges might show some activity as well, right up tight to the concrete. The trick will be a slowwww presentation. Even so slow as to be mistaken for deadsticking. I was just reading about a presentation that sounds pretty interesting for this time of year where you you simply tie a hook on and hook a good size minnow very lightly and kinda lob it out and just let it go on it’s own…no sinkers, not even a swivel. Sounded to me like it would be worth a try. I read it in Heartland Outdoors, so if you want to know more about it check out the latest issue. —-Good luck if you decide to get out there this weekend. Let us know how you did.

Update 3/3/2011

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Lake level is at 613 and starting to come down just a bit. The Corp is running a lot of water out right now as they will soon need to stop releasing so they can do some  major work on the re-reg damn.  We had a lot of snow melt and about 3/4″ of rain which put a lot of water into the lake in a hurry.  There have been some boats on the roads, but I haven’t heard any fish stories yet so I don’t know if maybe some folks are just pulling them out of storage and that’s what I am seeing? I do know the lake is wide open and the ramps are clear. No courtesy docks are in place that I know of. —- The Christmas tree drop is scheduled for March 26 at 9:00 as of now. Of course that is weather dependent. If anyone is willing to help, call and let us know.  We can definitely use the help. —- I have not seen snow geese flying over the resort yet, but I have to think they are in the area as I have seen them everywhere else. —– I don’t  know about all of you, but we are sure ready for things to get hopping!!!

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