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Update 4/28/11

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Lake level is at 610.8 and rising a bit. We have been rather fortunate this go-round as far as rain is concerned with really no measurable rain since last Friday here at the resort. It’s great to see the water just rising nice and slow this time of year so it keeps those eggs covered. Water temp is still in the 56 degree range. We need some nice warm days to really get the spawn started. We have heard of plenty of mushrooms being found. It’s a great time to be out. Turkey hunting is still going on as well.

CRAPPIE: They are really scattered right now with lots of males on the banks building nests and females still hanging out in deeper water. Most people will start in close fishing the flotsam piles and knockdowns and then moving out deeper if needed. Minnows are still the ticket for the most part, but if you use a jig just make sure it has some chartreuse on it.

CATFISH: We have seen a lot of flatheads come in this week. The consistent bait seems to be goldfish.

BASS: The only information we get on bass is that a lot are getting caught very shallow while crappie fishing.  We have seen some nice catches of white bass. Those will be back in the creek channels.

Update 4/20/11

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Lake level is at 608.8 and falling 5-6″ a day. Hopefully the Corp can stop pulling water when the spawn gets to full swing so the eggs aren’t left high and dry. That, of course, is dependent on the weather. There have been a few mushrooms starting to show up, but I think we need a bit of warm weather to really get them  popping. I even found a couple, which is unusal in itself. The cold wet weather has really slowed down the turkey hunting. We have had a couple come through the past couple of days, but that’s not many.

CRAPPIE: The bite has been pretty good the past couple of weeks and getting  better by the day. The males are still in close to shore building nests for the most part. When you find them in close like that it doesn’t matter much what you put in front of them as they aren’t biting because their hungry, but rather to defend the nest. There is an occasional female being caught mixed in with the males, but not a lot yet. If this cold weather keeps up even the males will tend to move out to deeper water. A minnow on the hook still seems to get more bites for some reason. Water temp is hanging in the mid to upper 50’s. We just need a few warm days to really heat it up. It doesn’t get much better than this fishing-wise though as it isn’t to difficult to catch a limit of 10″ plus fish with the occasional 14″ to 15″ monster thrown in.

CATFISH: There are some guys putting lines out and even a few catching. I have heard of a couple of flatheads being brought but no large quantities yet. We do have goldfish here at the store.

BASS: The bass are definitely biting in close to shore right now. It’s a little early for them to spawn, but they are in there eating. We have seen some 3-5# fish. Also, the white bass are starting as well. All you need for them is something flashy. Move up into the rivers and larger creek channels for them.

Update 4/13/11

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Lake level was at 610.3 as of this afternoon. The Corp has been drawing water and that really affects the catching. You can follow the link on this site to the Corp site and see what they are doing.  The water temp on the Corp site says the water is just over 50 degrees, but the readings look like maybe something is not quite right. The temp the other day was about 56 and we have had some darn nice weather since so I can’t imagine it got cooler. It will after this cold weather moves in so maybe it’s a moot point anyway right now. The water is still stained, but from what I hear the southern areas are more clear as we didn’t get the rain they got to the north. Everything is really looking great out there right now. The woods are full of colors with the trees starting to leaf out and lots of the flowering tree’s in full bloom. It’s a great time of year to be out here, that’s for sure.

CRAPPIE: Quite a few fishermen are catching them right near the banks now. Most of them are males but there is an occasional female full of eggs as well. If for some reason you don’t find them close to shore move out to the first break and try. This will be especially important with this cold weather that is predicted for Friday and Saturday. If you are fishing a bluff or bridge you might get away with simply dropping to a deeper depth. Your bait isn’t really to critical if you find the fish shallow as they will hit anything that seems to threaten the nest they are working on. If you have to go deeper use your comfort bait. For a jig I would start with red and chartreuse.

CATFISH: I heard of a 45-50 pound flathead coming in on the northern side of the lake. There are more lines being put out every week now, but still no great numbers of fish coming in. A couple of more weeks should help that a lot.

BASS: No word on largemouth, but we have heard of some white bass being caught up in the creek channels. White or silver spinners always seem to work well

NOTICE: Remember, we have no gas here at the resort due to our system not being up to the new standards so fill  before you get here.

Update 4/8/11

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Lake level is at 610.1 with water temp hovering near 50. The dogwoods bloomed here earlier this week. Turkeys are gobbling on the roost. There have been reports of the toms out strutting their stuff. It’s great to see everything starting to green up and different flowers opening up. Let me know if you prefer the report formatted like this or if you prefer the other way.

Crappie:   The bite seems to be moving shallower now with people starting to catch some in 4-5 feet of water and fishing a couple of feet down. If you are getting bit, but the fish are smallish try a bit deeper. As the sun warms the water later in the day you will probably need to move shallower. The spawn is not on yet, but they are definitely working their way closer. If you are on the back end of a cold front move back out to 12-15 feet and fish deep.

Catfish:  No reports this week from anyone

White bass: No reports this week from anyone

IMPORTANT NOTE!!!   We DO NOT have gas here at the resort anymore. The system we had was not in compliance with the new regulations and is being removed.   We don’t foresee replacing it in the near future.

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