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Update 6/29/11

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Lake level is at 615.8 and rising. Water clarity on this end of the lake is murky. There is quite a bit of trash floating so be careful out there. Water temp on my fish locator  last nite was 81. There will be a lot of boats on the water this weekend so be careful out there. Also, be courteous to others. No one likes to get swamped by another boat so slow down or give others a wide berth. At least this year we won’t be using the high water ramps so putting in and out should be a more pleasant experience than the past few years.  All of the beaches are open at this time.

CRAPPIE: Have not had many reports this week, but the ones we have heard indicate the crappie are scattered between a post spawn pattern and the summer pattern. The warm weather we are having this week should help to move them more towards the stable summer pattern of fishing the tree’s 20-30 FOW and fishing 10-12 feet down.

CATFISH: Lots of smaller flatheads are biting. We have heard the bigger ones are nesting. There are plenty of channel cats to catch and with the water rising that bite should be steady. Nitecrawlers and dip baits are the ticket for them.

BASS: The white bass seem to be coming on pretty good. A good idea is to keep a rod rigged for them while doing any other fishing. If you see a bunch of shad busting the surface throw into or past them and you are pretty likely to get into some of the whites.

Have a fantastic 4th of July. Remember why it is we celebrate this holiday,

Update 6/22/11

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Lake level is at 614.3 and dropping a bit. The water on this end of the lake is fairly dirty. It clears up the closer you go towards the damn. Went swimming Sunday and I gotta say, it is still none to warm for that.

FOOD PLOTS: We got a call from the Corp Office and they have some leftover seed from their planting of food plots this year. They are willing to give it to people that are wanting to plant it either on Corp land or on adjacent land. You can call Shelly Howald at 573-735-4097 for more information on the particulars. This is a great opportunity to put in a food plot with at least some of the expense taken away.

CRAPPIE: Things have definately tightened up on the crappie fishing. You can still fill your limit if you are persistent. They aren’t quite in the summer pattern yet, but they are definitely moving that way. Try from 10 to 15 FOW and fish 4-6 feet down for starters. You really have to knock wood with your bait if you want to do well. 2 feet off the tree is to far away. As usual a minnow and nibble is a good bet as is most any color as long as it is next to chartreuse on a jig. Be patient and persistent and you should do fine. Even as windy as it was this week there were limits caught daily.

CATFISH: The fishing was pretty good last weekend as you can see by the pictures. Goldfish is still king, but as the water warms I think leeches will be a good bet also. We don’t carry them, but if you can find them give them a try. Get on the channel cats wherever water flows into the lake for some great eating. Nitecrawlers is the ticket for them.

BASS: From the little I hear the bass fishing has been pretty tough recently. They should start to show up on the main lake points and out in the tree’s.

Update 6/16/11

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Lake level is at 613. Water on this end of the lake is pretty muddy. The further you go towards the dam the better it gets. As the weather stabilizes it should clear up fairly quickly. Happy Fathers Day to all of you dads out there.

CRAPPIE: The bite is definitely changed. The majority of the fish are in between the summer pattern and the spawn. There are still a few to be caught on the banks and some fishermen are doing just fine out on the trees. It really takes persistence right now, but there are still some dandy limits being caught. The likelihood of a 12″ plus limit is pretty slim at this point, but then the smaller ones are better eating anyway. Black / chartreuse still seems to be the color of choice, but pink / white and red/chartreuse will also catch fish. Increase your odds by using some crappie crack (power bait or nibbles). If you are fishing the tree’s you will most likely need to fish about 10-12 feet down.

CATFISH: Wow, the bite has been real good. Lots of flatheads, a fair amount of blues, and plenty of channels. Fish where the water is coming into the lake and you are bound to catch channels. Most any bait will do, though crawlers are the hands down favorite.

BASS: We are still hearing good things on white bass. I am sure the bridge piers have slowed a bit, but the islands are sure to be hot in the evening. Remember…shiny! silver or white.

Update 6/8/11

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Water level is 614.3 and it looks like they are drawing pretty hard on it to drop it down. We have been seeing some surface temps in the low to mid 80’s after all the hot days. Looks like summer is here a bit early. Clarity is fair at about 8″.

CRAPPIE: We are still seeing some females in shallow with eggs, but for the most part the best bite seems to be an early summer pattern with fish holding at about 10′ deep in 20 or so feet of water. Black and Chartreuse still seems to be a solid choice for jigs. Hit the cedar tree’s to start. We have seen some real nice limits come in this week and even got a picture of Ken’s limit. Thanks for that! Tip those jigs with either a minnow or a Nibble or the small Power Baits.

CATFISH: All species have really been hitting the baits this past week or so. We have seen a lot of nice flatheads come in. Also, good numbers of channel’s.

BASS: The white bass have been hammering lures on points and piers. I suspect you will start to find them on the island as well.

Thanks to all who fished the fund raiser for the tornado victims. We are glad we could help. Also, please remember we don’t have gas pumps anymore so plan accordingly. Get out and enjoy the lake. It should be a great summer of fishing.

Update 6/2/11

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Lake level is back down to 615 and falling. That might make the bite a little tougher, or at least different from what we have been seeing. Thanks to all of you who are posting comments. Love to see them.

CRAPPIE: They are still catching them  from right at the bank to several feet off the bank. Mostly females either in the process of spilling their eggs, or about ready to. After that the males should be back in guarding the nests for several days until the eggs hatch. Anything with chartreuse should work for you, or a minnow under a bobber.

CATFISH: Lots and lots of catfish coming in. The channels are biting quite well anywhere water flows into the lake. Nitecrawlers and even minnows will work for them. There are quite a few flatheads coming in as well. Goldfish of course for them. Perch will work also.

BASS: I know they are catching a lot of white bass on mainlake points and I am sure some other locations, but have not heard where those locations are. Anybody??

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