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Update 7/28/11

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Lake level is at 603.7. It held steady for a few days this week but with the temp over 100 they started generating again today. Water temp is right about 90. The water is as clear as you are likely to see it.

CRAPPIE: Typical summer fishing. Fish the channel edges in deeper water. The fish seem to be hanging about 12 feet down in 25-30 FOW. You can also find them shallow. We caught a lot of them in 8 FOW on Sunday. Use minnows or jigs, but tip them with a nibble. My fishing partner  on Sunday found out how important that step is. The bridge piers make a  nice reprieve from the hot sun and there are usually plenty of fish on them. Figure out the pattern and take it with you to other similar spots and you are likely to have plenty of action. We also did some dead stick fishing with a spinner rig and caught quite a few fish that way. The natural action of the boat was plenty to entice bites.

CATFISH: There were some nice ones brought in this week. Blues mostly but we did hear of some good flatheads also.

BASS: I continue to see white bass at the cleaning house mixed in with the crappie. I’m sure if you would fish in the evening you could catch all you want. As usual, watch for the shad busting the surface. Another good indicator from a further distance is a bunch of birds concentrating in an area and diving to the water. The largemouth will be found on points and in cover.

Update 7/20/11

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Lake level is at 606 and hot. Water temps in the low 90’s in places. The lake is now being controlled in part by the generating cycle. As long as it stays hot like this they will be generating power for several hours each day in order to keep up with demand. This is mostly out of the Corp’s control until the lake drops down into the 590’s somewhere. I know we don’t like the thought of it dropping that low, but we sure do want our AC don’t we.

CRAPPIE: The bite was pretty decent until today. It really seemed to toughen up. I would think it is a very short term thing. Fish early in the morning or in the evening to improve your chances. No reason you can’t fish them at night. Find the thermocline and fish just above it. The bridge piers make a nice cool spot in the heat of the day. They will most  likely be suspended in deeper water and if you can find some shade that is a bonus.

CATFISH: We heard of a 56# cat this week. No idea what kind. If you are going to set lines make sure you check them often. They will die in a hurry if left overnight or in the heat of the day. I would think jugs or noodles would be a  better bet right now.

BASS: There are still people catching white  bass while crappie fishing. Throw something shiny. If you see shad busting the surface throw past them and burn a lure through the area.

Update 7/14/11

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Water level is at 609.8 and falling steadily. You almost have to think of it as river fishing right now. Look for current breaks. Everyone is telling me the water is as clear as they have seen it in a very long time. We are talking 3 feet of more of visibility. That is great for this lake.

CRAPPIE: They are still on a nice steady summer pattern. Look for tree’s on the edges of channels in 20-40 FOW. Try almost any jig color as long as it has chartreuse included. They will be venturing up on the flats at times as well to chase shad. Look for them in 6-10 FOW  for this bite.

CATFISH: The flatheads are in transition with a lot of them off the nests, but some still not on them yet. There are definately some being caught right now. There are still some good blues and channels being caught as well. Toss a crawler or some cutbait or stinkbait out while crappie fishing and chances are good you will tie into a couple.

BASS: The white bass are still biting pretty good. Same places and methods as last weeks report. I have heard of some good largemouth being caught but you know how that is…no one is saying where. Read the comments from last week and there is a comment there about it.

Update 7/7/11

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Lake level is at 614.7 and coming down. The water on this end of the lake is fairly clear right now. Water temp is about 85. There will be a lot of non fishermen on this end of the lake this weekend as there is a Civil War Re-enactment up in Florida on  Saturday and Sunday. Please be careful as you drive through as they are expecting a pretty good crowd.

CRAPPIE: They are in a summer pattern now. You will find them at times on the flats in 6-8 FOW. Otherwise you will find them in 20-30 FOW. Find the thermocline and fish just above it. Move up and down until you get bit and stay there. If you miss if by much you  likely won’t get many bites. There are a lot of nice fish being caught. Chartreuse/black or pink/black seem to be the colors to use. Minnow of course, and don’t forget the nibbles.

CATFISH: The big flatheads are pretty much on the nests right now. A fair amount of channels and some blues are being caught. Nitecrawlers or stink bait is the ticket.

BASS: The white bass are really hitting. Fish around the island or on the  mainlake points. Watch for shad busting the surface and you will likely find some whitebass. Throw something shiny and rip it in fast. I have heard the largemouth are also hitting pretty good. Can’t tell you where though.

Flyer for Re-Enactment in Florida, Mo next weekend

Monday, July 4th, 2011


Click on “Re-Enactment” to see the flier. This event will be held in Florida, right up Hwy 107 from us.

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