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Update 8/31/11

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Lake level is at 601.8 and holding steady. Water temps are in the low to mid 80’s. There will be a lot of boats on the water this weekend so please be very careful. Courtesy can go a long way to making it a safer weekend for everyone. Also, there will be a lot of jugs and trotlines and such out there. If it isn’t yours leave it alone. It is illegal to tend someone else’s lines. Have a great holiday weekend! Get out and enjoy. It looks like we are in for some great weather.

CRAPPIE: Very mixed reviews this week. Some did very well while others struggled a lot. I would still start out in 20 FOW on trees at the edge of the channels, especially where the channel comes close to shore. Look for possible breaks or edges there. Start at 10 feet down and move up and down until you get bit. I would go with a slip bobber as it holds that depth so consistent. Slowly drag it from tree to tree. There are a lot of trees still submerged and when you go over them you can find some real honey holes. If you get a nice one hit that spot again as they seem to be schooled by size.

CATFISH: A nice mixed bag coming in now between all 3 types. The blues are more consistent than flatheads so enjoy those when you get them. Goldfish are still a good choice, but shad are good to if you can get them.

BASS: I keep hearing of white bass being caught but haven’t seen any. They will start wandering back into the coves chasing shad here before to long as the weather cools. No word on Black bass.

Crappie masters

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Just an FYI….the pictures from the Crappie Masters Kids Rodeo and the weigh in are posted. You can find the folders in the pictures section. Look under Lake and under Resort.Thanks to all who participated and also to all that supported this years Tournament and Rodeo. We had a great time. The kids caught a lot of fish and generally seemed to have a good time. The tournament itself went pretty well with some nice catches brought in. They will be back next year in August to do it all over again. You can also see the pictures they took at the Crappie Masters website which is They should be posted shortly.

Update 8/24/11

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Lake level is 602 and holding steady. The water has dirtied up a bit from the last couple of days of wind, but it is still more clear than normal. Water temps are in the mid to upper 80’s depending on where you are.

CRAPPIE: They are biting pretty hot in 20 FOW. Fish about 10′ down on the tree’s. Find the tree’s on the edge of the channels and you should get into some good fishing. Their gullets are full of shad and they are really starting to bulk up. I hope this isn’t a sign of an early winter, but they really have the feed bag on right now. Keep moving around until you find them. Believe me, you will know when you find them. It didn’t seem to matter what you dropped down there, even old nasty dried out minnows work. I would use nibbles until you get into them. After that you probably don’t need them anymore. It seems black/chartreuse is still the jig color to use. Slow trolling is a great way to search, but you can certainly tie up when you locate them. Rather than pulling up to move to the next tree just drag along. You will find a lot of fish this way.

CATFISH: We are seeing some nice blues come in and even a few flatheads. The flathead bite should start getting better as it cools down here over the next couple of months.

BASS: The white bass seem to have slowed as we aren’t seeing many come in right now. Not sure if it is because there are a lot less people on the water, or if they truly quit biting. I would find that hard to believe though.

Update 8/19/11

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Sorry for the late update. I have been on the road again. Lake level is 602. This is a great time to observe structure and mark it on a map for future use. Be very careful out there. If you aren’t out on the main lake either stay in the channel or slow down. Losing a prop can become the least of your problems in a hurry. The lake is plenty safe if you use a little common sense. The fishing overall has been pretty good and will improve as we move into fall.

CRAPPIE: Based on the Crappie Masters tournament it seems the bigger fish came from the shallow flats. Find shad in 2-4 FOW of water and you will likely catch some nice fish. You won’t catch a lot though, so if it is numbers of eaters you are looking for get out on the tree’s in about 20 FOW and fish 10-12 feet down. Black/chartreuse jigs are still working as are minnows under a slip bobber. People are catching a lot of fish under 9″, but also plenty of nicer ones as well.

BASS: They are still catching some white bass around the islands. The evening is better as usual.

CATFISH: There are still some blues being caught and the flatheads should be getting ready to pick up again here as it starts to cool down. The channels are always ready to eat so grab a  box of worms or some Sonny’s and give them a try around the tree’s or wherever there is water coming into the lake.

Update 8/11/11

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Lake level is at 602.2 and staying pretty steady. It is as clear as I have seen it. We want to welcome Crappie Masters for the tournament this weekend. The weigh in will be at the cleaning station at the 107 boat ramp. It is good fun to watch what these folks bring in. Come on out and watch. The weigh in will be starting at 2:30. We will be hosting the kids Fishing Rodeo on Saturday. Sign in starts at 8:00 in the morning and fishing is from 9:00 to 11:00. Bring your kids out for a morning of fishing.

CRAPPIE: There are plenty of 9-10″ fish that are more than willing to bite. Still summer pattern fishing. Find tree’s on the edges of the creek channels and you should find some fish. Trolling nice and slow works pretty good as does a slip bobber. You will really have to pay attention as they are not hitting hard. The bridge piers are also producing.

CATFISH: Plenty of channel cats and blue cats are biting on trot lines and jugs. Stink  baits, cut bait, crawlers, sonny’s dip bait…..they are all working right now.

BASS: The white bass are still hitting around the island and on the points. SHINY!! to catch them. No word on black bass.

Update 8/3/11

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Lake level is 602. At least it is only going down about .2 of a foot a day. The water clarity is very good for this lake and should stay that way until it either turns over, or we get some rain.

CRAPPIE: Still very much summer pattern fishing. Slow troll on the edges with your bait of choice until you start getting bit. Start in about 30-35 FOW and fish about 12 feet down. The bluffs is a pretty good spot to try if you go where the channel cuts in close. The bridge piers are another good choice. If you don’t locate then out deep move in to about 6-8 FOW and fish 3-4 feet down. You can fish without nibbles if you want, or you can use nibbles and catch fish. Of course, if you are trolling Bandits or a similar type of plug you can skip the nibbles… that I think of it I wonder how it would work to add them.

CATFISH: The channels and blues are still hitting pretty good on Sonny’s or other similar  bait. There are some nice blues coming in on jugs using goldfish.

BASS: There are still some white bass to be had using Little Cleo’s or something along that line….shiny is the key. Fish around the islands or on points. watch for the shad busting the surface.

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