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Update 9/28/11

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Lake level is at 600.9. It looks like they Corp has pulled a little bit of water the past 2 days. I am not sure why. The Springfield Crappie club had their fall 2 day fishing tournament this past weekend. The winning weight for 14 fish was just under 14#. That is some decent fish.

CRAPPIE: You better be in search mode to do well right now as the fish seem to be in transition from the summer pattern to the fall pattern. There people catching fish deep and there are people catching them shallow. And there are quite a few people not catching them at all. Deep in this case is 20-25 FOW and shallow is 2-4 FOW. Chartreuse seems to be the popular color. Mix it with red or black. If you can find the shad you will greatly increase your odds of catching fish. It isn’t likely this strange pattern (or lack of) will last long as the cooler water and weather will put them into the fall feeding pattern.

CATFISH: There are a few good flatheads coming in as well as a smattering of blues and channels. One gentleman caught a nice 11.5# blue on a shrimp on his rod and reel. Nice fight there. Just a note to anyone coming up for cats…if you want to use shad you better bring some as we don’t have any and neither does the Junction and it is unlikely there will be any available anymore this fall.

BASS: The fall bite should start on the flats here soon, but no reports yet.

Update 9/16/11

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Lake level is at 601.4. water temps are in the low 70’s. Deer season is upon us for you archers out there. Don’t forget to bring them in for a picture so we can get it on the website.

CRAPPIE: The reports are pretty varied. Some reporting very few bites while others are catching limits. More of the former rather than the latter. Those that are catching them are fishing 12-14 feet down in 20-30 FOW. You are going to have to fish a lot of tree’s. The shad will be moving into the backs of the creeks soon. When they do you are going to want to follow them into the shallows.

CATFISH: The channels and blues have been doing ok. No reports of any flatheads this week but I doubt that means much other than we haven’t gotten the reports.

BASS: The Buddy Bass tournament is this weekend. Fishing has been tough for them.

Update 9/7/11

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Lake level is at 601.6 and holding pretty steady. The weekend wind and traffic really made for some dirty water, at least in the SouthFork area. Water temps are in the mid 70’s. The water temp has dropped pretty drastically in the past week. I saw 46 degree air temp this morning. That’s a lot of change from the 100’s we had last week.

CRAPPIE: The crappie really turned off this past week. I haven’t seen so many people struggle to catch fish here in a long time. I assume it is due to the cold front that moved in and the high barometric pressure. Even the fish in the pond aren’t feeding. We are on our 3rd day of this so one would think it will be considered “stable” here soon. I notice the barometer is also starting to drop some. Hopefully that all means the crappie will start biting again here over the next few days.

CATFISH: Same as above…..everything really got a case of lockjaw over the past few days.

BASS: Same as above. Tough tough fishing this week.

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