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Update 10/24/11

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Lake level is at 600.4. Water temp is in the lower 50’s. It cooled down pretty quick so that will slow the fishing down a bit I think until they get used to colder water. Remember, our 4th Anniversary/chili cook-off is this weekend on Saturday night. Come up and enjoy.

CRAPPIE: There is a pretty good bite taking place way up into the backs of the the arms where the rivers flow into the lake. It is a bit tough to get back there, but when you do the fishing is good. Also try the deep water around the bridge piers. The bluffs should also give up some fish, though not as good as the other 2 spots. Start near bottom and work up.

CATFISH: There doesn’t seem to be much going on right now. The flatheads should start soon, though we may need some rain to get water flowing again before they start to hit.

BASS: There are some whitebass being caught back in the backs of the creek arms. Look for shad, which there seem to be a lot of.

Update 10/13/11

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Lake level is at 600.7. Water temp is mid 60’s. We got 1/2″ of rain last nite. It helps, but not enough to show any run off yet.

CRAPPIE: Fish are scattered. You can find them deep and you can find them shallow. Go to the bottom and work your way up the water column until you get bit. There are people catching some real nice slabs. Fishing will only improve until we freeze up.

CATFISH: Lots of blues and channels are biting. We have not heard of anything in the way of flatheads recently.

BASS: White bass are biting on the flats. This fishing will only get better as we cool down and they fatten up for winter. Use something white and shiny.

Update 10/6/11

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Lake level is at 600.7. Water temp is hanging in the mid 60’s range depending on where you go. These 80 degree days are really keeping it up there. Fall colors are starting to show. Really makes for some nice sights.

CRAPPIE: Fishing has been tough the past couple of weeks with most people struggling to catch much of anything. I hear of some better catches in the later part of this week though. Surprisingly the better catches seem to be coming from deeper water. 30-35 FOW even. Go down at least 25 feet and work your offering up until you get bit. Patience is a huge part of success right now. If you see them on your locator stay on them and work them hard to coax a few bites. They are still full of shad so they aren’t starving. Once it starts to cool down they will start to move back up in the creek arms and you may find some there now even.

CATFISH: Not much to report. Tough bite right now.

BASS: We have heard of some decent white bass getting caught. I would think they are headed back into the flats in the creek arms but can’t verify that.

RESORT NOTE: Our annual chili cook off/anniversary party is set for Oct. 29. Call the resort for reservations. The bonfires will be burning late again I am sure. Come and enjoy!

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