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Update 1/21/12

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Lake level is at 603.8 and holding steady. The lake is still open for the most part. There is some ice back in the arms. I still heard some gunning activity last weekend. I assume it was goose hunters. I am attaching a letter from Ben Sapp at the Corp of Engineers. They are having a youth event shed hunt. It is a darn good excuse to get the kids out into the woods in the middle of the winter.

** This is something new we’re going to try. It’s in February so hopefully this
will give folks an excuse to get out & get kids into the outdoors!

Few things to keep in mind:

1) The pre-registration is simply our way of gauging how many we can expect
for food, etc. Also, because seating is limited for the am session talks in
our community room. If space does fill up for the am talks or you don’t feel
like sitting through them, we will most likely still take registrations for
the lunch & afternoon shed hunt in the field.

2) Although we’d still appreciate a registration call, the “Kiddie Hunt” will
be going on throughout the day. This is a great alternative for those with
little, little ones that won’t be able to sit through the morning speakers &
sessions but still want to come out & see what’s going on. Antlers will be
placed to insure something is there to look for.

3) Although not listed anywhere, the Missouri State Park Rangers are going to
try to have someone on hand for child finger printing for anyone interested.

Feel free to call if you need more information.

Ben Sapp
US Army Corps of Engineers
Mark Twain Lake
Office: 573-735-4097
Cell: 573-629-9272

Mark Twain Lake Introduces the First Annual Antler Shed Hunt Invite

Mark Twain Lake, January 17, 2012 – Mark Twain Lake is proud to announce an
exciting new winter event for youth- a Shed Hunt Invite on Saturday, February
11th. The goal of this event is to introduce interested youth into the
outdoors when most are getting a good dose of cabin fever anyway. The day
will start out at 9 a.m. at the M.W. Boudreaux Memorial Visitor Center just
south of the Clarence Cannon Dam with a series of speakers on topics such as
why deer lose their sheds every year, tips on what to be looking for and
others. At noon, a hot dog and soup lunch will be provided by the local
Whitetails Unlimited Chapter before caravanning out to a designated location
to give the older youth a chance to test their skills at finding some sheds
themselves. There will also be a chance for the younger “Bucks” (children of
6 years of age and younger) to hone their shed hunting skills with a Kiddie
Hunt along the new visitor center trail. Sheds will be placed along the
trail to give the little one the idea of what a real shed find will feel
like. Door prizes will be drawn for throughout the morning.
The event is sponsored by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Missouri
Department of Conservation, and Whitetails Unlimited. Door prizes will be
provided by the Pursuit Channel and the Mark Twain Lake FOREST Council.
Participants are encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather, bring
extra gloves, hats and wear bright colors, such as hunter blaze orange.
Pre-registration is requested before February 3, 2012 by calling the U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers at Mark Twain Lake Project office at 573-735-4097.

Ben Sapp
US Army Corps of Engineers
Mark Twain Lake
Office: 573-735-4097 ext. 308
Cell: 573-629-9272

Update 1/13/2012

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Lake level is at 603.8. So far it is still not frozen. I know there are some folks still getting out there fishing and also some are out goose hunting. The crappie should be in deep water suspended. i would try the bridge piers 1st, especially as the sun warms them up later in the day. That should bring them up higher in the water column. Otherwise start at about 20-25 feet down. Rumor has it a jig in the “Electric Chicken” pattern is especially hot right now over on Lake Shelbyville so I see no reason why it shouldn’t be good here as well. Last report was the blue cats were biting in the deep holes (40 FOW). As the weather warms this weekend there will be some water flowing into the lake from the snow we got so that should help in locating channel cats. I can’t tell you much about the goose hunting other than there are some folks out there doing it. We do see some flocks flying over.

We here at the resort wish all of you a fantastic 2012.

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