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Update 3/27/12

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Lake level is at 606.5. Water temp at the dam is 47 degree’s. Seems like it keeps going the wrong way. I guess we had an artificial high spot last week. That explains why the crappie are so scattered. This Saturday we will be doing the annual Christmas tree drop. So far I have a total of 1 person who has said he will be here to help. We could certainly use a couple more. It will only tie up a few hours of your time and you will gain the exact location of the drops for future use.

CRAPPIE: There were a lot of pretty nice fish brought in this past weekend. Not everyone did well, but a lot did. The only constant seems to be that the fish are scattered. You might catch them near the bank, or you might catch them in 20 FOW. Jigs seem to be working as well as minnows. Yellow/red and chartreuse/red seem to be the colors we hear about most. It will take a lot of moving around and trying different depths, but for those that find them the fish are looking good.

CATFISH: I am not sure if the cooler water pushed them all back in their holes or what happened, but we didn’t see any come in this weekend.

BASS: We did hear of some white bass being caught up in the creek arms. This will only get better as it warms up.

Update 3/20/12

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

1st day of spring and we already have dandelions, redbud tree’s in full bloom, crappie staging close to the bank…..etc, etc. Life is pretty darn good at the lake this year so far. I have even heard rumors of some mushrooms being found already. Lake level is at 605.8 but if we get the rain over the next couple of days they are talking about it will likely go up to 609. Water temp at the dam is 54.8 so you know back in the creek arms and on the north side of any area will be warmer. We are that close to spawning temps already. I assume the rain will cool the water back down again for a week or so.

CRAPPIE: People are definitely catching some nice crappie right now. I saw some folks fishing on the riprap on the lake side of the dam on Sunday and they were catching fish. I know some are being caught on the main lake in 15-20 FOW about 4 feet down, but I also have heard of some good ones coming from 4 FOW on flats. Look for just a little bit warmer water.

CATFISH: We have seen a fair amount of blues and even some flatheads come through here and have heard of even bigger ones being brought in that we didn’t get to see. It isn’t often you hear about 50#+ cats being caught in March around here, but that’s what is going on this spring. Seems goldfish are working already, but shad will work better right now.

BASS: The only bass we have heard about so far is a few white bass being caught while fishing for crappie. I have to believe if you go up into the rivers and creeks you will find them. Throw something white or shiny and retrieve it across the current and you are bound to catch some.

They do have a walkway in at the main ramps. I am not sure about the dirt ramps. I will call them tomorrow and find that out. This is very early for this lake to get started so I think we can cut the Corp a bit of slack on getting those docks in place. We are usually lucky to have them out by the end of March when we do the Christmas tree drop. Who would have thought we were going to have this many warm days and nights strung together to bring that water temp up so quickly. I, for one, am darn glad for such a mild winter and warm spring and will accept the rest for what it is. We can fish in short sleeves on the 1st day of spring, how great is that?

Crappie Clinic

Monday, March 12th, 2012

The Corp of Engineers and MDNR is putting on a crappie clinic for NOVICE fisher families that would like to learn the basics of crappie fishing. This program is not geared towards experienced anglers. It is scheduled for Sat, May 12. If you are interested give us a call and we will email you the flyer or you can call Ben Sapp. His info is below. This will be basic knot tying, casting, lure selection, etc to get the novices on the right track to having a good time fishing.

Ben Sapp
US Army Corps of Engineers
Mark Twain Lake
Office: 573-565-2134

Christmas tree drop

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Our annual Christmas tree drop is scheduled for March 31. Anyone that wants to help should drop us a line here at the resort, or if you prefer to help up near the dam you can contact the Corp office to get signed up. It is a great way to find out exactly where the trees are placed for some good fishing later.

Update 3/7/12

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Lake level is at 605.3 and holding steady. Water temp is at 43. There have been people out fishing, but still no pictures. I have heard of them catching some good crappie and some catfish. The crappie will be in the early part of staging near the creeks. Look for them in deep water of around 20 feet. Depending on the sunshine factor they could be anywhere from near bottom to almost on the surface. Look for trees in the water, preferably with a lot of branches. Also try south facing rock bluffs and the bridge piers. Even riprap that is right next to deep water could produce some nice fish.

* Note* we are running a special for anyone taking in the YOUTH turkey season the weekend of March 31, April 1. Prices will be 1/2 the standard in-season rate. That means cabins are $50, kitchenettes are $35, and motels are $25. All prices are plus tax of course, but this makes it pretty reasonable to stay and gives you a chance to get the future hunters in the woods. Give Mary a call.

Hunters Ed Program

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Hunter Education Class March 16-17
For anyone interested in taking the Spring Hunter Education course it will be offered March 16-17, from 5-9 pm on Friday and 8-5pm on Saturday. Students must be present both days to receive their certification. There must be at least 10 students to preregister for the course for it to be held; students must be at least eleven years old or those who will reach their eleventh birthday within thirty days of the ending date of the course can be certified. The class will be held at the Paris High School cafeteria. For more information or to preregister please go online at . Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Monroe County Conservation Agent Alan Lamb (660)-651-0218.

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