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Update 4/25/12

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Lake level is at 607.7 and for now holding steady. Water temp is right at 60 at the dam but you can certainly find warmer water around the lake.

CRAPPIE: They are still scattered it seems. If you find the right spot you will pick them up next to the bank. Others are catching them in 4-6 FOW while still others are having their best luck in 20 FOW. Thats just spring time crappie fishing. Black and Chartreuse still seems to be a good combo to try, but don’t stay with with it if you aren’t getting bit. Red/chartreuse and even some of the lighter colors can work as well. Tip it with a nibble or a minnow and you should do pretty good. The past couple of days seems to have been a little tougher than one would like to think when we are this close to the spawn, but obviously some folks adapted and did well.

CATFISH: We are seeing more nice flatheads and blues starting to show up. I heard of some darn nice catches this past weekend. The goldfish seems to be coming on as the bait to use though perch will score as well. The goldfish are a lot tougher on the hook though and can last a couple of days if they don’t get eaten.

BASS: It sounds like the bass fishing is tough right now, though we did hear of some dandy white bass being caught up in the backs of the creek arms and up the rivers. As always….white and shiny is what you want to toss for these scrappers.

Thanks to all of you that are making use of the blog for some animated discussions. It makes it worth putting out there to see all the info passing back and forth. One way to answer the critics to your success is to bring your catch here to the resort so we can post a picture. I do apologize for taking so long to post this last batch of pictures but they are out there now.

Update 4/18/12

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Well, there is no doubt we are into spring here in Missouri…..nice and warm one day, cold and rainy the next, with a good dose of wind mixed in on any day. The water temp is up and down, but mostly hanging just below the magic 60 degree mark. Lake level is at 609.4 and water temp is at 58. Unless I miss my guess next by next weekend you should be able to start finding crappie up next to the banks. Sometime around April 28 I’m thinking.

CRAPPIE: With the weather we have had they are still pretty scattered as far as location goes, but it seems when you find them you can find a nice mess in one location. Start your search in about 20 FOW and near the bottom. Bring your bait up until you get bit. You should be able to find them at that depth for a while. As the day warms up the fish will usually move up in the water column. It certainly is conceivable that you will start finding them much closer to the bank, especially if you can find some warm water. Jigs or a slip bobber rig tipped with either a minnow and/or a power bait should work. Try chartreuse.

CATFISH: We have seen some pretty nice cats come through. If you can get ahold of some shad you will want to use that. Otherwise goldfish or crawlers will entice them. We haven’t seen much for bigger flat heads lately, but I’m sure that will change soon.

BASS: No reports

Update 4/12/12

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Lake level is at 606.8 and water temp at the dam is 57.6. What a difference a week makes. Mushrooms are on again off again as is most of the fishing.

CRAPPIE: The cold has pushed most of them back into deeper water. Move out to at least the 15 foot range. You can catch them about 10-12 feet down but you are going to have to work for them. Stick with the chartreuse and whatever for now. The spawn is going to have to wait a while I guess until we get back into some warmer weather.

CATFISH: Last weekend was good for blues and flat heads. If we get some of the rain that is predicted the channels should be on the bite.

BASS: No reports but you should be able to find some whites up in the creek arms. The usual white shiny bait will entice them.

Update 4/5/12

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Lake level is at 606.4. Water temp at the dam is 58.5. It looks like the weather and temps has returned to more normal April type readings with lows in the upper 30’s and highs in the low 70’s. This change will most assuredly delay the spawn as water temps are going to come down some from the current temp. In my opinion it will just lengthen the fishing time we get to enjoy before the short crazy spurt of spawning activity. It will also make the spawn come at a more normal time than what it was looking like just a few days ago.

CRAPPIE: The fishing has been very good for the folks out on the water that were either lucky enough or good enough to find the fish. We have heard everything from 1 hour limits to all day no bites. Take your pick. The crappie are scattered from deep to shallow, but I think this colder weather will push the shallow fish back into deeper water. Later in the day if the sun is shining could still see some fish up near the banks or against the rocks. Based on the reports we are hearing there are a couple of common denominators as far as what to use. #1- minnows, #2- any color/chartreuse for jigs. I know Little Jim (you all know him right?) said a crappie nibble on the jig made all the difference in the world. Right now find some wood in 20 FOW and fish 12 feet down for a good place to start. Once you locate the depth the fish are at you can move about all the way to hitting bottom with your offering. Oh, by the way….Little Jim had his limit in 1.5 hours.

CATFISH: The big ones have stopped coming in here for pictures. I don’t know if that means they aren’t biting or not, just that we aren’t getting to see any. I know the channel’s will bite with the inflow of water we have seen. Crawlers seem to be the common bait.

BASS: We have heard a lot of good stories about bass over the past week. It seems they are on a good early morning bite. I have heard the points is the place to be. No word this week on White bass other than some mixed in with the crappie catches.

Youth turkey season looks like it went pretty well for those that went out. i think they hit it pretty good as far as timing as by the time we get to hit the woods there will be a whole lot of green out there. Plenty of ticks to, so bring spray! The mushrooms had started to really come on, but I would think this cooler air will slow them way down as well. We saw several nice batches here and heard of one person that found over 400 on Saturday. Now that is a nice find.

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