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Update 5/30/12

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Lake level is at 606.2. Water temp at 71. The water is fairly clear (for this lake anyway) as we haven’t seen any rain in more than 2 weeks.

CRAPPIE: You will have to work for the crappie right now. They are still catching, but they are between the spawn and a summer pattern with a fair amount in their post spawn stage. Best bet is going to be out in 20-30 FOW. Start 12 feet down and come up until you get bit. If you see them at a level on your fish locator start there. Red/chartreuse or black/chartreuse seem to be the most popular right now but there is some pink activity as well. Naturally a red hook with a nibble and a minnow will get attention as well. Work the bluffs and the tree’s and the creek channels.

CATFISH: We saw some hot tempers this past weekend from folks getting their lines checked and/or pulled by someone else. Let’s make this CLEAR!!! If it isn’t yours stay away from it. That means you don’t get to pull it up “just for a look”. It is illegal and unethical and could get you into a position you really don’t want to be in. There were quite a few good cats taken this past weekend. Mostly flat heads and channels. Best success seems to be back up the rivers a ways. Gold fish took a lot of them.

BASS: The white bass have been pretty hot on the bite. Lake points and islands are your best bet. If you see baitfish busting the surface you can bet there are some whites under them. Throw past the baitfish and pull a white or shiny lure through them. Let it flutter down when you get to the school. Largemouth should be spawning so look for laydowns from shallow to deep. I would try any riprap as well right now. Who knows what you will catch on it.

We enjoyed a great Memorial Day weekend here at the lake. The weather was about as nice as you could ask for. Thanks for all of the support here at the resort. We hope to see you all this summer for more fun and fishing.

Update 5/24/12

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Lake level is at 607.7. Water temp is in the low 70’s. The lake will be very crowded this weekend so please be careful and courteous. nothing worse than being in the right, but crashed anyway. If ever there is a weekend to be on full alert and a defensive driver now is the time.

CRAPPIE: Believe it or not they are still catching some on the banks. They are also catching some on a summer pattern and everywhere in between. It will depend on the time of day and where on the lake you are as to where the fish will be at any particular time. A strange spring to say the least as far as a crappie bite goes. The size has been pretty good with a lot of 12″-14″ fish. You need to be flexible as the fish seem to want a minnow at times and other times a jig will outperform. Once you find the pattern that is happening you should be able to duplicate it in other areas.

CATFISH: Lots of nice flatheads last weekend. Not so many blues, but there were some caught. Be careful this weekend as there will be lots of lines and jugs scattered about the lake. If you look them over from a distance you should be able to pick up a pattern to duplicate in another area. Goldfish continue to produce as do perch and shad if you can find them.

BASS: Think white bass! They are really turning on over the past couple of weeks. Look for points or the islands and throw something shiny. Largemouth should be spawning at the water temps we are seeing. Main lake points and cover should produce some bites. I have heard rolling spinner baits at the bluffs brings some bites also.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and remember what the holiday is all about. Thanks to our military personnel for what they do!

Update 5/16/12

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Lake level is at 609.6. Water temp is at 67. Most of the lake is clearing up nicely after no rain for a week. I could see my chartreuse jig about 10″ down on Sunday.

CRAPPIE: We still have some crappie spawning and some that are done. It has been a strange year for the spawn this year as they have been traveling in and out since early April at least and I expect it will carry on a few more weeks. You really have to be versatile right now. Try the banks, try deep, and everything in between. I have heard 6 feet down in 20 FOW, 10 FOW and again 6 feet down, and also on the banks. We even managed to catch a few on the bridges. Some days a jig (chartreuse/anything) is the ticket and other times it takes a minnow to get a bite. Of course you ALWAYS want to tip with a nibble. Don’t count the spawning season out yet as there is still some good fishing to do before post spawn hits. I have a feeling that period won’t last long as they will be into a summer pattern (my favorite) on some parts of the lake.

CATFISH: We are seeing a lot of big flat heads coming in. People are also catching quite a few channels both on lines and also on rod and reel.

BASS: Whites are hanging around the bridge piers and I have heard of some good catches coming from the island areas. They will start to settle into a real good bite here soon as the weather settles down.
Largemouth have been biting pretty good up near the banks as the water hits their magic spawning temp around the lake.

It is shaping up to be a great summer here at the lake. Come out and enjoy. There are 2 events taking place up at the visitor center this weekend. 1 being the Expo, which used to be the Armed Services Day and is still carrying a lot of stuff geared towards veterans, but also now having an 1890’s style baseball game and many other things for entertainment. there is also a Foster Parent Appreciation Day on Saturday. Anyone can attend either or both events. I will put both flyers on a separate post.

Update 5/10/12

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Lake level is at 611.3. They are drawing it down so that will change daily. Water temp is 67. The bridges on 107 are supposed to open back up tomorrow (Friday). My understanding is they will be 1 lane traffic at times.

CRAPPIE: We are in the midst of a long spawn cycle that started back in early April. You will find them spawning in different areas of the lake for several more weeks. We are seeing a lot of fish 11″ to 13″ with some over 14″. The early bite seems to have picked up as the Corp is usually not drawing water early mornings. When they start drawing water you will have to change your tactics as the fish you were catching will likely turn off or move. They will post up in the closest spot that is protected from the current caused by the opening of the gates up at the dam. Kind of turns them into river fish while the water is being drawn down. You will have to hunt them down throughout the day. Once you figure out the pattern of the day you should be able to boat some pretty decent fish. If you can’t find them keep moving as the chances of them coming to you are pretty slim. We are seeing some nice limits come through so we know they can be found. Minnows are working well under a bobber as are jigs. Red/chartreuse or black/chartreuse seem to be the most common colors. If you want clear water fish towards the dam. Believe me, the fish don’t care if the water has some color to it.

CATFISH: We are seeing some monster flat heads coming in so they are definitely putting the feed bag on the past 2 weeks. Goldfish and perch (bluegill for us northerners) work well. There are a lot of jugs and lines out so be careful. Channel cats are also coming in, a lot of times incidental to crappie fishing.

BASS: Black bass should be starting to spawn as the water gets closer to that 68 degree mark. We have heard of a lot being caught by crappie fishermen plying the banks. Also heard of white bass out on the main lake points and humps. Fish near the islands and you should be able to get some of that action. As always throw a Little Cleo or a white Rooster Tail for some great action.

The time is definitely here to be out on the water. Be safe out there so we get through the season without losing anyone. Also, I know it is tempting to double dip while the fish are biting like this, but be forewarned, the Conservation Agents are watching close and the fines are stiff. Besides that, it is unethical as all get out and takes a lot of the future enjoyment away from all of us.

Update 5/2/12

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Lake level is at 611.8. Water clarity in the southern branches is muddy. Seems to be better on the north side. Water temp is at 60 degree’s. We got about 2.5″ of rain since last Thursday.

CRAPPIE: The bite is on the bank later in the day. You need to move around until you find fish as they are in different stages of the spawn depending on the area of the lake you are fishing. Start in the morning in about 5 FOW and move closer to the bank as the day warms up. I still mostly hear chartreuse if you are using a jig, but minnows seem to be more productive. As always, use a nibble on either of them. You may have to hunt more than a normal spawn period, but the fish have been moving in and out for almost a month now so it is an unusual spring for them. When you find them the fishing can be fantastic with a lot of 11-13 inch fish.

CATFISH: We are seeing more good size blues and flat heads the past couple of weeks. With the rain we have had the channels are also hitting pretty good. Find a spot where the water is running into the lake and toss a crawler out and you should get into some good fishing.

BASS: Largemouth fishing seems to be pretty tough, but you should find some whites out on the main lake near the islands. As always, white and flashy.

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