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Update 6/27/12

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Lake level is 604.5 and the water is clear for this lake. Water temp at the dam shows to be 72 but I still don’t think that is correct.

CRAPPIE: They are starting to finally settle into a decent summer pattern. Fish 20 to 30 FOW to start with. I have even heard of them being over 70 FOW. Either way you will want to start at about 12 feet down. Once you find the depth they are biting at you can pretty well stay there. I did hear about starting at 20 feet down and slowly reeling up. The bites were happening about 15 feet down on that particular day. Chartreuse and black is a good color combo to start with. This time of year blue and silver can be pretty good as well. There are a lot of shad moving around so it looks like we had a good shad spawn. The fish will be eating good. Fishing isn’t easy right now, but you can catch a decent mess if you stay after it.

CATFISH: We have been hearing of some pretty good channel cat catches under jugs during the day. A few blues as well.

BASS: Largemouth are pretty tough right now and have not heard anything on the white bass over the last 2 weeks.

Sorry I missed last week. I was out of town until Friday night and I hate to put info out that I can’t discuss with anyone. Everyone have a safe and fun 4th of July. The fireworks up at the dam will be on Saturday, June 30 this year.

Update 6/14/12

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Lake level is at 605.1. Water temp at 68.9. That seems low to me but it’s what the Corp site is showing. We got 1.1″ of rain here last Monday morning. Looks like it all soaked into the ground as the lake never moved much.

CRAPPIE: Still a mixed bag of locations with some fish on the summer pattern and others getting caught near the bank. Cold fronts and the rain continue to hamper a nice settled pattern. There were some limits caught this week early but it certainly is not easy fishing. Try deep 1st, but don’t be afraid to slip in close to shore if you see some likely cover.

BASS: I am still hearing good things on the white bass on points and islands. If you can’t find crappie at least catch some of these. They are fighters and pretty tasty as well. White or shiny is the standard fare for them.

CATFISH: Looks like it is pretty slow for all flavors right now. The occasional catch, but not a lot.

Squirrel hunting does sound good about now doesn’t it. There is certainly not a shortage of them around here.

Update 6/7/12

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Lake level is at 605.6. Water temp is 71. Clarity is pretty good right now unless you get into one of those algae bloom areas. If you do you may as well keep on motoring as you won’t have much luck fishing in that stuff.

CRAPPIE: The bite is pretty tough right now. People are catching fish, but limits are hard to come by. A good place to start is in 18 to 20 FOW and about 8 to 10 feet down. Either fish ON the tree’s or on the bluff face. I have heard of some good fish coming only a few feet down right on the wall. A minnow under a slip bobber is most likely going to be the best bait to use right now, though some folks still do well with a jig. Blue and white or blue and silver is a good option to try as well as anything and chartreuse. You need everything in your arsenal going for you so make sure you slip a nibble on as well. They are catching a lot of smaller fish mixed in with the 12’s and 13″s so that bodes well for next year.

CATFISH: The catching was good last weekend but seems to have tightened up this week. There are still some being caught but they are much harder to come by. Make sure you don’t set up in the algae bloom water as even if you do catch one it isn’t likely to be in good shape by morning. If you leave your lines in the water during the day you will want to check them often as we have heard of some of them dying on the line.

BASS: The white bass are still biting pretty good on the points in the evening and also around the islands. No word on largemouth this week other than I did hear of some coming off the bluffs up shallow.

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