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Update 7/25/12

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Lake level is at 602.8. Water temp is 84.5. Visibility is about as good as you will see on this lake.

CRAPPIE: Get out early, catch your limit, and get back into the A/C. That seems to be the method of choice right now. The bite is pretty good. you will have to move around some until you find the active fish but it shouldn’t take to long. Concentrate on deep structure, especially on points and wherever the river comes tight to the bluffs. If you don’t find them there you might try some of the flats where there is a drop close by. Minnows still seem to be the ticket, but I’m sure some are being caught on jigs as well. Pulling small cranks is effective this time of year also. Use something that resembles a shad as there are tons of them and they are all over the lake.

CATFISH: We are hearing about quite a few channels and blues and the occasional flat head being caught. 10 fish nights is not uncommon. A lot of folks out jugging are doing well. Use shad if you can get some. Most anyplace with a sharp drop off next to a flat should produce some fish.

BASS: We hear of some good white bass catches but very little on largemouth. Fish around the island morning or evening. Watch for shad busting the surface and toss something shiny out past them for a good chance.

This weekend the big tournament is the Shack Tournament. I would expect there will be in excess of 100 boats. They always raise a lot of money for a good cause and this year will be no different. Good luck to all!

Update 7/19/12

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Lake level is 603.2 and water temp is 84 degree’s. We didn’t get any measurable rain out of the storms that rolled through.

CRAPPIE: The crappie have been biting pretty good with some real nice fish being caught. We had a 14.5 come through here and I know at least one more that size was caught. There are a lot of people fishing the flats, but you will also find them on deep structure and if you can find points with tree’s on them that is a good bet as well. They are fattening up on shad so minnows is a good bet. Jigs of any color as long as it’s chartreuse can be effective also, especially if you tip it with a minnow. You will have to move in the water column to find the depth of the day. Good electronics is a big help as they seem to be holding in a lot of different depths.

CATFISH: Channels seem to be the best right now, but there are some blue’s and flat heads being taken as well. Shad if you can get it will work. Crawlers for the channels is a good bet.

BASS: There are still some white bass being taken. Watch for the shad busting the surface and fish under them with something shiny or white. No word on largemouth recently.

The Chigger Hill tournament is this weekend. Don and Wanda always put on a good tournament and feed afterwards. Call here or there for information if you are interested.

Update 7/12/12

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Lake level is at 603.4 with pretty clear water since we haven’t had any rain since June 16.

CRAPPIE: The best bite seems to be early morning. I have heard of some getting caught up near the surface so if you see some shad busting be sure to try about 2-3 feet down right under them. Most are being caught 9-12 feet down in 20 to 30 FOW. I have heard a lot of jig fishermen having a tough time but they do seem to be going after the minnows pretty good. This time of year the pattern is fairly consistent so when you find them just repeat and you should find more. You do still need to move around from tree to tree if you want to have steady action. There are limits being caught of pretty nice fish. I hear a lot in the 11-13″ range with the occasional bigger one. You will likely have to filter through some smaller stuff to get a limit. That’s a good sign to me.

CATFISH: We are seeing a few come through but the bite has certainly slowed some. I have heard of good catches of channel cats though. You might want to try them with a rod and reel for some good fun. Any of the multitude of shad baits or worms should work well.

BASS: We keep hearing about those pesky white bass around the island and on the points. Walleye and largemouth fishermen are having a hard time keeping them off of their hooks. May as well target them and have some fun.

Kids Fishing

Monday, July 9th, 2012

July 14 will be the 4th annual adult youth crappie tournament hosted by Eastern Missouri Crappie Club. Go to for info. Following the weigh in at South Fork Resort, a fishing rodeo for youths will be held. Representatives from the conservation, water patrol and corps will be on hand to speak with the youths. Hot dogs, chips and drinks will be provided. Youths can fish the South Fork pond with bait provided. The rodeo will start at 1:00 pm. All youths are invited whether they fish the tournament or not. This is a good chance to learn a little and have some fun while you do.

Update 7/5/12

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Lake level is at 604. Water is pretty clear for this lake right now and will be until we get enough rain to change it. Water temp is low 80’s.

CRAPPIE: They are on a definite summer pattern now. Find trees in about 20 FOW or more, especially if they are on a channel edge. Start about 12 feet down and adjust your depth until you find them. There are a lot of people catching good fish now and the bite will be pretty consistent. Once you find the right depth you can count on that to remain quite steady as long as the conditions are steady. If you lose the bite go ahead and make a change. Bridge piers, bluffs, rip rap…they all will produce. Be patient and persistent. You will probably have to sort through a lot of smaller fish to get the bigger ones, but heck, that’s fishing.. Those are next years keepers. Minnows are working well, even the dead ones so don’t just throw them out. You have to work to keep your minnow alive on the water with all this hot weather. An aerator is important and so is an insulated bucket.

CATFISH: We are seeing more blues and channels starting to show up again. Shad is always a good choice and goldfish are still doing their share. Perch (bluegill) tend to die to easily in this heat so I would stay away from them.

BASS: We are hearing about some pretty good white bass catches again. Main lake points and the islands. Largemouth fishing seems to be kind of tough right now from what I hear.

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