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Update 8/29/12

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Lake level is at 602. Water temp is hovering near the 80 degree mark. I don’t think you will find this lake any more clear than it is right now. Lack of any incoming water will do that. We are hoping Isaac finds his way this far north and drops some rain on us.

CRAPPIE: There are people catching some fish but you really have to work for them. They are still catching a lot of small ones, but there are some nice ones mixed in as well. We are still pretty much into a summer pattern with fish suspended over deep water. On the cooler mornings you might find some fish shallow so don’t be afraid to try that early. They are feeding pretty heavy on shad so try to match that as far as bait goes. A good time for the blue and silver jigs to start working.

CATFISH: We have had a few decent blue’s and flat heads come in. Nothing really big, but in the 15-20 pound range. They are taking goldfish and shad. Try the flats. Floating across them can work well or put out a spread of jugs or noodles.

BASS: I have not heard any reports on bass over the past couple of weeks but I would be surprised if the White Bass aren’t biting on points and around the island. They should be fattening up for winter in the evening.

We hope you all have a safe Labor Day weekend. Our store hours will change after the weekend. I will post them next week.

Update 8/15/12

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Lake level is at 602.3. Water temp is about 81. Still no influx of water so clarity should be very good in most parts of the lake.

CRAPPIE: Seems they are pretty scattered. We hear of them being caught in 10-12 FOW and also in 40-60 FOW. If you are in the deeper water look for the thermocline and fish just about it. If you are in the shallower water drop to the bottom and come up about a foot. Minnows are still the way to go it seems. Add a nibble and you should catch some fish. There are a lot of smaller fish to weed through, but you can catch a decent mess if you work at it. Take care with those smaller fish, they are next years keepers. If you are jig fishing use something in shad colors or something with some pink in it. Naturally chartreuse will work to most of the time.

CATFISH: We are seeing some decent blues come through and hearing about a lot more. Mostly they are being caught with set lines or jugs. Goldfish or shad should get you some action.

BASS: We still hear of some white bass being caught and I think that will only get better as we move into fall. Largemouth should improve as well. They are catching some largemouth on the points.

Notes: I have been seeing a lot of turkey out and about. Families of them. Hopefully we are on the way to recovery on them.

Update 8/10/12

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Sorry all, I did this report the other day and must have forgot to hit the “POST” button as it never went out.

Lake level is at 602.4. Water temp is 84. The lake is as clear as you are likely to see it.

CRAPPIE: Fishing is really up and down. The past 2 days were pretty tough, but early in the week the bite was pretty good. If you work at it you can boat a limit of 10″ plus fish. Minnows are the ticket but a jig in silver or anything and chartreuse can be effective as well. Pink also seems to be a popular color right now. Fish 12-14 feet down on channel edges. They aren’t necessarily tight to the wood but that is still a good place to start. Try the bluffs.

CATFISH: The bite seems to be fairly good. They will take shad, goldfish, leeches, or many other baits. One gentleman caught 3 just in the time it took him to set his lines.

BASS: No word on largemouth but white bass can still be caught around the island and on main lake points. Give them a try.

Notes: The Crappie Master tournament drew 65 boats. Winning weight was 7.3#.

Update 8/1/12

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Lake level is at 602.8. Water temp looks to be about 84. We managed to get about 1″ of rain last weekend which did nothing but soak into the ground. Not much ran into the lake, though some did from the north end.

CRAPPIE: Still summer time fishing. Find them suspended over 20 FOW or more. Minnows still seem to be the way to go. There are a lot of smaller fish so either you have to weed through them or add enough weight to get under them before they pick off your offering. Either that or up-size your offering. That should slow them down some. I have still heard of some people catching good fish in 3-5 FOW. I think you have to hit that just right, probably early morning before the sun blasts on it for to long.

CATFISH: We have heard of a lot of pretty good catches the past couple of weeks. No monsters, but good solid 15-25 pound fish. Mostly blues with a smattering of flat heads. Plenty of channels as well.

BASS: The white bass still seem to be doing ok on the islands and on main lake points. Look for the shad!

NOTES: The seminar and meeting for Crappie Masters has been moved from The Landing over to Chigger Hill. Registration starts at 5:00 with the meeting and seminar starting at 6:30 on Friday, August 10.

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