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Update 9/21/12

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

Lake level is at 601.1. water temp is right about 70. They say fall turnover will happen when the surface temps hit about 50 so we have a way to go yet. When it does happen fishing will tend to be tough for a few days as the fish scatter into newly oxygenated water.

CRAPPIE: Most reports are of tough fishing right now but there are still a few fishermen out there doing well. It seems the most common theme among them is deep water. Fishing 18 feet down over 25-35 FOW seems to be a good starting point. I have talked with the occasional person who had good luck near shore in shallow water but that isn’t to common. Minnows are still the ticket it seems. Pink nibbles seems to be the hot color right now.

CATFISH: We have seen some decent blues come through and they don’t seem to care what they eat. A lot of them are coming on goldfish but shad is also working well.

BASS: No report this week, but from the results from the Buddy Bass tournament indicate a tough bite. A couple of teams did well, but most struggled to find fish. I haven’t heard anything on white bass this week but there is no reason to think they aren’t still hanging around the islands and main lake humps and points. Continue to throw something shiny to attract them.

Other notes: Our store hours are now 7-5 Sun thru Thursday and 7-7 Friday and Sat.

We will continue our tradition of half price stays for those of you who want to partake in the
Youth Hunt on Nov 3-4.

** We will also be having our annual “Anniversary Chilli Cook Off Party on Saturday, Nov 3 so
stays are half price for that as well. Call the store for more info.

Update 9/12/12

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Lake level is at 601.1. I heard there was some stained water back in the South Fork and Elk Fork arms. Water temp is still holding close to 80.

CRAPPIE: The bite is still pretty scattered but it looks like the best bet is still over deep water and 15-16 feet down. The later it gets now the more they should start to move in, especially once the water starts to cool down. Using your electronics is pretty key right now. Minnows and nibbles are still catching a good share when floated under a slip bobber. Jigs will work also though you might want to tip them with a nibble or a minnow as well. A silver and blue should be a good color to start with now as there a a lot of shad out there. Add a pink nibble and they should hit it on the drop.

CATFISH: We did not hear of many caught this past week, but there were some blues taken and a few flat heads. I would start out floating rigs over the flats. Either drift over the top or set our jugs or noodles and watch them. The channel cats will bite sporadically as well. We did just hear about a 40# blue caught yesterday on a goldfish.

BASS: The only reports we have had have been for white bass and they seem to be doing pretty good for them in the usual haunts. As the water cools down they will also start to move to the shallows.

Notes: This weekend is the Buddy Bass Tournament. They take of from Ray Behrens both days and the weigh in starts at 3:00. That is always interesting to watch.

Store hours

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

Our store hours are currently as follows:

Sunday thru Thursday- 7:00 am till 5:00 pm
Friday and Saturday- 7:00 am till 7:00 pm

Update 9/6/12

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Lake level is at 601.5. We have had 3″ of rain and still no more water in the lake. There are a lot of ponds that had to fill before they would start flowing into the lake. Water temp is still about 80.

CRAPPIE: Folks are starting to enjoy a better bite. You will still have to work hard and move around a lot, but things are getting better. They are still hanging near the thermocline. Minnows are a good bet. Top them or a jig with a nibble and go to work. The bridge piers can be good at times as well.

CATFISH: We saw some decent ones come in last weekend and during the week. Not monsters, but decent. Mostly blues and channels at this point. Shad and nitecrawlers seem to be working the best.

BASS: I have been hearing of some good white bass bites on flats and around the island. They are a good stand by if the crappie aren’t hitting for you. Reports are of decent size.

It seems like we are hearing a lot more reports of inconsiderate and even downright dangerous actions by some pleasure boaters. If you happen to see someone acting recklessly let the water patrol know so they can help us by getting those fools off the water. We had a report last weekend of a couple of young men almost capsizing a boat that was tied to a bridge pier. They actually pulled the skiers right under the bridge and almost hit the fisherman’s boat in the process. Write down the hull number and get them reported before someone gets hurt. Please do NOT confront them yourself. Let the law handle it. Be safe out there.

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