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Update 10/19/12

Friday, October 19th, 2012

Lake level is at 601.2. Water temp is at 60 degree’s. Report we get is that the lake has turned over. We certainly have had enough wind to assist that process.

CRAPPIE: We are getting more reports of people with some good catches this past week. The fish seem to be pretty scattered with some having success back in the coves while others are still finding them in deep water. You will have to cover a lot of water and try a lot of places to get them located it seems. Try red/white and chartreuse/white. Don’t be afraid to try the bridge piers. They can be fish magnets this time of the year.

CATFISH: We have seen a few come in over the past couple of weeks. Mostly blues. I have talked with some that were after channel cats and did very well on them this past weekend. Nitecrawlers seems to be the right bait for them. Goldfish or shad for the blues.

BASS: No reports this week.

If you all want a good laugh go back and read last years block from this month. Lake level is right at the same level it is now though the water was colder.

REMEMBER— our annual anniversary party/chili cook off is set for Nov 3. We will be reducing our rates to 50% off for that weekend. Come join us, we always have a good time. Call Mary for details.

Update 10/11/12

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Lake level is at 600.8. Water temp is showing 62 on the Corp site but most people are seeing mid 50’s back in the coves. That temp combined with the wind we have seen over the past weeks should mean some areas of the lake have turned over.

CRAPPIE: What a difference a week makes. We are getting a lot more reports of good fishing this week. The fish are moving back into the coves chasing shad. I hear a lot of talk of 3 feet down and 10 FOW. Sounds like a good place to start. There are tons of shad out there so keep an eye out for them.

CATFISH: We saw and heard of more blues this week. Not monster fish, but 20# to 30#. Goldfish still seem to be working as well as shad (of course). We know of a flathead or 2 as well, but again, smaller fish, not the monsters. This bite should continue to improve as the water cools down.

BASS: No reports, but this is typically a good time to try back in the coves for both whites and largemouth.

Update 10/3/12

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Lake level is at 601. Water temp is 65. Clarity is still very good (for this lake).

CRAPPIE: The bite is really scattered. You can find them in 20 or more FOW and from what I hear you need to drop all the way to the bottom and lift it up just a little. It is surprising to find a crappie on the bottom in the depths we are hearing about (even 30 ft). This week there have been some good catches in water as shallow as 10 feet as well. With the cold weather coming in this weekend we will be getting that much closer to the lake turning over. That will make for some tough fishing in the area that is in the turning process. Luckily with a lake this large and deep it won’t all turn at once.

CATFISH: We have had some blues come in this week so it is good to see some action on them. This should only improve as the water cools down.

BASS: There have been a few caught lately but not a good bite. Mostly shorts. I have had several reports of good white bass fishing. As usual they are concentrated around the islands and any underwater humps. Continue to throw something either white or shiny. I heard good reports on white Roostertails for the white bass.

We had an 8 point brought in and also some turkeys. The turkey population seems to be pretty good so success is a good possibility on them.

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