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Update 11/29/12

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Lake level is at 601.2. Water temp is lower 40’s. From what I hear it is worth going out just to watch the birds dive bomb the shad. Weekends to try some fall fishing are going to be hard to come by here preetty soon so get out while you can.

CRAPPIE: The bite was pretty good this weekend. Shallow water, almost like spring fishing around structure. Go back into the creek arms. If the weather changes you might need to go out a little deeper. Jigs seem to be working pretty well. Chartreuse and brown for starters.

CATFISH: No reports

BASS: There are some white bass getting caught while fishing for crappie in shallow water and also some largemouth out in deeper water.

RESORT: Our winter rates will be in place starting this weekend so come on out and enjoy the area while saving a lot of money on accommodations. Call Mary for details.

Update 11/9/12

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Lake level is at 601. Water temp is in the low 50’s. I hear both North Fork and South Fork have dirty water. Turn over I assume.

CRAPPIE: Looks like they are finally moving shallow. Fish tight to the wood, especially if you can get between a couple of tree’s. Most people use jigs this time of year, but minnows will surely catch fish as well. You should find them in less than 10 FOW.

BASS: Only heard of a few white bass being caught. I have to think you can find largemouth in shallow as well.

CATFISH: We had some people here this week that did pretty well on Channel’s along with some blue’s.

Update 11/2/12

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Lake level is at 601.1. Water temp is 50 degree’s. The water in Southfork is pretty stained, I assume from turning over.

CRAPPIE: Fishing is tough, but for better luck wait until later in the day so the sun has some time to heat the surface a bit. Follow the shad. You might find them suspended over open water or you might find them back in the creek arms. Not many reports this week as there aren’t many out there fishing.

CATFISH: We had a good catch come in yesterday with a mix of blue’s and channel’s. An 18# and a 20#. The channel cats have been biting pretty steady on crawlers. Haven’t seen a flat head lately, but there aren’t a lot of fishermen out setting lines.

BASS: No reports.

RESORT NEWS: Our annual chili cook off/ anniversary party will be held this Saturday evening. This is our 5th year. Come on out and help us celebrate. We always have a good time.

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