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Update 12/26/12

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Mary and I wish All of you a Very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year. We enjoyed all of your company in the past 5 years and look forward to another fun year this year.


Friday, December 14th, 2012

To all concerned about our lake:

We have heard the rumor that the Corp is going to drop the lake level 10 feet so I did some questioning to find out more. Here is what I understand of it. The lower Mississippi River (south of St. Louis) is nearing a level where barge traffic will no longer be able to haul goods up and down the river. If it gets to that point it will have a serious impact on the economy of the nation and in particular on the Midwest. Part of the Corp’s mandate is to keep the river open to that barge traffic. As the Missouri River system lakes have been tied up in a court case at the Supreme Court level the water they hold is not available for now to help the situation. That leaves the lakes in the upper Mississippi River system as the only source of water to try to maintain a navigable level below St Louis. Mark Twain Lake is tentatively in the Que with 4 other lakes to be one of the major suppliers for the needed water. IF the drought continues and IF the decision is made to tap MTL water there is a possibility for the lake level to drop to the 590 level, which is approximately 6 feet lower than the lake has ever been. At the 600 (we are currently at approx 601) level the water can no longer be run through the normal gates and would have to go through the generating station. At 595 the lake would close for safety reasons and no water could be sent to pipeline customers such as Bowling Green. At 590 the ramps would be out of the water and somewhere around 585 to 590 Cannon Dam Water will likely not be able to supply water to any of their customers. Obviously there are serious repercussions for this whole area should this happen. Not only would many if not all of the area business’s that rely on the lake go out of business, but all of the people that live here would have to find another avenue to obtain water for everyday use. Recovery would be lengthy at best.

The Corp is busy with dredging and even blowing up the rock formations below St Louis to help keep the river navigable.

How can you help you ask? Letters to the Corp and to your State and Federal Representatives are about the only avenue we have. In my opinion we need to get the word out as this affects a lot more people than just the ones that live here. This area is the recreation of choice for a lot of people from Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, and beyond. Please send constructive comments and letters to the Army Corp of Engineers at

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