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Update 1/30/13

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Lake level is just under 602.5 and rising. That is great to see! That is about 18″ of new water in the lake. There have been a few people out fishing but we haven’t heard anything about how they are doing. As of right now the lake is pretty much ice free. That could change yet again as the cold temps move back in tonight and tomorrow but I doubt it. We did hear of some fish being caught up at Thomas Hill.

The Christmas tree drop is tentatively set for March 23. If you think you might be here to help please let me know as the more help we have the more trees we can plan to have ready to go.

We are still seeing plenty of geese flying around.

Update 1/19/13

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

Lake level is staying at 601.1. Most of the lake has a thin coating of ice, though it is open up on the dam end of the lake. Most of the outdoors talk now is shed hunting and coyote hunting, though we still see some geese flying over in the evening. Squirrel and rabbit hunting is still open as well. You can do those as you look for sheds.

We are looking forward to the annual Christmas tree drop in March and could sure use some help with that. It is absolutely the best way to find out exactly where the trees have been placed.

Update 1/5/13

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

Lake level is 601. The lake is still pretty much wide open. I saw a bit of ice on the edges but nothing that would impede dropping a boat in the water. As of earlier this week there was still a courtesy dock in at the 107 ramp. There is no reason to think you won’t find some crappie suspended over deep water this time of year, but it has been pretty cold so no one has been out that I know of. We have seen a lot of geese flying over the resort so hunting them is one option to get out of the house. Coyote hunting is another good option as there are a lot of coyotes around. Small game hunting is another good option. There are plenty of squirrels out there as well as some rabbits. Anything beats being cooped up in the house all the time.

We are planning on continuing the annual Christmas Tree drop this year. That usually takes place at the end of March. Drop location maps are available from the Corp Office, but the best way to get the exact location is to help out, either here with us or up at the other end of the lake. The more people I know will be here, the more trees they will set us up with to get out. The Corp has been very kind the last 2 years to supply the small barge for hauling the trees out to spots and that is a huge help but we can still use help in getting them loaded, tied to blocks, etc.

It looks like our lake won’t be drawn on to raise the river so that is very good news. If we hear different we will let you know. If you hear something please let us know. We are looking forward to a good year of fishing. Unless we have a really bad winter or spring I have to think the turkey hunting this spring will be excellent as we saw a lot of birds this fall.

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