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Update 4/25/13

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Lake level is at 627.4 and holding steady. I imagine the Corp will start pulling some water in a few days as the Mississippi just crested and the Illinois has not crested yet, but is supposed to on Saturday. The water is pretty dirty with lots of floating cover. Water temp is nearly 50. With the warmer weather we are supposed to have over the next week or so I would expect to start seeing some crappie at the banks any day now. Monday is my pick, but who knows. The right spots could start as soon as Saturday given the conditions.

CRAPPIE: Pretty tough right now, but expect the action to shift to the shoreline within a few days. Right now I would try 10 to 12 FOW in the same area’s where you would fish for the spawners. Drop a minnow on them with a Nibble and you could see some action. I believe the spawn will hit hot and heavy. Since it is starting kind of late I doubt it will last more than a few weeks.

CATFISH: Best bet right now seems to be the blues. We had a 32# and an 11# come in the other day from just 2 hours of jugging. Shad is what they bit on. We do have goldfish now as well. It won’t take long for the flatheads to start moving.

BASS: No reports, but the white bass should be up in the rivers. Find them with a white or silver lure on the flats.

NOTES: Be careful out there, there is a lot of wood floating around. With the warm weather finally arriving we should also start seeing some mushrooms showing up. The ramp at 107 is open, but Route U is still closed. I will verify the high water ramp situation with the Corp in the morning and post what I find.

Update 4/20/13

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Well not to sure why this didn’t post on Thursday when I did it, but here is the update.

Lake level is 617.5 and rising. Water temp is about 48 degrees. The lake is expected to crest about 628 on Monday. Here we go again. Historically the crappie bite good when the water is rising, but this water is rising about 2″ per hour. I guess we will see what happens.

CRAPPIE: The water is still to cold for them to be spawning. I know some will be caught near shore, but those will be following shad, The majority will be out in deeper water.

CATFISH: The blue’s have been doing pretty good and all of this inflow will certainly help the cat’s put the feedbag on. The channel cat’s should be biting where ever the water is flowing into the lake.

BASS: No reports.

Update 4/11/13

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Lake level is at 610.7. It looks like it might be leveling off there. Water temp is in the low 50’s but you can find mid 50’s in spots. Water is well stained and could be chocolate in areas due to the 3 or so inches of rain we received yesterday. The good thing is, dirty water warms faster than clear water.

CRAPPIE: We are starting to hear of more fish coming from shallow water. Right now they will be scattered between deep and shallow. I would start at 4-6 feet down in about 10 FOW and then move in shallower as the day progresses. Naturally minnows will catch a lot of fish, but so will jigs. Chartreuse would be my color of choice. As always, the addition of Gulp or Nibbles will likely get you more bites.

CATFISH: We are mostly hearing of catches of blue’s and channel cat’s right now. Go the where the water is flowing and toss out a shad or crawler and you are pretty sure to catch something. The bigger blue’s will be patrolling the deeper water straight out from the inflow.

BASS: No reports yet, but I would think the White Bass would be hitting in the rivers. As always, something white or shiny should get you a good tug on your line.

It has been a long winter and we are certainly glad to see another season get underway. Stop on in and say hello. Be safe out there.

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