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Update 5/31/13

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Lake level is 620.8 and rising. Who knows how high it is going to go. Water clarity can only be classified as dirty. There is a lot of trash floating. At this time all of the main ramps are still open. It looks like the switch to high water ramps will happen tomorrow. The crest is expected to happen next Wednesday at 627.5. That is, of course, subject to how much more rain we get. On the plus side, the river is full so they won’t be pulling water.

CRAPPIE: There are still some fish spawning so you can find pockets of them at the bank. It seems like the rest of them are staging just out from the normal spawning area’s, such as cuts and coves waiting for conditions to let them rush in for some quick spawning activity. You are going to have to be very versatile. don’t get stuck on any one pattern as it can change in a flash. Pink/black jigs seem to be the hot color so far, but I think a minnow and a nibble are a better bet.

CATFISH: The flat head bite is getting better. I have heard of some 60+ coming in. Also a lot of 20-30# blues being caught. With all of this incoming water I can only expect the channel cat bite will be hot at any inlet.

BASS: They are still catching some at the bank. We have seen a few white bass at the cleaning station. People are catching them while crappie fishing.

Notes: There is quite a bit of debris on the water so be careful out there. Sooner or later the lake will settle into a nice summer pattern. We hope it is sooner.

Update 5/23/13

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Lake level is at 615.5 and dropping. Water temp is 66 at the dam. The water clarity is pretty stained as we got 2″ of rain Monday evening.

CRAPPIE: The last couple of days has shown some improvement on the bite. We had several stop in with limits of decent fish. Some say the spawn is over, some say it is barely started. I say I don’t know, but I think it will be a year of spawning fish staggered through a long season, with never a true spawn bite of tons of fish on the banks. Pink/black jigs seem to be hot this spring. I would try shallow 1st and then move outwards. Don’t be afraid to try 18 FOW either.

BASS: Fishing seems to be improving now. I have heard of a lot of nice bass while folks are fishing the banks for crappie. So far I have only heard of 1 white bass being caught. Very strange.

CATFISH: We see more flatheads coming in now. There are a lot of channel cats being caught as well. Shad and perch seem to be working well. There is a shortage of goldfish in the area so either bring your own, or use something else. We have a few, but not many.

Please remember….this is a Holiday weekend so the lake will be crowded. Respect each others space and property.

ALSO!!!! remember what this holiday is for. Thank a vet or better yet take one fishing.

Update 5/18/13

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Lake level is at 618.3 and still coming down. Water temp is 56 at the dam. I have been hearing of temps from fisherman well into the 60’s. Water is still pretty dirty. All of the Corp and State Park ramps are open as far as I know, though some of the small dirt ramps may not be.

CRAPPIE: The bite is definitely improving daily, though still not to the degree a person would expect to be seeing this time of year and this water temp. Some limits are being caught and we keep hearing of some good fish as well. No one has brought any in for pictures so verification is not there. By all reports we are still in the pre to early spawn stages. Absurd for mid May. Start at the bank, if no fish there move out to that 6-10 FOW range. I have been hearing a lot of the pink/white and pink/black jigs. Naturally minnows help most people.

BASS: Per blog posts there are some good bass starting to hit. Anywhere from near bank to 10 FOW. Still no reports on white bass, which is really strange. My guess is they are up in the rivers and no one is getting to them.

CATFISH: Lots of blues, with a few flat heads thrown in for variety. Typical blue fare, which means darn near anything for bait. The blue bite has been the most consistent bite of any fish so far this spring.

Other notes: I went out this past Sunday evening and found 10 nice morels. I believe we are about at the end of the morel season as the grass is starting to get to tall to see them. There are plenty of ticks out there so make sure to protect yourself. Here it is, nearly 6 am on the 18th or May, and there is a turkey gobbling away across the road.

Update 5/9/13

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Lake level is 624.3. Up and down dependent on the rain of the day. The water is fairly stained but seems to be starting to clear up a little. Water temp is 53 at the dam. I have heard of temps all the way up to 60 in places.

CRAPPIE: Still a pretty tough bite, but every day we hear of a few more people catching some fish. They could and should turn on any day now. Most of the people we talk to are catching the ones they do find right at the bank. There is no doubt you will work for those you catch. Minnows with a Power Bait or Nibble should get some bites.

BASS: Still tough. No reports on White bass but I certainly have to believe they are up in the creek and river arms.

CATFISH: We finally weighed in a good flathead at 62#. The rest of what we hear about are blue’s and channels.

Update 5/2/13

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Lake level is at 624.3 and falling. We are however, expected to get 1-4 inches of rain over the next 3 days. That will likely cause the lake to rise again. Water temp is in the low 50’s with some area’s in the mid 50’s. The high water ramps will stay in play until we get past this upcoming weather pattern.

CRAPPIE: The bite is tough right now. There are a few people catching some fish. The best seems to be finding a somewhat rocky shoreline that is getting direct sunshine on it. There are definitely some crappies at the bank, but not like a normal spawn. Pink/black jigs seem to be working as are minnows. Limits are not going to be common until the weather straightens out.

BASS: Nothing to report other than we did catch 1 in about 4 FOW on Sunday. Same bank where we caught the crappie. No report on White bass either, but it would be worth a try to get far up into the rivers.

CATFISH: Mostly blues getting caught now. Shad seems to be the bait of choice but we have been selling some goldfish as well. There have been some channels coming in as well.

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