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Update 6/26/13

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Lake level is at 620.5 and rising again. As the river is still high and getting ready to crest again I don’t see the Corp being able to run a lot out in the near future. It was starting to clear some but with the new influx of water I am sure it will dirty up again. We got 2″ of rain overnight.

CRAPPIE: There were reports last weekend of more people getting some good fish, but I haven’t had reports this week as there were very few people out fishing due to the heat. What we heard over the weekend was a real mix of patterns. Everything from brush near the bank, to trolling in 18 FOW. Go figure. At least there were some fish being caught, which is the best we have heard since March. Pink/black still seems to be the most popular colors combo.

BASS: We heard of some decent catches of large mouth and some good stringers of white bass. The whites are coming from main lake points. I have to think around the submerged islands would be a good bet as well.

CATFISH: Flat heads and blues are heading onto their nests but there are still a few getting caught. I have heard of a lot of channels getting caught and the influx of water will certainly help that bite over the next week. Find where there is water running into the lake and toss out a crawler.

All of the main ramps are open at this time. I don’t know about the dirt ramps.

Update 6/23/13

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Lake level is at 622.3 and falling. I expect they will start pulling harder as the Mississippi river gets lower. The water is still pretty dirty but there isn’t to much trash floating.

CRAPPIE: The bite is still pretty tough. I have heard there are some starting to show up on the tree’s on bluffs and channel edges. Start at 10 to 12 feet down and move up or down until you find what depth they are at. Based on the tournament last weekend it seems like pink/black and black/chartreuse would be the colors to start with. Don’t be afraid to try the flats if you don’t find them on the bluffs.

CATFISH: Lots of channels being caught right now. Nitecrawlers seem to be the most popular choice but cut baits work also. There were still some good flat heads and blues last weekend, but I believe they are heading to the holes for spawning any time now.

BASS: We heard of quite a few largemouth being caught, just not where. There are also some white bass starting to show up. Fun to catch, good to eat. Throw something shiny and white or silver to catch them off of the points.

Update 6/12/13

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Lake level is at 624.9. As far as I know we are still on high water ramps and the 107 ramp and SouthFork ramp.

CRAPPIE: The bite is still pretty tough. There are tons of 6-7″ fish, but not a lot of keepers being caught. Hopefully this warm weather will push them toward a summer pattern and people will finally be able to get on some good fish. As there were hardly any taken this spring there should be lots for a good summer bite. Try points and deep channel edges or tree’s on the edge of channels first. If that doesn’t work you might have to move to more shallow water. I think if you get on the rocks you could find some fish.

CATFISH: The flatheads and blues have been doing pretty good the past couple of weeks. It looks like they are fattening up for their trip to the beds. Perch or goldfish should entice a bite.

BASS: No word on largemouth, but we are finally hearing about some good white bass catches. Fish the points. I think they will be around the island here soon.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the dads out there. Take the family fishing for the day.

Crappie Masters

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

The Crappie Masters tournament that was scheduled for next weekend (June 8, 9) has been postponed until August 10. They fished Rathbun in Iowa this weekend and decided it would make for a better tournament to wait for better conditions.

This will leave us with some open units this coming weekend for anyone who wants to get away. I did talk with several people who were out on the lake and they were surprised at the lack of big junk out there floating. that isn’t to say there isn’t some stuff floating, but not as much as we are used to when the lake goes up this high.

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