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Update 7/25/13

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Lake level is at 608 today. It looks like they are still pulling hard on it. I talked with the Corp office and they had no information as to what level they would stop. This isn’t something they decide in the local office. Water is pretty clear by MTL standards. We got 2″ of rain last weekend and it didn’t even make a blip to the lake level. There are a lot shad on the lake. We saw 3 distinct sizes of them from 6-7″ to 2-3″ to fry. That is a great sign.

CRAPPIE: Start with the normal summer pattern of channel edge trees fishing 20 to 30 FOW fishing 10-12 feet down. I know a lot of people don’t do this but I have had pretty good luck in previous summers by leaving my bait in the water as I move from 1 tree to the next. Amazing how many fish can be caught in that open water. We have people stopping in that are catching limits so it would seem the bite is getting better. Stable conditions will do that. Even though the Corp is drawing pretty hard it has been a consistent draw so that makes for stable conditions for the fish. A good starting point on jigs would be to use a lighter colored jig on a bright day and darker colors on overcast days.

CATFISH: Most of what is being caught right now are smaller blues. Lots of people catching 10-20# fish. A few still have eggs from what we hear. A good amount of channel’s being caught as well.

BASS: Still some largemouth coming off the points from what we hear. No report on whites, which is very strange.

Update 7/18/13

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Lake level is at 614.4 and falling. It is dropping about a foot a day and I assume it will continue to do so until we get below 610 somewhere. All ramps are useable.

CRAPPIE: Tough bite still. You can catch some fish but you will certainly work for them. I would try the 1st tree line off the main channels as a place to start. 20 to 30 FOW and start about 10-12 feet down. Main lake points are another place to try. You will probably catch more bass than crappie but that isn’t so bad. Just remember bass need to be 15″ long. We are starting to hear about more shad out there so if you find them busting the surface you definitely want to try there. On a sunny day try a shad colored jig. On an overcast day stick with pink and black or chartreuse and black. Nibble and/or minnows can help.

BASS: Lots of bass on main lake points right now. Try crankbaits or buzzbaits or just fish for crappie. Lots getting caught that way.

CATFISH: Pretty slow right now as most of the blues and flat heads are on their nests. You can still find a few though. Fish the tree’s for channels.

Update 7/3/13

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Lake level is at 621.1 and has been steady since Monday. This should help the fish bite as the water will clear better and the temperature of the water will get steady.

CRAPPIE: We have heard of some catches this week. Try the tree’s on the edges of the river channel, especially where it gets close to the bluffs. Either minnows and nibbles, or pink/black or chartruese/black. You could find them most anywhere so keep on the move, but if you find one work the area over pretty good as most catches seem to come in bunches. Start out 10-12 feet deep. Look for shad hitting the surface.

CATFISH: There are some good blues being caught. Some have eggs yet and some don’t so I am sure they are in the midst of their spawn. The channels have been hitting pretty steady also. Stink bait or crawlers seem to be the ticket.

BASS: No word on largemouth and not a lot of feedback on whites. we have heard of a few being caught so I am not sure if we just aren’t hearing it or if they aren’t doing much biting. I wouldn’t hesitate to get out there and try though. Evening should be the best chance to find them around the islands and points chasing shad to the surface.

Remember what this holiday is for as we celebrate another Independence Day. There are a lot of people around the world wishing they had the freedom’s we sometimes take for granted. Thank a vet for those freedoms every chance you get.

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