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Update 8/28/13

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Lake level is at 604. Since we haven’t had any rain in 3 weeks I would say the water is as clear as you are likely to find it, meaning you should be able to see down 6-8 inches.

CRAPPIE: We have heard more and more of people bringing limits in, though they mostly admit they aren’t monsters. There are a lot of 9 inchers I am sure. Summer pattern fishing, trolling, slotrolling (what I call keeping your line in the water as you move from tree to tree), bridge piers, points, etc. Anything will work as long as it is chartreuse and has a minnow on it unless you are trolling Bandits and I am guessing chartreuse is good there as well. Early morning start high in the water column but be prepared to move deeper as the sun gets higher.

CATFISH: We hear of a few big flat heads coming in but we haven’t seen any here yet (hint hint). Channels seem to be biting pretty good on the flats using crawlers.

BASS: No reports, not even white bass.

NOTES: Remember, this is Labor Day Weekend…the last big weekend for most and the last weekend of the boating and fishing year for lots. There WILL be a lot of people on the water, especially with the hot weather we are having. Be careful, be considerate, be safe!! I am sure there will be some Lake Patrol out there to remind those who decide not to be.

Don’t forget the Buddy Bass Tournament coming up Sept 21 and 22.

Update 8/17/13

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

Sorry this is late this week. Not much new to report. Lake level is at 605.3. It has been holding pretty steady all week except for a .2 of a foot drop on Wednesday. There are a lot of stumps showing up in places you wouldn’t think of so be careful.

CRAPPIE: Fishing is still pretty tough as evidenced by the results of the Crappie Masters tournament. Based on the reports I have had the best bite seems to be trolling, which means main lake points and bluffs. Early morning the fish are a lot higher in the water column than one would think. I have heard in the upper 3-4 feet. As the sun hits the water harder they drop back down. The 9-12″ size class is what seems to be missing this year. People are catching fish but you will certainly have to work for them.

CATFISH: There are still some channels biting and we have heard of some blues. No word this week of any flat heads but I am sure they are coming off the nests.

BASS: No reports.

Update 8/8/13

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Lake level is at 605.7. The 2.5″ of rain we had this past week didn’t raise it a bit. Please be careful if you are back into the feeder channels. With the water at this level you can find tree’s you didn’t know were there and that can ruin a day in a hurry.

CRAPPIE: There are a lot more people catching fish finally. A good place to start is deep water edges. We have heard the crankbait bite has improved quite a lot, which means summer pattern fishing. There are a lot of shad out there now so finding them is the key to getting on some crappie. Typically this time of year a yellow/black jig is good, but chartreuse/black or pink/black can certainly put fish in the cooler as well. If the sun is bright I would try a shad color 1st though…silver/white, silver/blue, something along those lines. Keep on the move. you will most likely need to cover a lot of water. If you are dipping trees you really need to put your bait right on the tree most of the time. some days it will be the downstream side, sometimes up, sometimes the shad side, sometimes sunny. Watch where you get the bites and repeat that to reduce your time between bites.

CATFISH: We are hearing about a lot of blues and flat heads in the 20-30# range. Seems it is not unusual for guys to catch 5-10 of them per day. That bite should only get better as more fish come off the nests.

BASS: We have not heard a lot about bass fishing this week but I did hear of a 10# bass caught on a jug or noodle. I am hoping to get a picture of it to post. Still no white bass reports. Strange!!

NOTE: This week is the Crappie Masters tournament. Weigh in is at Chigger Hill at 3:00. The kids Rodeo will take place here at our pond. Registration is from 8:00 till 9:00 am with fishing from 9 am till 11 am. This is a free event with lots of prizes awarded. All kids up to 15 are welcome. We had a great time last year with this. Call us if you need more info on it.

Update 8/1/13

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Lake level is at 606.3. Looks like they are still generating at night. I wish they had switched to that when we were at 612 instead of getting it down this far but we got what we got. Water is fairly clear by MTL standards. You will have to watch close when you go further up the rivers and creeks now as the channels can be kind of tough to follow. The price for missing it can be steep.

CRAPPIE: We are hearing of better catches over the past week. More like the summer fishing we are used to seeing. You will have to work for your fish and might even have to keep a few smaller than 10″. Normal summer patterns seem to be working the best. 20 to 30 FOW on points and tree lines at the edge of the channels. Start 10-12 feet down. With the warmer weather we should start to see some deep fish on the tree’s in front of the bluff’s as well. Have not heard of that bite starting yet, but it should soon.

CATFISH: We are definately seeing some decent blue’s come in with more consistency. I have heard of some flat heads but have not seen any come in for pictures yet. They are still catching a fair amount of channels as well on the tree’s.

BASS: We keep hearing about a lot of largemouth being caught by crappie fishermen. Nary a word about whites. Is anyone catching them?

NOTE: Please refrain from giving exact locations of where you are catching fish. I know it is fun to do so but mostly it just ruins the spot for others as it gets pounded to death. General info is great. People don’t come on here expecting us to give them GPS locations and such. We like the feedback we get from all people and we certainly don’t want to alienate either those of us who fish seldom, nor the tournament guys who spend a ton of time on the water. Respect the resource and each other and we can keep this blog as a good source of info for all.

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