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Update 10/31/13

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Happy Halloween to all of you! Lake level is at 603.3 and rising. Water temp is about 59. There is going to be a lot of inflow into the lake as we got 3 1/8″ of rain here. Hwy 154 is now open to all traffic as the bridge work is completed for the most part.

CRAPPIE: We had good success far up into the channels fishing stickups in 3-5 FOW. Dipping jigs seemed to be the ticket. I had my best luck with a shad colored jig. Van and I fished for about 3 hours and kept 22 crappie and 4 white bass. I also hear they were biting at about 8 feet down in 10-15 FOW on the tree’s. Minnows were the reported bait of choice there. The water temp went up some this week with the warm weather we had but that should just serve to extend this fall bite. There should be good fishing from now until you can’t get a boat on the water.

BASS: The only report is what we caught and that was some nice whites right at the bank while we fished for crappie. They bit on jigs dragged along the shore while we moved from stump to stump.

CATFISH: We did weigh a nice blue in last weekend at about 32#. The same group had several others as well. No doubt that bite will improve with the inflow of water into the lake over the next few days. That should also inspire the channel cats to bite.

NOTES: Don’t forget about our 6th Anniversary party this Saturday night. We will have our usual chilli and also pulled pork sandwiches. The fires will be burning for sure.

Remember, the 154 bridges are now open. The Lick Creek bridge on Rt J is closed so if you really must go up that way you will have to use the detours.

This weekend is also Youth season for deer hunting so anyone in the woods will want to be wearing lots of orange. This includes archery hunters. Good luck to all and most of all have fun and be SAFE!!

Update 10/17/13

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Lake level is 603.1. Water temp is 56 degree’s. All of the ramps are now open.

CRAPPIE: It looks like the fish are still divided between deep summer haunts and the fall exodus towards the creek arms for the feed fest. They are still catching them at about 20 feet down, but also almost like a spawning run in only a few FOW in the creek arms. Seems a good pattern is also to drift the length of the creek arm pulling jigs near the bottom.

BASS: No reports

CATFISH: No reports

Thankfully the folks in DC decided to open back up for business. The ramps and campgrounds all opened back up this morning, however, the Indian Creek Halloween Walk has been cancelled for this year. From what I hear there will be a walk held at The Landing with decorations much like the Indian Creek one. Price is $5 per carload.

Remember, our 6th anniversary party will be held on Saturday, Nov 2. Call Mary for details.

NOTE: The bridge on Hwy 154 at SouthFork is closed and will remain that way until Oct 31. If it opens before that I will post it here.

Update 10/10/13

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Lake level is at 603.1. Water temp shows 65 at the dam. There seems to be some color to the water in South Fork and North Fork. It is hard to believe it is turning over already given the water temp but I sure can’t explain it otherwise. It certainly isn’t from to much rain.

CRAPPIE: There is a bite going on. The best pattern seems to be fishing 20-24 FOW. Drop a jig to the bottom and bring it up nice and slow. Jigs seem to be the best bet for this pattern. I would use a 1/4 oz chartreuse and something. Tip it with a crappie nibble. Fish the bluffs or any area that has that type of structure.

BASS: No reports this week

CATFISH: No reports this week.

OPEN RAMPS: The ramp openings remain the same as last week. The 2 State Park ramps are open for use. That is the 1 on Hwy 107 and the 1 on Rt U. Also, the small ramp at Indian Creek Marina is open. These are the only ramps that we know of that are open.

Don’t forget the Halloween Walk at Indian Creek. It is scheduled to be next weekend, Friday and Saturday nights provided our government decides to open for business.

Update 10/3/13

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Lake level is 603.2. Water temp is 73 degree’s. The SouthFork bridge on Hwy 154 is now closed for about 3 weeks. The Elk Fork bridge will open sometime this weekend. The open ramps that we know of are the State Park ramps on Hwy 107 and also the one on Rt U. I believe the one in the State Park is also open. The ramp at Indian Creek Marina is also open. I don’t know of any others.

CRAPPIE: As reported by fishermen in the last report the crappie are hanging tight to the bottom. Fish close to the wood in deeper water. No surprise, chartreuse is the color to use most of the time. Within the next 2 weeks I would expect the crappie to start into the creek arms. The best indicator of fish is to watch the seagulls. If they are diving on shad you should be able to catch some fish. I fished a few spots last weekend and it was tough. Even the bridge piers weren’t giving up much.

CATFISH: Blue’s and channel cats seem to be the best bet right now. We have heard rumor of a few flatheads but none have been brought by for pictures. Shad is a good bet for bait. Fish the channel edges on the main lake.

BASS: No word on largemouth but that should improve with cooler weather on the way. White bass activity seems to be picking up. Again, look for shad busting the surface especially around the islands.

NOTES: Halloween is coming and with it comes the campground spook street up at Indian Creek Campground. It is scheduled for Oct 18 and 19. If you have never been to this you should bring the kids and go see it. They do a great job.

Also, we are celebrating our 6th year here at the resort on Nov 2. As we have in the past we will be having a chili feed and party. We usually manage to have a good time. That is also Youth Hunt weekend for deer hunting. BTW, I finally scored on a nice doe with my Martin Bow. 1st ever archery score for me. I got a coyote as well. It only took 3 years.

Shutdown Update 10/1/13

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

As of today all of the Corp campgrounds and ramps are closed to use. As far as I know there are 3 ramps available for use around the lake. They are the State ramp at Hwy 107, The state ramp on Hwy U and the ramp at Indian Creek Marina. Not the one at the swimming beach but the one right next to the marina. Both marina’s will remain open according to the Corp Office this morning. The State Park across the road from us is also open as is the ramp in there.

I would be curious to hear if the same is happening at the other Corp lakes such as Shelbyville over in Illinois and Truman. One would assume so right?? Either way it stinks.

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