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Update 4/30/14

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Lake level is at 607.5. The rain so far has done surprisingly little to affect the lake level. We had 2.75″ of rain since last Friday and the lake went up about 1 ft. Water temp is hovering about 60.

CRAPPIE: Try any laydown with a jig and you have a good chance of getting into some nice males. The further back in the arms you get, the better your chances. The females are still out in deeper water and will likely hold off on coming to the bank until some warmer weather returns. Where you find the males on the bank you can be sure there are a bunch of females stacked up not to far away. It may take a minnow and/or nibbles to coax them to bite. There have been some good fish taken this week by people willing to put up with the colder weather. Wait to long and you will miss the action.

BASS: They are also near the bank and fairly aggressive. Try a spinnerbait or plastic worm thrown to the bank. We occasionally hear about someone scoring on White bass as well.

CATFISH: The flat heads are obviously out and about as we have seen several come in. There have been plenty of blue’s caught over the last couple of weeks and also some channel’s. The rain should help with the channel bite if you go to where there is some water running into the lake. Toss a crawler into that water and you should do well.

Update 4/24/14

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Lake level is 606.7. Water is still murky for the most part. Water temp is in the low 60’s.

CRAPPIE: Males are close to shore while females are out in somewhat deeper water yet. Warm sunny days will find some males on the bank. Jigs will work as will a minnow under a bobber. There are plenty of fish over 10″ to be caught. Concentrate of banks with southern exposure.

BASS: There are quite a few being caught quite close to shore. Crappie fishermen are catching them while scouring the banks for fish. We have heard of a few occasions when someone did well on white bass. You should find them way up in the creek arms.

CATFISH: Blues continue to be the main catch. Shad is the bait of choice. We did hear of one flathead last week.

Update 4/17/14

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Lake level is at 606.8. Water temp is about 49 degree’s. That, of course, will vary depending on where and when you check it. Water is still pretty colored.

CRAPPIE: They still seem to be mostly out in the deeper water. 20 to 25 FOW and down near the bottom. On those rare warm days with sunshine you certainly can find them higher in the water column and in shallower water. Jigs and/or minnows are working. It is mostly a matter of finding them right now as they stage for the spawn. The saying around this lake is any color jig will work as long as it has chartreuse in it.

CATFISH: The main catch right now is blue’s. We haven’t seen any monsters, but good solid 30# fish. Channel cats are biting sporadically.

BASS: White Bass have been hitting up into the rivers and creeks. As usual, anything white or shiny will attract a bite from them. As you can see from the picture page there is some largemouth activity as shown by the 7# beauty on there. That one was caught from shore.

Update 4/3/14

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Lake level is at 606.76 right now, but it is rising rapidly. We got 2.5″ of rain with more on the way.

CRAPPIE: There is a fairly good bite right now in deeper water. Stay in the main channels leading into normal spawning area’s and you should be able to connect. Minnows or jigs seem to be working. Most anything with chartreuse will likely entice a bite. Don’t forget the “nibbles”. 15 to 20 FOW is a good place to start and pretty close to the bottom. A typical early spring bite.

BASS: I have not heard any reports on either black bass or white bass. The whites should be heading up the creeks soon.

CATFISH: We have heard of a good bite on channel cat’s from shore. Night crawlers are always a good choice for them. There have also been some good blue’s caught on jugs and also on rod and reel. Shad seems to be the bait of choice for them. No monsters yet, but several over 30#. All of this water influx will certainly help the catfishing.

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