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Update 5/28/14

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Lake level is at 609.6. The Mississippi River is also up so I doubt the Corp will pull much water in the next few days. The crappie do love this steady level. Water temp is in the low 70’s. You can find some clearer water in the back of the coves, but it really doesn’t matter much as far as the fish are concerned. According to the moon phase the fishing should be very good through the weekend.

CRAPPIE: The bite is still very good with lots of people catching limits on or near the bank. there is more of a mix now with females mixed in with the males. Move about until you find them. They are out there and willing to bite but they are not stacked up on every rock or tree so you need to search for them. Minnows or jigs under a bobber still seems to be the most consistant way to catch them. Lots of colors are working well once you find the fish.

CATFISH: There are plenty of ice flatheads biting right now. Shad, perch, or goldfish will work with the nod going to perch if you can find them. Crawdads will also take them.

BASS: There are some dandy bass coming in from crappie fishermen plying the banks with small jigs or minnows. I am sure crankbaits cast up against the bank and retrieved out will also catch them.

NOTES: For more details read through the posts on the previous few reports. Just click on the hilighted “Comments” and it will take you to them.

Update 5/22/14

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Lake level is at 609.4. Water is still fairly stained. Water temp is in the upper 60’s to low 70.

CRAPPIE: Reports are that the crappie have moved back to shore in a lot of places with the more females coming in close now as well. We are starting to hear about a lot more smaller fish, but there are still a lot of good ones as well. The males will be staying to guard the nests until the young are hatched. You might want to try out in about 10 FOW and move inward until you find fish right now. Toss or float a jig or minnow near bottom.

CATFISH: we are still seeing a lot of blues and some flatheads being caught. The flathead fishing should get better over the next few weeks as they start to get ready to spawn. There are plenty of channels as well.

BASS: The bass fishing seems to be pretty good right now as they are in the stages of spawn. They are catching a lot near the bank as they try for crappie.

NOTES: So many reports of fishermen out there being jerks. One would think we could be nicer to each other. With so many acres to fish and so many miles of shoreline I sure don’t see why anyone would have to pull right in on another person fishing a spot. I heard of one guy who had people pull in on both sides of him close enough to step off his boat onto theirs. Crazy!! It is going to be very crowded this weekend so lets treat everyone with some respect.

Update 5/14/14

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Lake level is at 609.5. We had about 3.5″ of rain over the past week so the water is more stained than it had been. Water temp is low to mid 60’s.

CRAPPIE: The crappie are still near the banks for the most part. You just need to remember, the ones that had nests built are on those nests, which are now 3′ under the surface so the shoreline is not where it was. Start at the bank and move outward until you find fish. Females are starting to mix in and will replace the males over the next week or so. Most colors seem to work as long as chartreuse is part of the package. If you are having trouble getting bites add crappie nibbles to the package. Believe me, they can make the difference. Minnows are usually a safe bet as well. I see a lot of people buying 1″ or bigger bobbers to fish these shore fish….if you are having trouble seeing bites try a smaller bobber or a pencil float that can go down with very little resistance. I bet you will notice a huge difference in your ability to detect bites.

BASS: They are still catching a lot incidental to crappie fishing so what does that tell you about where they are? Some White bass activity also around the islands and submerged islands.

CATFISH: Lots of blues still coming in and we are also seeing quite a few flatheads. Last week we weighed in a 64# and a 50#. Those are good fish by anyone’s standards.

Update 5/6/14

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Lake level is 606.7. Water is pretty colored right now. Water temp is in the low to mid 60’s.

CRAPPIE: The males have been on the bank for a few days now and the females are starting to come in as well. As long as the lake and weather holds out the fishing should be fantastic. The size is quite good with a lot of 11″ to 13″ fish being caught. A friend of ours caught one just under 3#. I hear a lot about black /chartreuse jigs and also orange/chartreuse doing very well. Look for any type of structure right at the bank. Remember…the limit per day is 15 and they are watching for double dippers.

BASS: The largemouth bass are biting pretty good right at the bank. Plastic worms or spinnerbaits seem to connect the best. I have also heard of some good whites coming from around the islands. As usual, something shiny or white will get them biting.

CATFISH: Lots of blues biting. 12 to 20 FOW seems about right. Cut bait works well. Flat heads are also starting to move about. We have seen some pretty decent ones. There are also a lot of channel cats getting caught. Nitecrawlers or stinkbait will draw them out.

NOTES: Yes, there was an incident where a local hunter was shot and killed this week. There have been only sketchy details released as it is still under investigation. With the new loads reaching out to 70 plus yards you really need to make sure what is out beyond what you are shooting at. Not sure what happened in this case, but PLEASE be sure what is out there.

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