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Update 8/26/14

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Lake level is at 605. Water should be pretty clear (for MTL anyway). Water temp is in the low 80’s but I am sure you will find it much warmer in the afternoons on these hot days. The level is getting down there again so be extra careful of stumps.

CRAPPIE: The bite has been pretty good in spite of the cold and heat swapping places on us on a regular basis. It seems the crappie can be found anywhere from very deep as in about 20 feet in 40 FOW all the way to 5 feet in 6-8 FOW. A lot will depend on whether we have clear or cloudy and hot or cool. Watch closely for shad and also for the sea gulls feeding. Colors also seem to change a lot as far as jigs. Chartreuse and black, pink, orange, or blue all seem to be working at one time or another or any other combination of those colors to for that matter. Minnows are also working quite well and of course the meal wouldn’t be complete without a nibble of some sort added to the mix. If you can find a sunken brushpile in about 18-20 FOW you stand a pretty good chance of finding some for the frying pan.

BASS: No reports lately

CATFISH: It seems the blues are starting to come around. We have heard of some fishermen (and women) doing pretty good on them lately.

NOTES: Remember, this is a holiday weekend so you will be sharing the lake with a lot of people. Be courteous to others and maybe even offer to help someone in need. It will sure make you feel better than cussing them and letting it ruin your attitude for the day. You might even make a friend. Have a great weekend and we hope to see you here.

Update 8/8/14

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Sorry for the lateness but we lost internet for a couple of days while we transitioned from satellite to fiber. Life is good. Anyway, lake level this morning is 606.6. It will likely go up a couple of more inches. We got 3.8″ of rain yesterday. Most of it seems to have been on the south side of the lake so the northern arms will have the cleaner water.

CRAPPIE: There are a lot of people quite happy with the fishing right now as many are catching limits of decent fish. White seems to be the color of the week. The fish are generally about 12 feet down. Deep brush piles, bridge piers, bluffs are all good places to try. Minnows seem to be working better than jigs right now, though those white jigs and a nibble are doing pretty good as well.

CATFISH: There are more blues starting to bite and with the inflow the channels should bite pretty good for the next few days. We have not heard anything about flat heads.

BASS: No reports this week.

Tomorrow is the CrappieMaster tournament. This is the final major crappie tournament of the year.

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